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Ok, I admit, that I am a Girl Scout cookie ADDICT...look for breaking news on Girl Scout cookies sometime early this week...maybe as soon as tomorrow.

Looking for Kindred Spirits and Community Volunteers

Hello Readers...sharing this article from the Mountaindale Sullivan Renaissance Project 2011 Blog...our hamlet is looking for volunteers as we seek to build new bridges, perhaps mend some old broken ones, and work towards furthering bonds, building community as we plan our 2011 Sullivan Renaissance project. Let hear your voices.

A proposal For 2011 Project To Consider...

Mountaindale and our surrounding area have a rich and vibrant history, and a part of that fabric that tells the tale of the ups and down of both Mountaindale, and its surrounding countryside includes a significant tie to the railroad industry dating clear back into the 1800's when construction was begun in the late 1860's, with the railroad open for business in, some of those once active train routes that carried people, and coal are now a part of the "Rails to Trails" program that is supported by many groups, organizations and individuals including the Sullivan Renaissance. It just so happens that Mountaindale is blessed with an entrance point to these wonderful paths that provide walkers, runners and biking enthusiasts a wonderful place in which to exercise while taking in some of the scenic beauty that abounds here in Sullivan County, and the greater Hudson River Valley.

As an artist, I have always been excited at the cycle of life as great things come to life, thrive, decline, and eventually get absorbed back into the natural landscape as Mother Nature reclaims what is hers. Talk to old timers in the area, and you can hear wonderful tales of coal trains heading down the Red Hill grade, and crossing the Little Falls trestle just east of Mountaindale, and for those of us who love to walk and/or hike, there are signs everywhere it seems of the once great iron steeds that used to move our nations commerce. Those signs are fading, railroad ties rotting and becoming soil from which new flora and fauna sprout, grow and flourish. Streams are slowly eroding away the bridge abutments that used to support track that was long ago taken up and moved away.

Looking at this, my artistic mind mulling over this history, I wondered what it would be like to reenact in some small way this rich vibrant history...recreate and relive Mountaindale's historical ties to the rail industry. As I was pondering this, I found out talking to some of the locals that just inside (maybe 100 yards) our hamlet's portion of the "Rails to Trails" segment are the remnants of a siding station...a space/place where they would park rail cars. (Sure some of our local railroad buffs can correct me if my lingo is not quite accurate?)

My initial thoughts were to spruce up and clean up the entrance to "Rails to Trails", then create a nice landscaping statement at that spot...which as a side note is still on the table, but this to me seemed more like the starting point of a great project, rather than an ending point, so I put some more thought into it.

One of my loves of life is photography, more specifically, I love photographing old barns and homes as they slowly give away their exteriors exposing their delicate skeletal interiors, the sunlight filtered down through trees dancing along its spine as the roof slowly, season after season, collapses in on itself as Mother Nature reclaims the land that was and is always hers.

It was Saturdays Sullivan Renaissance Winter Conference an idea started jelling in my mind...what if we could clear away and spruce up that old siding, landscape it...more specifically, what if we were to take advantage of Mother Nature's bounty, collect saplings, branches and vines from the surrounding woodland of our area, and use those raw materials to build a reasonable facsimile of one of those old gallant steeds, landscape around it, plant bugle vine, morning glories and other vine type plants around this locomotive, returning it to it's perch once again a part of our present returned magically from the past.

Sitting there listening to the speakers I began drawing a very primitive sketch of this idea...after the presentation of awards, I went to my first seminar...Design 1, and one of the first things the presenter talked about was the importance of a projects bones. That is when it hit me...such a garden sculpture would be born, rise from the ground, take shape, the vines twining in and around creating a stunning reminder of our once great railroading history...then, over a period of some years (maybe 5-8) this art work, like the trains would slowly decline, eventually collapse into the ground, returning back to Mother Nature what is hers, and in doing so, reenact that same great history which has been lived by the trains that used to whistle through the night as they passed through our community.

