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February Sets New Visitors Record Here On "Mountaindale After Dark "

Just a quick Thank You to all our readers on this snowy Leap Day...despite the month being a short one (albeit not as short as usual), February sees us again breaking just four short months we have reached the milestone of 2500 visitors in one month. We also today saw visitors from 50 and then 51 Unique nations of the world, with our newest visitors coming from Albania. 

So thank you everyone!  Please remember to link to our articles you enjoy, and of course a sidebar link too the blog is ALWAYS WELCOME.

Have a great day everyone.

Our Traffic Growth

November 2011         501
December 2011       1206
January     2012       1658
February   2012       2560

IT's FUGLY Outside, and "News on the Run"

Not often one gets to make a Leap Day post, let alone one in the middle of a snow storm.  If you are out and about in this nasty weather, please drive carefully, and get home safely as it is FUGLY out there.  The weather forecast for the next few days is not pretty, temperatures will be up and down, the snow sometimes turning into freezing rain, with the occasional bout of I said, it is FUGLY out there.

"News on the Run"

Mr. Money Bags scored wins in both Michigan and Arizona yesterday, but both Gingrich and Santorum are doubling down heading into SUPER TUESDAY.  If Newt fails to deliver a win in Georgia look for him to be out of the running, with Santorum then hoping to stay in a bit longer hoping to pick up Gingrich's followers and thus have enough to force Romney into a brokered convention.  However, would think Vegas odds after yesterday see the smart money betting on a Obama verse Romney Presidential Election this that is the line up, my vote is going to go Obama's way.

In North Korea, like father like son...Seems that North Korea is now willing to halt nuclear activities, and stop launching missile in exchange for, I am not for people starving to death, but we have already danced this dance before, and North Korea's NEW LEADER has done nothing so far to show the world that he can be trusted any more than his father could be.  Verify FIRST, then start sending in food supplies.
"Today's announcement represents a modest first step in the right direction. We, of course, will be watching closely and judging North Korea's new leaders by their actions," Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Wednesday before the House Appropriations Committee.

For those of us who fondly remember watching EVERY EPISODE of the "The Monkee's", teen idol Davy Jones has passed away at a side note to this, saw him perform live in Jacksonville Florida some three decades ago...cannot believe I am that old, nor can I believe he died at such a relatively young age.  In his time he was as big, if not bigger than Whitney Houston...wonder if he will get his EIGHT DAYS of FAME on CNN now.

Last but not least...AVOID BIG BROTHER....Google is about to take away more of our privacy, but there is a fairly simply way around it.  When on YouTube, Google and other services, MAKE SURE YOU ARE NOT SIGNED IN!  That should keep the Data Whores at bay for awhile.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

West Needs To Stop Tolerating Muslim Intolerance...Taking Peoples Lives Over Burning of Koran Shows Idiocy of Islamic Faith and Allah

Newt is right about one thing...Obama, the Pentagon, nor any other citizen of the world should have to apologize for burning the Koran.  Hello, it is a BOOK.  I can buy a new Koran for less than ten dollars on and used Korans for less than four dollars.  Could you imagine Americans killing say ten or so Muslims every time they burned the American Flag?  All the Muslim countries in the world would be up in arms, shouting their indignation at the United Nations, but let some American servicemen burn a few tattered used and even abused Korans, and a bunch of foaming of the mouth Islamic zealots want to whip the masses into a frenzy, want to think it is fine that they have killed and injured over 20 HUMAN BEINGS....give me a break.

Lets see, a book that I can buy used on Amazon for less than four bucks gets burned, and because of that, people get killed?  It's time that America stop coddling these Allah loving fruitcakes...and yes, anyone that would kill another human being for a old, used and worn prison Koran is a FRUITCAKE, and any God (Allah) that would condone the killing of human beings over a book left behind is no God, but a disciple of Satan himself. 

Lets put aside the political correctness, and reclaim our backbone...who cares if some discarded Korans that may have been used to send terrorist messages got burned up, incinerated?  Not this writer, nor this blog.  Trust me, those protesters would disperse if our troops stopped firing over the heads of those that are killing INNOCENT HUMAN BEINGS, and started taking dead aim at those meaning us harm.  Forget accidentally burning a few Korans...lets gather up a few truck loads of them, and just to show it is not about religion, lets grab a few hundred Bibles, and books on every other religion, and burn those too. Tell me there ANY BOOK that gets burned that is truly worth taking another human being's life for?  If you say yes, then you are a religious zealot, a nutcase, a weirdo, a whack job, and you deserve to be locked away, not for a time, but for the rest of your life.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday News On The Run

Yes, I am alive...though being a typical male who does not do being sick very well,  I would have told you last week as I SUFFERED through an absolutely HORRID cold, complete with congestion and all that other stuff that I was dying...not literally, but figuratively.  So, my one day leave of absence to celebrate my birthday was far longer than intended as I spent most of the week laying in bed or on my sofa lamenting my imminent demise. So, first let me apologize for my absence.  It was not intended, but the good news is I am on the mend and feeling much more chipper short, contrary to my my gnashing of teeth and sworn oath that I was dying, I am not.

Train Garden During Snow Storm
There is so much news to speak on...

