Friday, March 30, 2012

Did Not Win Mega Millions, and It's SNOWING

OK, just a quick post...First, I am not richer than the queen of England...which I would have been had my numbers come up in the Mega Millions 640 Million Dollar Friday night top off this night, it is now flurrying outside!  What is next, LOCUSTS?

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Have You Wanted To Take a Segway Ride?

For all our BARGAIN shoppers...have you ever wanted to take a Segway Tour of our Mountaindale to Woodridge Rails to Trails corridor, but the price scared you off?  

Well GREAT NEWS...Woodridge Segway is opening up for the season on April 3rd, and they have a special FIFTY TWO PERCENT off deal going on right now.  For a limited time, you can pre-purchase a tour for one or two at a significant discount at this link!  Another great Groupon deal folks, but remember the number of discount tickets is limited, and the deal ends tomorrow.

Thursday "News on The Run" and Some Weekend Events

What a beautiful blustery spring day here in downtown Mountaindale NY.   Enjoy the day, as it is looking like the weekend is going to be A) a lot colder, as in downright wintry, and B) very wet with the forecast saying we have a chance of SNOW!  You've GOT TO BE KIDDING ME...ugg, I know we had a mild winter, but with the forsythia and daffies dazzling our senses, and having had now a few days in shorts, so NOT ready to go back to a wintry mix of weather. "Say it ain't so Joe."

Special SHOUT OUT to "Joe The Gardener" who followed us on Twitter!...Thanks Joe!  Everyone should watch his show, and visit his website which is full of some great information.

Some great events are going on this weekend as Hurleyville plays hosts to a multitude of GREAT EVENTS in two different locations.

First up is Nadia's located at 222 Main Street.  

Friday March 30:  Fresh from yet another gig in NYC, part of her tour coinciding with the release of her newest CD...Donna Singer comes home to Nadia's Friday night with Doug Richards on bass and Roy on keyboards. Sing along to what the Midwest Record calls "cool, finger popping 50's club jazz'!!
Saturday Night March 31:  Brad Scribner, house drummer with Little Sammy for 'Imus in the Morning' and host of the Wednesday night Hyde Park Brewery Blues Jam graces the stage with singer/songwriter Debbie Fisher Palmarini and classical guitarist/composer Bonnie Law in what will be a most memorable evening of fine music!
Come for the music, come for the buffet. Never a cover charge and all you can eat $15 (including coffee or tea... BYOB)
Also in Hurleyville Friday, Saturday and Sunday, don't forget to get your tickets for "Vaudeville in The Catskills" with the proceeds going to charity.

In local news here in Mountaindale...Ed's Mountaindale Inn (Bar and Eatery) is getting really close to opening its doors for the season...hope everyone comes in and admires the NEW LOOK...we might have some sneak preview pictures for you later in the weekend.

Thursday "News on The Run" I have to?  Seems like the news this week has centered upon the same three tired stories.  First, Obama Care and the Supreme Court-the thinking is that Obama Care is going to be overturned, as the judges are not wanting to go through the 2500 page law piece meal...uhhh, excuse me Clarence Thomas, but isn't that YOUR JOB?  My own issues on the subject...A) don't feel the rest of us should have to pick up the tab for letting children stay on their parents health insurance until they are 26...let those young adults stop driving new cars and get their own insurance, B) don't feel it is fair that all those people with pre-existing conditions that have been helped by the law might now be back where they started, and C) on one hand, have issues with government requiring me to do something, but also tired of paying the tab for all those young adults who want to play Russian Roulette by not buying health insurance...the rest of us have to pick up the tab when they go to the emergency room.  How about if we change the law that requires emergency rooms too provide service to any one walking through the door...including illegal aliens and their children.

Then we have the Republican Primary race...who cares any more?  I mean come on, Rubio just endorsed Romney, so the race is over now right?  LOL...the Republican Party is self destructing right before our own eyes...and by the way, could Romney, Santorum and the Republican Party tell us their plan to help all those people with pre-existing conditions if Obama Care goes down the toilet?