So, in a nut shell, I am proposing we clear off that old siding, clean up the area surrounding it, plant two or three flowering ornamental trees, bring in some large stones, create the illusion of the train coming down the tracks from out of the woods, bursting into sight as travelers on our portion of "Rails to Trails" happen upon it at the start of their journey. This would be the significant project of a two phase/two element grant application.

Right now, looking to find other kindred souls that are supportive of this proposal, looking to find people willing (as it were) to buy into the program to breath this vision into reality through the generous donation of their time, talents, goods, services, and even money. Sullivan Renaissance graciously awards $1500 grants for community beautification, and these projects could never happen without their generous financial support, and the tremendous support to our community given by their staff when we have questions and seek advice. That said, it is amazing how fast funds can vanish when buying and moving a few large stones

Mountaindale Commuunity Development Project Renaissance Project 2011...Call For Volunteers

A little bird tells us that the Mountaindale Community Development Project has big plans in the works should they be a recipient of a Sullivan Renaissance Project grant this year. You can follow the project this year LIVE ON LINE, as they have launched a blog to journal this years project, from pre-starting point through too completion. We have copied the first post below with a link the blog, and will be adding a link to it in our side bar here at the Mountaindale NY News blog.
Go directly to the blog here.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Official Introduction-Mountaindale 2011 Renaissance Project

Yesterday I spent some very enjoyable and rewarding time being in attendance at the Sullivan Renaissance Winter Conference and Awards Ceremony. Hearing the stories of some of the reward recipients, such as Butterfly Botanical and their restored 1730 barn, it was truly inspiring, and the guest speaker, Dr. Peter Harlow a internationally known and respected tourism specialist was perhaps the most captivating and engaging speaker I have heard in over a decade. Add to that mix a gaggle of very friendly people, some wonderful seminars made available to us, and I am truly excited at the prospect of being this years Committee Chair for the Mountaindale Community Development Project's (MCDP) Sullivan Renaissance Grant project here in our small hamlet.

With that said, perhaps I should introduce myself to those visiting this blog that might not know who I am here in town. My name is Sherwood Martinelli, and I am one of the newest full time residents here, though my own involvements with Mountaindale, and Sullivan Renaissance go back a few years now. I have been a seasonal camper at Skyway now for several years, and a few years back learned a back way into the camp from my home in Peekskill NY...that shortcut led me into and through the quiet little hamlet of Mountaindale, and having been a potter and sculptor for 20 years, I was intrigued that this little crossroads from where I was coming from too where I was going hosted a small clay studio, so I parked my car to have a look around. Since that day, I have become somewhat of a part-time permanent fixture in town, helping out where I could with projects such as the Hummingbird Garden across from our post office.

I use the word our, as I officially took up residence in town on February first of this year, and have plans, or perhaps a vision dream of opening up a studio/gallery in the currently vacant building next to my apartment in the late spring or early summer which will be known as, "Second Time Around"...hoping once the location is opened that some of you will stop by, have a cup of coffee or tea and sit and talk for a spell.

Having been involved in two previous Sullivan Renaissance projects prior to becoming a resident as a volunteer, I lept at the chance to Chair this years project, and suppose in some ways, the launching of this journal blog is my first official task. As winter wanes, spring knocking upon our door, there is a LOT OF WORK TO DO, so lets get started.

Barb and Ken Schmitt, and Janet from Radiant Yoga here in town have kindly offered to send out a carbon copy of this first post with a link to this blog to their email lists in the hopes that some (or all) of you will be a part of our 2011 Sullivan Renaissance Project in whatever way you might feel comfortable. The deadline for Grant submission is March 23, and this year we need to submit renderings of our project design(s) as well as a expected plant list with our application. In short, the time to get to work is NOW...I know, we are still not done with the winter snows, and yet it is time to think of spring and planting. So, if any of you have some ideas you would like to bring to the conversation, please email them to in the next couple of days.