We had our first real snow this past week here in Mountaindale NY last that to mean one that has stayed around  for a few days. Was just outside, and the weather is nice, temperatures hovering near fifty, the season feeling more like spring than the end days of winter.  We received a STUNNING photograph of last years award winning Train Sculpture Garden in the snow storm from  Micheline Gingras that I am sharing it...the train almost looks like and old abandoned O&W Steam Locomotive like the one that crashed here in Mountaindale back in 1903.  Thank you so much for the sharing...the link embedded in "Train Sculpture Garden above shows the garden in summer time...will be interesting to see how the community maintains this beautiful space in coming years.

The Sullivan Chamber of Commerce embarked on a very unique program called Chamber on The Run, where they park in various Sullivan County communities on a week to week basis visiting on the local businesses, and attending to Chamber business.  We are fortunate to have their motor-home/office parked on our own Main Street this week here in Mountaindale, and I can see there HUGE RV just outside my window.

Lets not forget that the Sullivan Renaissance Annual Conference is March 10th!  A sure sign that Spring is almost upon us, and that means Sullivan Renaissance Project time.  I personally had a great time being the Committee Chair and designer for MCDP's award winning Train Garden Project in 2011, the hours spent out on the train this past summer beautiful ones.  This year, I will be working with the team over in Rockhill on an even bigger project and am very excited at all the things being pulled together over there as the deadline for summiting applications approaches.

In other local news, the brochure and historical signage subcommittee of the "Rails to Trails" Committee has been working VERY HARD on the deliverable items for two grants we received from "Parks and Trails New York".  One of these projects is new Historical Signage out on the trail...this past week the overall forward design for these signs was settled upon pending final full committee approval.  (Much thanks to the subcommittee members for their tireless efforts on these projects...Allen Frishman, Susan Carr, Adele Novick, Sherwood Martinelli and Barb Schmitt).  Look for pictures later this week.

Monday, February 20, 2012

There Will Be No Posts on February 21, 2012

Greetings Sports Fans...

The Mountaindale After Dark blog is taking the day off tomorrow, February 21 so that I can go out and celebrate my 56th birthday.  Everyone have a great day, and will see you again on Wednesday.

Have American's Become Too Sensitive? (editorial)

When the Knick's lost their bid to win eight games in a row, "Lin Mania" hit a bump in the road that was soon put behind them when Lin and the Knick won their next game, going 8-1 under the leadership of Jeremy Lin. After that loss, ESPN sportscasters musing aloud asked a question that is often asked when discussing teams and athletes, "Is there a chink in Lin's armor".
Chink In Armor
1) An narrow opening and vunerable area in one's armor that the opponent will usually aim for. This term relies on "chink" in the sense of "a crack or gap," a meaning dating from about 1400 and used figuratively since the mid-1600s.

2) A figurative term for a one's weakness, largest flaw or their prevention of success.
The phrase, "Chink in one's armor" first appeared in the 1400's and came into casual usage in the 1600's. Do not believe that it was anyone's intention to deliver a racially charged epitaph, yet that is what ESPN has been charged with, one employee has lost his job, one sports announcer is now serving a 30 day suspension.  For what?  Because people have gotten too sensitive?  Should someone lose their job because others want to make an issue where there was none intended.  What was the intention...does anyone seriously believe that ESPN staff sat around and said, "What racially charged epitaph can we throw at Lin"?  If there was no intention to be racist, should not a simple apology suffice?

Jeremy Lin himself accepted the apology, said himself that he did not believe it was the intent of ESPN or the people involved to be racist in their question.  A cursory Google search would show that the term "Chink in ones armor" was and is not a racially charged statement, and has a long history that has nothing to do with one's ethnic heritage.  ESPN was correct to apology for not realizing that the comment when applied to Jeremy Lin could be misconstrued, but ESPN was and is wrong in their firing of the employee, is wrong in suspending one of their announcers.

Maybe the time has come where people need to relax a little bit, need to stop looking for slight and attack where none was intended. 

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday "News on the Run" and Other Stuff

Was briefly outside enjoying a very spring like day here in downtown Mountaindale as we experience the ongoing non-winter winter.  I mean seriously, this has to be one of the warmer winters on record, and the extended weather forecast for the rest of the month shows ABOVE AVERAGE TEMPERATURES. The up and down and all around weird weather we are experiencing sees me nursing yet another winter cold.  I don't mind snow and frigid temperatures, just wish it would get cold and stay there for awhile so that we can all acclimate.

In news of a BIG NATURE for us here in our small hamlet...we finally have an ATM machine in town.  You can access it any time that Uccelli Restaurant is open.  Do wish there was a way it could be outside where we could access it 24/7, but it is nice to be able to go get a little cash for things like our laundromat without having to drive over to Woodridge or Rockhill.
Two other notes about Uccelli Restaurant:
1.  There is now live music every Friday night.
2.  Every Saturday evening stop by Robert's Prime Rib's TASTY.
Sunday "News on the Run"

Whitney Houston has been buried, so hopefully my dearly loved news channels can get back to some normal programming.  Am I the only one that thought the coverage WAS WAY OVER THE TOP for a washed up, career over singer with a drug and alcohol abuse problem? Meanwhile, tonight on Piers Morgan, there is yet another special hour of Whitney Houston coverage.

Fracking is still a BIG TOPIC, and look for another major article on this important issue on this blog in the next day or two.

Like the spoiled school yard bully who got caught and finds himself in timeout, Iran is throwing a temper tantrum, cutting off its own nose to spite its face as they stop selling crude to France and Britain.  Guessing those sanctions are having more of an effect than they are letting on.

States pass TOUGH Immigration laws, and ILLEGAL ALIENS leave.  Courts wrongfully step in and gut those laws, and ILLEGAL ALIENS RETURN.  Just goes to show you, enforcement would actually work if the federal government and courts left it up to the states to enforce the federal laws that our federal government does not enforce.  So much for us being a nation of laws.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Should Vermont Governor Use National Guard Troops To Shut Down Vermont Yankee

F 16 Enforced NO NUKE ZONE for Vermont Yankee?
On CNN they just had a story on the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant that is owned by the Entergy corporation that also owns the trouble plagued Indian Point reactors here in New York.  As is the case all over America, Vermont no longer wants their nasty vile neighbor Entergy with its leaking dangerous nuclear reactor that has the same design flaws as the Fukishima Nuclear Reactors in Japan.  The original contract of sale said the state of Vermont had a say in extending their license...Entergy was fine with that till the state excised their option and told Vermont Yankee, "We do not want you."
Just Like in America...
TOKYO — In surprisingly frank public testimony on Wednesday,Japan’s nuclear safety chief said the country’s regulations were fundamentally flawed and laid out a somber picture of a nuclear industry shaped by freewheeling power companies, toothless regulators and a government more interested in promoting nuclear energy than in safeguarding the health of its citizens.
Entergy is using the courts to claim the state of Vermont is trying to usurp federal control over nuclear power plants...if this sounds vaguely familiar, think 20 million Illegal Aliens...some of whom Entergy has had working at their nuclear sites.  The NRC is siding with big surprise there since both the DOE and NRC are rubberstamping all reactor licenses in the name of SAVING THE INDUSTRY and giving birth to a Nuclear Renaissance.  A court battle could and will take years, perhaps decades, thus making any win Vermont would get in the courts shallow and empty.

I suggest a better idea...National Guard Troops.  Self rule and determination, as well as a signed contract give Vermont the right to shut down Vermont Yankee, the risks of allowing its continued operation simply to great to be, push the issue.  Bring in say 2,000 National Guard troops to force a cold shut down of the plant, and let President Obama decide the issue...does he really want to bring in Federal Troops to clash with Vermont's home troops?  For those wondering...yes, would like to see the same strategy deployed to shut down the reactors at Indian Point as well.  The days of the NRC forcing its will on the people at the local level needs to end, and someone has to draw a line in the sand...Vermont happens to be in the perfect place at the perfect time to DRAW THAT LINE IN THE SAND.

Vermont is better off using overwhelming force to shut down this dangerous reactor, and then and ONLY THEN let the case work its way through the courts over years or decades.

Any One Taking Bets?

Sitting here watching CNN, three hours into the family saying Goodbye to Whitney Houston, and find myself wondering how long it will be before the "Whitney Houston Funeral Service Platinum Edition" (hmmmm, should I trademark or copyright that DVD title?) goes on sale at   Not meaning to rain on the woman's parade, but enough already...she is not Royalty, not the Duchess of York...she was a woman with a great voice who was also an addict.  She deserves a very nice PRIVATE service...putting it on CNN for three hours while people are dying in Syria seems way over the top.  A 30 second sound bite at say the half hour would be more than ample.

So seriously, anyone taking bets on how long it will before we see the "Whitney Houston Funeral Service Platinum Edition" on sale in a Walmart store?  

I mean CNN already sells copies of some of their shows through the ITunes case you missed it, they have been LIVE BLOGGING the service!  You can also see her life in blog snippets  boiled down into little 300 pixel posts.  Let's not forget, it was also CNN that brought us those NEVER BEFORE SEEN pictures of Whitney, the early years.  The marketing package is almost together, and the minister has not even preached yet.

New Jersey Governor Vetoes Same Sex Marriage Bill...What an ASSHOLE

Hey Chris, What If Fat People Were Denied Right To Marry?
Despite a majority of elected officials voting to give gay couples the right to marry, homophobic radical right wing religious zealot and New Jersey governor Chris Christie vetoed the bill...what an asshole.  This fat, pompous overweight numb nut foaming of the mouth right wing vice presidential wannabe is ignoring the will of the people, ignoring the majority vote of the New Jersey congress, and showing his TRUE COLORS, and we smell BIGOT.  Maybe him and Santorum should be on the same ticket together, can kiss their rosaries together as they share their jointly held hatred of gays and others different than themselves.  Fat is OK, gay is not. 

Washington state, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Iowa, New York and the District of Columbia currently allow such marriages.

Friday, February 17, 2012

A Special Thank You To Our South African Readers

Do love our Map App, and the way it allows us to know where at in the world our readers are visiting from.  A special thank you to the four new readers we received today from South Africa...our first visitors from this fine land.

We have now had visitors from 36 unique and beautiful nations from all around the world...four more to hit the magical 40, so please toss us a link on your blog, and send your friends.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Special Thanks To Our Readers

Happen to be going through our stats today, and wanted to thank all of our wonderful readers from all around the world.