Also, for anyone interested in knowing more about this years efforts, or if you might be interested in volunteering, making a donation of goods or services to our efforts, we will be holding an informational meeting this Wednesday night, March 2nd at the Mountaindale Art Center on Main Street here in downtown Mountaindale.

If you have any questions, please feel free to give me a call. Sherwood Martinelli (845) 693-4513

*note-I will be posting up my own ideas for our 2011 project in the next post.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Freedom From Stress Workshop-Radiant Yoga-March 6, 2011

Workshop-Freedom From Stress with Alan Gompers
Radiant Yoga
63 Main Street
Mountaindale, New York 12763
(845)866-7822 for reservations.

Discover the Power of Meditation with Alan Gompers, author of "Maximum Security: the True Meaning of Freedom"

Sunday, March 6
1-4 pm

Workshop includes excerpts from Alan’s amazing story, stretching, breathing, insightful discussion, and meditation sessions of 15-20 minutes each.

· Jump start a meditation practice or deepen your current one.
· Experience the potential of clearing the mind with a skilled facilitator
· Enjoy gentle stretching to prepare the body to sit comfortably for meditation
· Peacefully meditate together

Receive a complimentary Radiant Yoga class to support your follow-up meditation practice.

Alan Gompers has an inspiring life story to share and is a living testimony to the transformative power and simplicity of meditation. Musician, master salesman, millionaire, con man and drug dealer, Alan on the surface had it all – fame, power, wealth, family – but happiness eluded him.

After being sentenced to life in prison, he discovered the power of meditation, which gave him the experience he was always seeking -- true freedom – peace and happiness within.

Alan was released after five years in prison and has been teaching others – prisoners and laypeople alike how to experience the healing power of meditation. Alan travels the country teaching educators, students, healthcare workers, ministers, businesspeople, firefighters, and police. He has taught large groups of at-risk and mainstream youth and has recently developed a meditation/contemplation curriculum for Yonkers Public Schools.

His autobiography: Maximum Security: the True Meaning of Freedom is recipient of the prestigious PACE Award (Prevention for a Safer Society) for Literature from the National Council on Crime and Delinquency. Alan recently released a meditation CD to support students in their daily practice.

To learn more about his inspiring life, please visit "Maximum Security...About The Author"

Winter and Snow Not Quite Done With Us Here In Mountaindale

Last night as I walked across Main Street here in downtown Mountaindale, saw the first large billowing snowflakes dropping down from the heavens above, and knew we were not done with winter just yet. This despite my own best efforts too speed the onset of spring by spending the past week and a half in shorts...I know, just a tad eccentric on my part, but think of it as a modern reincarnation of the rain dance, only this time calling on the heavens above to bring us spring, and bring it right now. By very early this morning, the streets of our small hamlet were covered in heavy, wet, slushy , even ugly snow that was resembling something more along the lines of a dirty gray, overly gigantic ice cone that had spilled from its cup onto our streets.

This reminder that winter was not quite ready to relinquish his cold grasp presents our little news blog with the perfect opportunity to thank our snow removal team who through the worst kinds of weather has our streets, clean and safe too travel on even after the worst winter storms...think Nor'easter. So, if you see Mike, Ken or Aaron in and around our community, be sure to thank them for a job well done.

Celebrate Dr. Suess and Read Across America Day by Checking Out a Book

Next week, America honors the birthday of Dr. Seuss (Theodor Seuss Geisel) by celebrating Read Across America Day on March 2nd. For teachers, students, and Dr. Seuss fans young and old, head on over to Seussville for some WICKED COOL free downloadable treats too help you in celebrating this special day.

This is a good time to let you know what a wonderful asset we all have with our local library system. All residents may get a Library card at no charge by taking two proofs of residency (mail addressed to you in Mountaindale, for example) to the Fallsburg Library, located at 12 Railroad Plaza, South Fallsburg, across from the Fallsburg Police & Town Hall. Once you own a card, you are part of the 50 member library Ramapo Catskill Library System and can borrow from any branch. Here is the portal you will be able to use to request Inter-Library Loans of all types of materials & to renew & check status: Barbara will be glad to speak with you at any time about this wonderful asset that is at your disposal. Remember, a library is a wonderful thing to use. So in honor of Dr. Seuss, head over to the Fallsburg Library next week and check out a book...tell them our blog sent you.