1.  We have crossed the threshold of 2000 visitors in a single month for the first time.
2.  Despite the shortness of the month of February, it looks like we might set a single month visitor record this month.
3.  We have had visitors from 35 nations from all around the world, people from France, Russia and the United Kingdom being our most frequent visitors outside of America.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sullivan Non Profit Summit at Bethel Woods

WHEN:          Wednesday, March 7, 2012 from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
WHERE:        Bethel Woods Center for the Arts
CONTACT:   Amanda Langseder, or 845-292-6180


Wednesday, March 7 at BethelWoods Center for the Arts

BETHEL – The 2012 Sullivan Nonprofit Summit will take place on Wednesday, March 7 at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts.

This year’s summit will continue its focus on fostering leadership and collaboration among the region’s rural nonprofits to generate greater impact and support.  It will also acknowledge innovative ideas that have produced practical results, and can be used as a model by other nonprofits in the region and beyond. 

Educational sessions will include: “Building a Strong, Successful Board,” “Role of Nonprofits in Revitalizing the Region,” “Pursuing Government Grants” and a panel discussion with regional professionals.  Nonprofit representatives will learn what is really working for nonprofits in the region and for the communities they serve.  Speakers will also share stories and models of successful collaborative efforts among rural nonprofits and communities.

Bethel Woods Center for the Arts is pleased to host for the second time the Sullivan Nonprofit Summit,” said summit host and Bethel Woods CEO Darlene Fedun, “As a nonprofit we take seriously our role as a cultural and civic center, where we celebrate the arts and their essential role in creating vibrant and engaged communities.  The summit is an example of our continuing commitment to serve as community convener and catalyst for innovative ways to inspire citizenship and re-vitalize our region.”

The featured lunchtime keynote speaker is Doug Bauer of the Clark Foundation, which helps individuals lead independent and productive lives, and supports nonprofits and programs in New York City and Cooperstown, NY.  In addition to the Clark Foundation, Bauer is also executive director of the Scriven and Fernleigh Foundations.  He serves on boards or committees for Children’s Health Fund, The Melalucca Foundation and Philanthropy New York (formerly NYRAG).  

Bauer’s on philanthropy have been featured in the Associated PressThe Chronicle of PhilanthropyContribute, The Financial Times, The Los Angeles TimesThe New York Post, The Wall Street Journal and on NPR and CNBC.  He has co-authored, with Steven Godeke, Philanthropy’s New Passing Gear: Mission Related Investing, A Policy and Implementation Guide for Foundation Trustees.  

The afternoon of the summit will focus on breakout sessions designed to give nonprofits in similar fields the opportunity to meet and develop potential projects for collaboration, and will also include the announcement of the Sullivan Regional Innovation Award by Darlene Fedun.

“Through the annual Sullivan Nonprofit Summit we aim to highlight and address in innovative ways the special challenges our regional nonprofits face compared to their metropolitan counterparts,” said summit steering co-chair Linda C. Hartley of Bethel Woods Center for the Arts and Hartley Consulting, Inc., “Studies show, for example, that while poverty is more common in rural than in urban areas, large foundations awarding more than $4 million per year gave only $530 million to rural nonprofits in 2009, or 1% of out of the $46 billion awarded by all foundations.  By joining forces on creative programs, advocacy and support we can more effectively serve the people and communities of our region.” 

Summit steering committee co-chair Amanda Langseder from Cornell Cooperative Extension of Sullivan County said, “The summit is itself, a great example of the power of nonprofit collaboration.  Committee members representing nearly a dozen organizations have pulled together to make this year’s summit a surefire success.  The members of the committee meet regularly, giving of their precious time and resources.  This year’s event will be a comprehensive day of professional development, leadership training, networking and encouraging messages to all who take pride in working for a nonprofit organization.”

This year’s summit steering committee includes:
·         Tracy Carluccio, Delaware Riverkeeper Network
·         Susan Diamond, SullivanArc
·         Alexis L. Eggleton, Town of Wallkill Boys and Girls Clubs, Inc.
·         Darlene Fedun, Bethel Woods Center for the Arts (summit host)
·         KristinGeeslin
·         Linda C. Hartley, Hartley Consulting, Inc. (co-chair)
·         Maria Ingrassia, SUNY Sullivan
·         KathyKrieter
·         Amanda Langseder, Cornell Cooperative Extension (co-chair)
·         Ann K. Manby, Catskill Art Society
·         Christine Maraia, Orange Regional Medical Center   
·         Karen Van Houten Minogue, Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan
·         Laura A. Quigley, Workforce Development
·         Jonathan Rouis, Sullivan County Legislator
·         Whitney Schlott, Bethel Woods Center for the Arts
·         Kaytee Warren, Chief Professional Officer, United Way of Sullivan County

For more information or to sponsor the March 7th Sullivan Nonprofit Summit, contact Amanda Langseder at Cornell Cooperative Extension of Sullivan County at 845-292-6180,  To register for the Summit please contact Cindy Niven at 845-292-6180,

Whitney Houston...Unintended Suicide?