And while you’re here, please bookmark our brand new blog, "Mountain NY News" for interesting news about Mountaindale and our surrounding community.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mountaindale Local Artist Thumbnail-Elozua Studios

Mountaindale and its surrounding countryside have a multitude of treasures for people to see and enjoy, including many very talented artisans. In the first of what we hope is a series of thumbnail introductions, we would like you to meet local resident and incredibly talented artisan, Raymon Elozua.

Raymon Elozua is a sculptor and photographer who rented the old Fred Eckert garage as his studio. Since arriving in 2005 he has created as a documentary record of the remains of the hotel and bungalow colonies in Sullivan County. Currently he is working on a visual and oral history project on the egg farms in the area as well as working with Evadne Giannini and Allen Frishman to create the Catskills Bungalow Heritage Museum.

Other Links For This Artist

February 26th-Sullivan Renaissance 2011 Winter Conference and Expo

Sullivan Renaissance 2011 Winter Conference and Expo

FERNDALE–Nine individuals, businesses and organizations that have demonstrated a commitment to improving the appearance of Sullivan County will be recognized with “2011 Sullivan First Achievement Awards” during the Sullivan Renaissance Conference and Expo on Saturday, February 26 at the CVI Building in Ferndale, NY.

This year’s “Sullivan First Achievement Awards” will be given to:

Upper Room FarmsFor the aesthetics of its property and participation as an agri-tourism business
Butterfly BotanicalsFor its community and educational contributions, and support of Sullivan Renaissance projects
Rock Hill DinerFor its innovative approach to landscaping the front and back of its building
Wendy LevinsonFor her outstanding and ongoing commitment to engaging youth in volunteer activities including Sullivan Renaissance
Al Frangipane – For his long-term volunteerism to Bethel First, Sullivan Renaissance and his leadership in the seasonal luminary
Daniel Ratner, Jr. – For his dedication and volunteerism in the Town of Liberty
Highland RenaissanceFor its perseverance in overcoming adversity and relocating an entire park
Ashley Machera – For going above and beyond her role as a Sullivan Renaissance Intern
Meg Goble – For going above and beyond her role as a Sullivan Renaissance Intern

This year’s Sullivan Renaissance Winter Conference and Expo will focus on the positive effects of community beautification on economic development and tourism. The conference features exhibits and workshops on garden design, trees for public places, community gardens, recruiting volunteers, cultivating leaders, partnering with young people and economic development.

All are welcome. There is no fee for this conference, but please RSVP by February 22. Registration begins at 8:00 a.m. with breakfast and expo. The program starts at 9:00 a.m. and continues until 1:00 p.m.

Details of this year’s Sullivan Renaissance grant program will be announced and 2011 applications will be available. They are also on-line at

The keynote address will be delivered by Dr. Peter Tarlow, an international consultant on the positive effects of community beautification. In addition to the keynote, Dr. Tarlow will present a workshop on “Making the Most of Your Assets.”

Workshops and presenters include:

The Experience of Volunteering – Ellen Lutvak
Cultivating Community Leaders – Elaine Fettig, Matt Migliaccio, Matt Dorcas

Community Gardens/CSAs – Olivia Lightle, Greg Schwartz

Trees for Public Places – Tom Manza, Paul Manning

Garden Design I – Design is FUNdamental – Mary Lewis

Garden Design II – The Real Dirt – Mary Lewis

Reaching Out Through Your Windows – Alan Sorensen, Vivian Multari-Ginsberg

Making the Most of Your Assets – Dr. Peter Tarlow
Youth-Adult Partnership: What Does It Take? – Amanda Galigher-Speer

Dig Art! Cultivating Creativity in the Garden – Susan Dollard

Workshop space will be limited to the first registrants. To sign up on-line, go to and click on the Sullivan Renaissance Rooster at the top of the page.
To obtain a workshop registration form, call Sullivan Renaissance office at

To send in a registration form, email to; fax it to 845-295-2746; or mail to Sullivan Renaissance, c/o Gerry Foundation, PO Box 311, Liberty, NY 12754.

Conference attendees will have an opportunity to vote for their favorite exhibit. Door prizes will be awarded at the conference conclusion.

This is a recycling event; appropriate receptacles will be provided for attendees.

Sullivan Renaissance is a beautification and community development program principally funded by the Gerry Foundation. Additional funding has been secured by NYS Assemblywoman Aileen M. Gunther.

For more information, call 845-295-2445.

Upstate Karate of Mountaindale Celebrates Seventh Anniversary This Thursday

Anniversaries are always important milestones to commemorate, both in life, and in business. In these hard economic times we face here in Sullivan County, and across America, some of these milestone anniversaries are particularly noteworthy, and this Thursday, February 24th our very own Upstate Karate here in Mountaindale celebrates one such major milestone as they celebrate their seventh full year in business here in our small hamlet.

Upstate Karate of Mountaindale, which teaches the traditions of Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan opened its doors back in 2004, and its student numbers, and presence in our community have grown ever since. The schools proprieter and Master Instructor Alexandra Th. Lalieu has flourished in the community for several reasons, including her love and passion for Soo Bahk Do, her desire to pass on and share that knowledge with our youth, and a host of programs aimed at helping our children become everything they can be as they move into Adulthood.

One such program is a self defense course for young women, called "Stand Strong" that has been shared with Girl Scouts throughout the region, where they are taught basic skills to avoid being attacked and/or abducted.

For More information, or to begin your own journey of enlightenment in the traditions of Soo Bahk Do Moo Duk Kwan, please contact Alexandra at (845) 434-0500 today.

Master Instructor-Alexandra Th. Lalieu

81 Main Street
Mountaindale, NY 12763
(845) 434-0500

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Coming to Mountaindale This April...Music Together for Children 0-5 Years Old

Help Children Grow Musically

Maybe you’ve heard about a wonderful music class truly making a difference in young children’s lives? It’s called Music Together and across the country, children are participating in these specially-designed programs as not only a fun, group activity, but an ideal setting for them to “start the music” and cultivate an appreciation for the arts.

Music Together is backed by years of research and utilizes a definitive curriculum rooted in childhood development and education. Music is a tremendous power, early in life, to support the developing child in all capacities. It forges unique connections in the brain, integrating mind, body and emotions. It enhances a child's language, cognitive, emotional, social and physical development. Simply put, Music Together is a unique program that taps into these musical instincts through specially-composed music, easy to use instruments and above all instructor/parent involvement.

The program planned for Mountaindale will bring together children ages 0-5 and their parent(s) for a 45-minute class for 10 consecutive weeks, starting in April 2011. Children will learn to sing in tune, keep a beat and participate with confidence in the music of our culture. Combining a specially-prepared book and CD, numerous instruments as well as a trained instructor, Music Together programs introduce children to the pleasures of making music instead of passively receiving it. Each 10-week semester features new music and materials so children can enjoy the program year-round.

Tanya Cohen of The Janice Center will be teaching the class at Mountaindale. She is the only certified Music Together instructor in Sullivan County and has introduced more than 500 young children to Music Together since starting the program three years ago at her Jeffersonville facility. Perhaps one parent described the program best:

“The Music Together program is making more of a positive impact on my child’s life than any other activity or program she participates in. It’s truly a wonderful class.”

For more information about "Music Together" in Mountaindale, please call The Janice Center at 845-482-3324

Make music an exciting part of your child’s life!

• Children ages birth through pre-k meet for 45 minutes each week to experience new songs, chants, movement activities and instrumental jam sessions.

• Children sit in a circle and participate, led by outstanding, trained teachers with early childhood and musical skills.