Whitney Houston Cause of Death...Unintended Suicide?
There is now a death certificate for Whitney Houston, but no cause of is listed as deferred.  But one thing is certain...her own actions contributed to and/or caused her death.  Obviously, her family has reason not to want her death listed as a suicide, but ACCIDENTAL DROWNING...I think not, and would propose that coroner's consider a new cause of death category.  Unintended Suicide.  A death that occurs when a person's own actions and addictions contribute to, or cause their death.
Accidental death refers to a death resulting from an unusual event that was unanticipated by everyone involved. It should not be intended, expected, or foreseeable. 
We all know that Whitney Houston would still be alive if she had not been drinking profusely while out in Hollywood.  She was drinking when she should not have been, she was mixing that booze with various and assorted prescription short, no matter how the media would like to slice it, no matter how much some people are wanting to place blame on others, Whitney caused her own death, committed unintended suicide.  Do your research...she was seen poolside on the morning of her death drinking heavily, then was stupid enough to go to her room, maybe take some drugs, then get into the tub for a soak.  Her actions caused her own death, she committed suicide, even if unintended, it was deliberate.

A Blog Shout Out

Out and about touring the Blogosphere this morning came across a GREAT BLOG that everyone should give a follow too.  The blog's mission is stated clearly in the title..."366 Random Acts of Kindness"...the blogs author does at least one act of kindness a day, and shares it with all of us, encouraging us as well to remove ourselves from our own troubles long enough each day to practice a random act of kindness.

Give the blog a look here.

NRC's DEVIOUS PLOT...Force Communities To Play Host To Relic Nuclear Reactors For 150 Years

Fukishima on the Hudson (Indian Point)
Over years, I have been quite involved in various nuclear issues, primary among them being a serious thorn in the side of both the NRC and the dangerous nuclear reactors known as Indian Point 2&3 which are owned by Entergy, or should I say owned by a empty shell LLC dummy corporation who funnels all the profits up to the mother ship that is Entergy.

Occasionally, some reporter reaches out to ask my opinion on this or that involving things of a nuclear nature, and yesterday was one of those days.  Matt Wald of the New York Times reached out wanting my opinion on the NRC's most devious plot ever...forcing those communities who are hosting nuclear reactors to be saddle with these reactors for a period in excess of ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY YEARS!  Lets qualify this...what this reporter wanted to know, was how I felt/feel about the NRC's plans to change the rules in such a fashion as to allow all nuclear reactor owners to place their reactors (once shut down) into SAFESTOR for a period of 60 years before beginning decommissioning.

Safe Enclosure (or Safestor(e) SAFSTOR): This option postpones the final removal of controls for a longer period, usually in the order of 40 to 60 years. The facility is placed into a safe storage configuration until the eventual dismantling and decontamination activities occur.

Let's lay out some facts...

1.  Reactor licensees are required to have ADEQUATE FUNDS set aside to decommission reactors at the end of their licensed operating period.  
2.  Most nuclear reactor licensees DO NOT HAVE ADEQUATE FUNDS set aside for decommissioning,  despite the fact they have been reaping BILLIONS in profits from America's aging fleet of reactors.
3.  Companies like Entergy have decided they can allow the money they have set aside to GROW INTO BEING ADEQUATE if they could just push decommissioning back for an EXTRA SIXTY YEARS by putting them in SAFESTOR.
4.  Complicate all this with the reality that neither the NRC, DOE or the industry have figured out how to solve their waste stream issues, and thus are looking for a way to again push the ball down the road for say another SIXTY YEARS.  *note...what the DOD, DOE and the NRC want to do is reclassify the waste streams as POTENTIAL USE RESOURCES, thus alleviating the DOE and industry's responsibility to dispose of it...they did this we Depleted Uranium.

So, how do we communities end up being forced to play host to these aging, leaking, cancer causting reactors for some 150 years...lets do some simple math.

The Original license period for these reactors was 40 years.
The NRC is rubberstamping the license renewal applications of almost everyone of America's 104 aging reactors in the name of a Nuclear Renaissance for another 20 years.
NEI, NRC and the DOE have secretly plotted to extend these license renewals out to 40 years after all of the license renewal applications have been approved, denying we the public any say in it.

Add these up, and the reactors that we agreed to play host to for a period of 40 years have doubled their stay in our communities to 80 years.

Now, lets assume here that 40 years out from now in say 2052 these ancient relics are finally cooled down and shut off.  If the NRC grants the nuclear industry what they want, instead of forcing them to abide by the contractual obligations made with our communities, every reactor licensee will be allowed to put their reactors into SAFESTOR for an additional sixty years.  So a 40 year agreement is now pushed to a 140 year agreement, host communities FORCED to play host even though the original contracts call for immediate decommissioning once a reactor is shut down.  Curious here what the odds are of Entergy even being around in 2112? (can we say ENRON?)

So, finally in the year 2112 (supposedly) the decommissioning will begin, and in a best case scenario will continue on for AT LEAST TEN YEARS.  Do the math, and there is your 150 year total.  

Do not believe the NRC can effectively argue the fairness of taking say the 300 acre Indian Point site in Buchanan, and turning it into an economic DEAD ZONE for some 70 years AFTER INDIAN POINT SHUTS DOWN.