• Children create and play – making up rhythm patterns or new words to songs, or movements to express a sound.

• Children love making music!

FREE DEMO CLASS @ 62 Main St. (Mountaindale) Monday, March 28 5:15-6 p.m.

Call 845-482-3324 for more information or to register. Help Your Child Grow Musically!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Starting February 27th Anusara Yogo Immersion, Part 1

Ami Hirschstein,
Certified Anusara Yoga Teacher

Radiant Yoga here in Mountaindale NY is pleased to bring to our small hamlet the very gifted Ami Hirschstein, owner of Jai Ma Yoga of New Paltz, and publisher of, "108 Poses". Starting on February 27th, she will be offering a four weekend training, "Anusara Yoga Immersion, Part 1 for those who want to deepen their practice, teachers of other traditions who want to broaden their knowledge of Anusara and those who want to become teachers.

The classes will be taught on the following five weekends on Sunday:

February 27
March 13
March 27
April 17
May 15


10 am - 1 pm
Lunch Break
2 - 6 pm

There will be reading, journaling and essay assignments to help us go deeper in our yoga practice together and individually.

Teachers & Serious Students are Invited to Explore The Anusara Universal Principles of Alignment Tantric Philosophy, Anusara Yoga Therapeutics

Join Us for this Enlivening Exploration! Registration on or before February 21st, the cost is $475. Registration after this date is $550.

Location: Radiant Yoga of Mountaindale
63 Main Street CR-55
Mountaindale, NY 12763

What a Beautiful Weather Week We Had in Mountaindale

Have to love waking up to shorts weather on Valentine's Day...not sure, but think we were in the high forties here in Mountaindale on the 14th, and other than a few dips, the day time temperatures were pretty pleasant all week. I went for several walks with my camera, and thought I would share a couple of my favorite snap shots. If you have a favorite Mountaindale area photograph you would like featured here, please email it and we will be sure to share it with our readers.

Found these glasses as I crossed the bridge out of town heading up Church Street...the one below was taken off the other side of the bridge.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Let Us Help You Help Make Community Here in Mountaindale, NY

Almost any one can have a dream, a few special souls can bring their vision into reality without the help and efforts of others. However, most great dreams or visions seen into reality have come about through finding kindred spirits, like minded souls who are willing to work toward the same goals as dream takes shape catches hold and becomes an everlasting reality people can see, touch, experience and in this case live...Barb and Ken Schmitt have for a long time now been people of vision, have worked diligently over the past ten years giving their own dream shape as them have brought the once struggling little hamlet of Mountaindale back to life. Given it a chance to bloom again as a flourishing hamlet as a part of the larger community of Fallsburg.

Many of the hamlets buildings have been lovingly given a new life, a few others or parts of others too far gone to salvage have been cleared, taken down, and others still are awaiting their turn for a full makeover. People have moved in, and everywhere you look signs of renewal and growth are apparent too the discerning eye. There is the Upstate Karate School, Janet with her "My Radiant Yoga" studio, a few professionals who were looking for a quieter simpler life/work environment here, and even a few artist/crafts persons who now proudly call Mountaindale home.

The Schmitt's shared dream of a green, environmentally friendly community of Baby Boomer's, the services needed to meet their wants needs and desires is starting to materialize, the next steps in the revitalization needing only people who embrace in some way their shared dream. The community needs someone that has always wanted to run their own small convenience store, or Mom and Pop grocery, perhaps living in one of the apartments in the downtown area. There is a great place to open up a small restaurant (with living quarters right upstairs) waiting for the right visionary who is willing to put in the work to develop a following...summer time sees the population of the area swell as there are numerous seasonal campgrounds in the area. Ken and Barb offer very affordable rents, and stand ready to help new business take root and thrive in our town.

There are plenty of opportunities for residential living in Mountaindale, ample spaces where artists could live and work in the same building (writers too), and various buildings (that can be rehabilitated to fit your needs) that would lend themselves perfectly to business/commercial enterprises.