Write the NRC, express your outrage at this devious plan to allow reactor owners to put shut down reactors into SAFESTOR for a period of sixty years....curious here NRC COMMISSIONERS...IP 1 has been in SAFESTOR since 1978...are you going to allow ConED and Entergy to push off the decommissioning of this reactor until they get around too decommissioning IP 2&3...that would create a legal precedent saying it is SAFE to put a reactor into SAFESTOR for at least 134 that your super duper dastardly plan?  Will that 60 year SAFESTOR be doubled yet again, just as you seem to double EVERYTHING ELSE?

Should communities be forced to play host to a shut down reactor for an extra SIXTIES YEARS in the name of letting the company SAVE MONEY (earn more profits).  Should the NRC basically waive the contractual obligations made to communities in the name of CORPORATE PROFITS?

Wednesday "News on the Run" Whitney Funeral Service to Be Intimate Affair....NOT!

Woke up to flurries this morning as the streets of downtown Mountaindale were covered up in a thin layer of the white stuff.  Everything always looks so fairytale like during a snow storm, even one that is depositing well less than one inch of snow on the ground.  Our weather forecast calls for the day to get warmer (45) with these flurries turning to rain with an 80 percent chance of precipitation.  Thinking it is a great day to curl up on the sofa with a good book and a cup of hot chocolate.

The news channels are still doing their Whitney Houston 24/7 wall to wall coverage, informing us this morning that the Houston Family will be holding a small private service in Newark, New Jersey this Saturday FOR 1500 PEOPLE, most of them stars and notables.  Come on, a funeral service with 1500 people inside, and a large JUMBO screen outside for fans to watch IS NOT A SMALL PRIVATE FAMILY AFFAIR!  Secondly, ask yourselves...until her untimely demise, how often in the past ten years had Houston been in the news in a big way?  Almost never?  Now all of a sudden, we are being forced to endure eight days of wall to wall Whitney Houston?  Enough already.  I also question the governor of New Jersey's decision to order all state flags flown at half mast to honor the passing of a woman who in death was/is a drug addict and alcoholic if the stories in the press are too be believed. the EVERYBODY GETS A TURN ON TOP Republican Primary, seems it is Santorum's turn to be on top as National Polls show him in a dead heat with Mitt Romney, and leading in the polls for both Ohio and Michigan as their primary days get ever closer.  Could this be the greatest collapse and burn of a ordained Republican Presidential Nominee, or instead will Republicans fall in line and send Mitt limping into the Fall Presidential Race?  Even DOGS don't like Romney!

How convenient...gas prices are going up, giving the Natural Gas industry more propaganda materials as they try to sell us on accepting FRACKING in our is the patriotic responsibility of those of us living atop huge reserves of shale gas to allow companies to come in and ruin our environments, water and health.

March 10th...Mark Your Calendars...Sullivan Renaissance Annual Conference

Yes, it is that time of year again, and for many community, like Rockhill, this time of the year means citizens ramping up their summer gardening plans as they prepare to apply to the Sullivan Renaissance grant programs for beautifying our communities.  Last year my own design for Mountaindale's Train Garden propelled our community, and its many volunteers into a Second Place finish in Sullivan Renaissance's Category B, and of course all of us here in Mountaindale are anxiously waiting to see what our $7,000 grant award will bring in new community beautification projects/infrastructure here in our hamlet.

This year's conference is a MUST ATTEND event for all serious gardeners, and for anyone who is planning on participating in Sullivan Renaissance...get your reservations in early, as many of the work shops fill up fast.

Saturday, March 10:


Expert on Gardening Trends to Give Keynote Address

[FERNDALE] – This year’s Sullivan Renaissance Annual Conference and Expo will focus on gardening trends around the country – and introduce the Renaissance Collection, a group of annuals and perennials that meet the challenges of gardening in Sullivan County.  The conference will be held on Saturday, March 10 at the CVI Center in Ferndale. 

The Renaissance Collection of annuals and perennials includes nine plants that do well in the Sullivan County climate and are designed to assist communities as the basis of new gardens or as additions to existing beds.  There will be a display of the plants at the expo, and the collection will be available at local nurseries and garden centers in the spring.

The keynote address will be delivered by Joe Lamp’l (aka Joe Gardener), one of the country’s most recognized and trusted personalities in gardening and sustainability.  In 2011 the American Horticultural Society selected him as the recipient of its B.Y. Morrison Communication Award, which recognizes effective and inspirational communication to advance public interest and participation in horticulture – through print, radio, TV and/or online media.  That passion was evident to the nationwide audience who watched Joe as host of the popular series “Fresh from the Garden” on DIY Network and “GardenSMART” on PBS.

Today, Joe Lamp’l combines his national television experience and expertise of gardening, environmental stewardship and eco-friendly living as host and executive producer of the award-winning series “Growing a Green World” on public television. 

Growing a Greener World is a groundbreaking television series that delivers the latest trends in eco-friendly living mixed with traditional gardening know-how to a modern audience,” said Joe Lamp’l, “Each episode features the people, organizations and events that are making a difference in our world today by raising awareness and influencing others to better stewardship of the environment we all share.”

To view a full episode online, go to


Recipients of the 17th Annual Sullivan First Achievement Awards – to be recognized at the conference – will soon be announced.  Door prizes will be awarded at the conference conclusion. 