For More Information

Ken and Barb Schmitt
Diversified Realty Services
(845) 434-4747

Residential Properties
Commercial Properties

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Get Scared (filmed in Mountaindale) Just Released Teaser Trailer on YouTube

For a small sleepy little hamlet in Sullivan County, there is a lot more going on in Mountaindale, NY than meets the eye, including a growing group of film/video production studioes looking to do shooting in and around our community. Just releaseed on YouTube is a Get Scared teaser video which was shot here just this past November. Watch the video here on our blog, or double click it to go right to YouTube and leave the band a message, and tell them Mountaindale says hello. Remember, you can get tickets for all of Get Scared concerts, and any other events (Sports, Theater, Broadway, Vegas Shows) at Elite Tix or Tix By Ken, two of our home grown business efforts here in Mountaindale.  (Want to see the whole video?  Click here!)

Friday, February 11, 2011

This Sunday (Feb 13) Essential Oils Workshop At Radiant Yoga Studio

This Sunday, February 13th 2011 the Radiant Yoga Studio located at 63 Main Street here in Mountaindale NY is hosting a wonderful seminar, "Pure Essential Oils for Winter Health & Happiness" from 10:15-11:15 with presenter Nandini Weitzman. Admission is just $5 dollars, or free if you are participating in one of Janet's Sunday morning Yoga classes.

Rise and Shine!
Intermediate Yoga
8:30-10 AM

for Heart Health and Healing
11:15 am-12:45 pm.

Come join in this wonderful and informative event, have some fun learning about Pure Essential Oils, relax, nurture yourself, and even bring a friend or a loved one with you.

Radiant Yoga of Mountaindale
63 Main Street, CR-55
Mountaindale, NY 12763
(845) 866-7822

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sullivan Renaissance Hosting Seminar, "Gardens Start to Finish"

This is a rescheduled event from February 2nd, 2011

From this writer's perspective, there is no better time to plan your garden than right now, "in the dead of winter" as the snow buries us into our warm cozy homes. So finding out that the Sullivan Renaissance is hosting a seminar on Wednesday, February 16th at 7:00 p.m. at the CVI Building in Ferndale titled, "Gardens Start to Finish!" has me excited, and would encourage every one involved with their grant programs to attend.

This seminar is being presented by Mary Lewis, founder and principle of Barncroft, a garden design firm. She is was also chair of Zone III 2008 Annual Meeting of the Garden Clubs of America, and past president of Orange and Dutchess Garden Club and a graduate of Cornell University, and she studies botanical art and illustration at New York Botanical Gardens. She has also been a Sullivan Renaissance judge for the past nine years.

The core concepts of this seminar will help both individuals and groups begin gardening projects in their own communities by providing a check list of the necessary elements to consider when designing and planning a garden, such as garden location, soil testing, soil improvements, garden layout and design, as well as plant choices and arrangement.

For anyone who loves gardening, this is a MUST ATTEND event, and for those considering applying for a Sullivan Renaissance grant, keep in mind that they place a strong emphasis on good design, and in 2011, all grant recipients must, for garden and landscaping projects, summit a garden design plan and plant list to receive said grant.

Everyone is welcome to attend, so grab your favorite gardening friend and plan to attend. Refreshments will be served (oh GOODY!).

Those who signed up for the original February 2 date have been re-registered for February 16. If you would still like to register, please do so by February 15 by visiting Sullivan Renaissance or calling 845-295-2445. Breaking News of sorts:

Individuals wishing to attend the Sullivan Renaissance Winter Conference and Expo on Saturday, February 26 can register and sign up for workshops directly on-line.  Go to and click on the Sullivan Renaissance Rooster at the top of the page.

Mountaindale Art Center Seeking Artists and Craft Persons

Through the generosity of Barb and Ken Schmitt, our small hamlet of Mountaindale, NY is blessed with a very beautiful but under utilized Arts Center, and we would like to change that reality, see the center regularly hosting gallery shows for artists and craftspeople from the Mountaindale area,Sullivan County, and the greater Hudson River Valley.