The conference features exhibits and workshops on the Renaissance Collection of plants, garden maintenance, recruiting volunteers, cultivating leaders, cultivating leaders, Main Street success stories, enhancing storefronts, and the Catskill Edible Garden Project  It will also outline the new 2012 Sullivan Renaissance grant program and have applications available.

The conference begins at 8:00 a.m. with breakfast and registration.  The program starts at 9:00 a.m. and runs to 2:00 p.m.  Workshops include:

·         The Renaissance Collection: Learn how to use this unique collection of annuals and perennials that have exceptional ability to meet the challenges of gardening in Sullivan County.  Visit the collection in the Expo.
·         Getting Maintenance Support: Learn how this new support program can provide technical and financial resources to enhance the beauty and sustainability of your community garden.  Explore how a master calendar can optimize volunteer hours.
·       Recruiting & Retaining Volunteers: What makes a person volunteer and stay with an organization from year to year?  Hear about a professional’s experience in finding and working with volunteers.
·         Cultivating Community Leaders: Successful communities need one or more “spark plugs” to move a community to the next level.  Learn about the qualities of these “spark plugs” and how to cultivate talent in your community.
·         Main Street Success Stories: Using case studies from the central Catskills, including the communities of Margaretville, Roxbury and Fleischmanns, this session focuses on what it takes to create a successful and beautiful Main Street.
·         Enhance Your Storefront for Under $200: Beautiful storefronts enhance the appearance of the communities and invite customers.  Learn how the Sullivan Renaissance Mini Grant Program can help.
·         Catskill Edible Garden Project (Two Sessions): Edible gardens are a wonderful way to connect young people with their food, while helping them learn about nature, volunteering and nutrition. Include a presentation of edible garden programs that have succeeded.
·         Sullivan Renaissance Salon (Individual Appointments): Bring ideas for beautification projects and have a one-on-one conversation with staff, who will review grant paperwork and answer questions.  Sign up for one of seven 15 minute slots from 11:00 a.m. to 12:50 p.m.

Workshop space will be limited to the first registrants.  To sign up on-line, go to  To obtain a registration form, call Sullivan Renaissance office at 845-295-2445.  To return a form, email to; fax it to 845-295-2746; or mail to Sullivan Renaissance, c/o Gerry Foundation, PO Box 311, Liberty, NY 12754.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Monday "News on the Run" Did Whitney Commit Suicide?

Lets see...the coroner is not talking (at least publicly, or on the record) but one of our own gossip rags here in New York (NY Daily News) is reporting "Whitney Houston may have accidentally drowned" in her tub at the Hollywood Hotel.  Specifically how did she drown?  According to the paper...
Whitney Houston apparently drowned in her bath after ingesting a cocktail of prescription sedatives - the latest in a string of accidental celebrity overdoses on legal pills.
So, someone INGESTS a cocktail of prescription drugs (with or without alcohol?) and then slowly slides herself down in to a tub of water (hot or cold?) and then DROWNS?, that sounds like suicide, but GOD FORBID we should label a superstars actions suicide when there is a reputation to protect in the name of what?  Post death record sales?
In other news...Did Mitt Romney steal the CPAC straw poll on Saturday, and do we really care? Rick Santorum seems to think so, and I would suggest he not be crying sour grapes as it will put him on the fast track to Newt land.

Obama to release his RED INK 2012 budget today.  You can count on two things...Republicans will be screaming like ban-gees telling us we cannot tax the job creators (uber rich like Mitt Romney), and the Democrats will be out on the airwaves claiming the Republicans are short, look for the president's budget to go nowhere as gridlock rules supreme inside the beltway.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sunday Weather, and "News on the Run"

Get out the winter clothes, move the cars off of Main Street here in downtown Mountaindale, and run to the store to lay in some staples...both Winter and snow are back.  Look for temperatures as low as 11 degrees outside....brrrrrrr, and we have snow in the forecast three days in a row.  It's going to be a COLD Valentine's day folks.  For more weather news, visit here.

"News on the Run"

Top news story today is the death of Whitney Houston...yes, she was beautiful, talented, possessed the  voice of an angel that covered five octaves, and her death is a tragic end to a troubled life.   Yet, we have to be honest, she threw what she had away, blew her fortune, and her star had faded long ago...yet, the media seems intent in her death to paint her as a saint, a star bigger than life that we should all be grieving...if one did not know better, you would think she is a female Michael Jackson that needs to be a deity now that she is gone.  From Fox News:
Whitney Houston, who reigned as pop music's queen until her majestic voice and regal image were ravaged by drug use, erratic behavior and a tumultuous marriage to singer Bobby Brown, died Saturday night, Fox News confirms. She was 48.

Next up...Mitt Romney had a big day yesterday of sorts, winning a straw poll, as well as the Maine Caucus with Santorum running a respectable second.  Looks as if the conservatives are finally accepting their short, they cannot find that "anybody but Romney" candidate they hunger for, Santorum a likable enough true blue conservative who unfortunately is not presidential material...not that Mitt is either.  Newt...forget about it, he really should just fade away into the night...the word TOAST comes to mind.