We are contemplating having five gallery shows per year, each running for a period of six weeks, giving us one week after each show to pull down a current exhibit, and another week to install our new artist or crafts person. During the sixth installation, which would be installed during the second week of November each year, it is our hope to find enough artists and craftpersons interest to turn the Mountaindale Art Center into a Artists and Craftsperson's Christmas Gift Emporium which would maintain regular hours for the six weeks leading up to Christmas by having those who's work is being displayed and sold volunteering their time to keep the shop manned and open during posted hours.

If you would be interested in having an exhibit in our Mountaindale Art Center, would be interested in participating in our Christmas Gift Emporium or would like to volunteer in making our Art Center a success, please send your inquiry to:

Sherwood Martinelli
Mountaindale Arts Center Gallery Program
PO Box 71
Mountaindale, NY 12763
(845) 693-4513

*To be considered for inclusion in the Mountain Arts Center Gallery Program, we will need to see slides and/or samples of your work, as inclusion is based upon an ongoing jury process.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's Official...It's Effffing COLD in Mountaindale Tonight

A well known face around town was heard saying, "It's Effffing COLD", and with the wind whipping around at up to 40 MPH, those sentiments are so true. That said, after last night's freshly fallen snow, today was a perfect day to go out and take some digital photographs in and around Mountaindale. Does not matter the season, or even if it is "effffing cold" outside, there are always wondrous sites here in our community waiting to be captured on film...or in this day and age, captured in a digital image by the avid photographer.

As the temperatures plummet, here is one of a few shots from a brisk walk taken earlier today...hope everyone enjoys it.

Heart of Sound Harp Concert-Enjoyable Time Had by All

On Sunday February 6th, 2011, harpist Lindsay Perricone performed here in Mountaindale, New York at the Radiant Yoga studio located at 63 Main Street. The event include the opportunity for morning Yoga, followed by a scrumptious vegan brunch, with the concert started at 1:30.

Lindsay Perricone started the event off letting those gathered get UP CLOSE and PERSONAL with her two harps as she explained the inner workings of the instrument, and gave us all a brief history . Who knew a harp had so many working parts in it, or that most pieces composed for the piano are so easily adapted for this beautiful melodic instrument? Lindsay fell in love with the harp at the age of 14, and her love and passion for this instrument, which can trace its root back to Ancient Egypt, and the year 2500BC, was clearly evident in her 90 minute performance.

For the nine people in attendance, the entire event was a true treat, and we all want to extend our thanks to Janet from Radiant Yoga for making it happen. We also thank Lindsay Perricone for being such a great ambassador for this wondrous instrument, and all of us who attended look forward with anticipation to your first CD.

Radiant Yoga
63 Main Street CR-55
Mountaindale, NY 12763
(845) 866-7822

Lindsay Perricone-Harpist
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Zumba Now in Mountaindale-Every Monday Night (6:30-7:30)

As they say at the Official Zumba website, ditch the workout and join the party every Monday night in our beautiful little hamlet of Mountaindale, NY at 62 Main Street from 6:30-7:30. The turnout for this program is tremendous, and the attendees have a lot of fun getting loose, getting into shape, and losing weight. For official gear, or to get your own workout CD's be sure to visit the official Zumba site.

Wondering what Zumba is?
From the official Zumba site...
Zumba Fitness® is the only Latin-inspired dance-fitness program that blends red-hot international music, created by Grammy Award-winning producers, and contagious steps to form a "fitness-party" that is downright addictive.

Since its inception in 2001, Zumba Fitness has grown to become the world’s largest – and most successful – dance-fitness program with more than 10 million people of all shapes, sizes and ages taking weekly Zumba classes in over 90,000 locations across more than 110 countries...and we here in the hamlet of Mountaindale, NY are pleased to be a part of this wonderful fun fitness program, and hope you will come join us every Monday for the party

Instructor Tanya Cohen
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