The big news out of CPAC was not Romney winning, but Palin shooting a warning shoot over the bow of his ship, telling him straight up, "Work harder for the Conservative Vote, or face light voter turn out in November".  Well Sarah, as someone who has no intention of voting for Romney or any other Republican Candidate you folks put up this year, I am liking your threat...guessing here no one has told you that your star is FADING?

Syria is now using human shields on their tanks, placing captured activists underneath them as they rampage through the city of Homs...meanwhile, world government are standing by watching the slaughter, wringing their hands as if there is nothing any of them can do.  More disturbing...what are Syria's neighbors doing to help?  NOTHING!  Where is Turkey, where is Saudi Arabia?  Syria is in their back yard, do they not have a moral obligation to do more than sit on the sidelines DISCUSSING the matter?  Lets balance all this...almost no news about Syria on the Sunday Morning news, but PLENTY ON WHITNEY!  Lets get our priorities straight.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

BREAKING NEWS-Super Star Whitney Houston Dead at 48 1963-2012

In tragic breaking news, super star and legend Whitney Houston has passed away.  She was at a pre-Grammy party (according to Larry King who was there), just days before her death...some said though she looked disheveled, she did not look deathly.  As the song says, "I'll Always Love You"...we have truly lost a musical giant who will be missed, and we will always love some of her songs..  Sadly, drugs and talent just don't mix, and in many ways this news though devastating does not come as that big of a surprise. This is the woman who was notorious for the quote, "Crack is Whack".

Follow up...this is tragic news, but it is not tragic enough news to have CNN interrupting all their normal broadcasting...they told us that Whitney Houston was pronounced dead at 3:55 at the Beverly Hills Hotel, her family has been notified...can we get back to news of a less gossipy nature? 

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Help Rails to Trails Conservancy Defeat Multiyear Transportation Bill

Those of us that live in the geographical footprint of the "Town of Fallsburg" know the importance of our own small rail corridor...well, if Republicans have their way, such Rail Trails, hiking and biking paths are in serious jeopardy, and the Rails to Trails Conservancy is asking for your help.
Press Release

Some are calling the draft multiyear transportation bill being considered in the U.S. House of Representatives "the worst bill ever."

It's hard to disagree with this regrettable distinction from a trails, walking and bicycling perspective. We need to stop the bill, now!
The bill as it is currently written would:
  • Eliminate dedicated funding for trails, walking and bicycling;
  • Destroy long-term dedicated funding for transit created by the Reagan Administration;
  • Do away with the rail-trail eligibility category in the Transportation Enhancements (TE) program;
  • Put our children in harm's way by eliminating the Safe Routes to School program;
  • Fail to maximize its job creation potential, since trail, walking and bicycling projects create substantially more jobs per dollar than do highway projects;
  • Increase America's dependence on foreign oil; and
  • Contribute to our growing health and obesity crises.
The bill could come to the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives in the next few days. Since it is beyond possibility of repair, we need to ensure that it does not leave the House floor.

I'll be doing everything in my power to ensure this bill is defeated in the House. I truly hope you'll join me.

Even as we are working feverishly to defeat this House bill, please note that a Senate bill--which also fails to preserve dedicated funding for trails, walking and bicycling--will likely come to the Senate floor for debate and a vote next week as well. (When it rains, it pours!) We'll be messaging you about that, too. Apologies in advance for so many messages from us in so short a timeframe, but please know that we wouldn't write you so much if it weren't absolutely necessary.

Thank you much,

Kevin Mills
Vice President of Policy and Trail Development
Rails-to-Trails Conservancy

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Subcommittee Chairman Harris Owes Gasland Director Josh Fox and America an Apology

My name is Andy Harris and I like being FRACKED.
For those that missed it last week, Gasland Director Josh Fox was arrested on Capital Hill for trying to film (drum roll please) a Sub Committee hearing on FRACKING.  Seems that the Subcommittee Chairman, one Mr. Harris had his panties in a knot, and is no big fan of our "Freedom of Speech".

Well, there is a move afoot to force Mr. Harris to do the right thing and apologize to both Josh Fox, and the citizens of America for his egregious actions...would not hurt if he also, in an attempt to make amends, gave back to the oil and gas industry all the donations he has gotten for his loyal support of such environmentally dangerous industrial practices such as fracking.  Read the press release, then send it to all your friends.  Click on the link, and sign the petition demanding an apology.


Dear friends,

Last week, Josh Fox, award-winning director of
Gasland, was arrested for trying to film a public Congressional hearing on hydrofracking.

This is an unambiguous violation of the First Amendment. But why? What could they be discussing that they don't want the world to know about? If fracking is so safe, there must not be any reason to hide the details, right?

Freedom of the press applies, even on Capitol Hill. Join me in calling on Committee Chair Rep. Andy Harris to apologize, and to allow journalists -- including citizen journalists, bloggers and filmmakers -- to cover hearings.

Thousands have already signed the emergency petition. Join the call to protect our First Amendment rights:

P.S. -- Once you've signed, help spread the word. Please forward this message to your family, friends, neighbors -- anyone who cares about the First Amendment or preserving our fresh water sources:

Proof that Rep. Andy Harris is browning nosing FRACKING INDUSTRY here or even here. No wonder he tried to keep Josh from filming the hearing.