Last but not least...we have the shooting of the teenager down in Florida...I'm sorry, but that whole thing at this point has gotten way out of hand.  First, it was/is a tragedy, and feel sorry for Trayvon Martin's parents.  Secondly, as much as everyone would like to turn this into a NATIONAL race issue, it is not.  Go look at the statistics, and you will find that there are very few instances of white on black murders...what you will find though, is a very high number when you look at black on black murders.  Lastly, Trayvon is not exactly the goodie two shoes his parents originally tried to paint him out to be...based on the information that has come out, he smoked pot, he destroyed property by putting graffiti on it, and some reports claim his knapsack or hoodie has a tool in it that could be used for breaking and maybe, just maybe there was/is wrong on everyone's parts, and some self inspection is necessary?  Let justice run its course, but lets not create a national race issue where none exists, and lets stop with the Vigilante justice mentality that seems to be running rampant.  

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ed's Mountaindale Inn Grand Re-Opening...April 1st

Word on the street has it that our own little bar/restaurant here in Mountaindale is going to be re-opening soon, perhaps as earlier as April 1st, or shortly there after.  Stop in and see some of the changes made over the long (not so) cold winter, and enjoy some great eats and drinks.

For all those that participated in, and enjoyed Wednesday Night Open Mic, that wonderful event will be returning to the Mountaindale Inn again this year!

More as details become available, but can tell you the place is starting to really look good inside.

Seminar...Starting Your Spring Garden

With the temperatures outside today, we could almost be fooled into thinking Old Man Winter is back for awhile, but the forsythia and daffodils are a sure sign that Spring is here to stay, not to mention the blue bird I saw the other day while out for a drive.  Just in time for your spring gardening, Sullivan Renaissance is offering another great seminar to help you get ready.

Avoiding Invasive Plants and Other Common Pitfalls

[FERNDALE] – Want to start your spring gardening with better plants and a smarter design?  Want to know why gardeners choose a mix of annuals and perennials?  Want to know how to avoid invasive plants and other common pitfalls?
Sullivan Renaissance is holding its “Spring Gardening” seminar on Wednesday, April 4 at 7:00 p.m. at the CVI Center in Ferndale. 
Vivian Multari-Ginsberg, Horticultural Liaison for Sullivan Renaissance, will give a general overview on spring gardening, covering topics such as garden design, annual and perennial plants, avoiding invasive plants, dealing with pests and other gardening tips.  Included in the discussion will be information about the Renaissance Collection, a group of annuals and perennials that meet the challenges of gardening in Sullivan County.
Bring your enthusiasm and questions!  There will be time to answer specific questions.
Pre-registration is requested.  Refreshments will be provided.  For more information or to register, contact Sullivan Renaissance at or 845-295-2445.
Sullivan Renaissance is a beautification and community development program principally funded by the Gerry Foundation.  Sponsors include Bold Gold Media Group/Thunder 102, FisherMears Associates, Sullivan County Democrat, The River Reporter and WSUL/WVOS. 

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Morning "News on The Run" and Other Musings

What a difference a day makes, and not necessarily in a good way.  Have spent almost the entire week in short sleeve shirts and shorts here in downtown Mountaindale...last night leaving Nadia's in Hurleyville, you could feel a decidedly brisk tinge in the air and this morning it is down right nippy out.  Weather wise, look for a very windy and wet week and if the temperatures were to plummet a bit more, would not rule out a SNOW STORM!

Speaking of Nadias and Hurleyville a couple of things to share...the Hawaiian Luau last night at Nadia's was a HUGE SUCCESS...Deb is a very gifted vocalist, almost everyone has dressed for the occasion, and the  buffet was even better than it always is with some great Luau themed entrees.  More on this...including pictures later today or tomorrow.  Also, please do not Saturday and Sunday the Sullivan County Museum in Hurleyville is playing host to a Vaudeville Production that will take you back to the Catskills in the Roaring 20s...seating for this wonderful is limited, so get your tickets early

Vaudeville in the Catskills is an Historical and Hysterical Variety Show
(celebrating the "Roaring 20's" and The Borscht Belt Boarding Houses).
Performances are scheduled for Saturday,March 31 at 7 pm and Sunday, April 1, 2012 at 2 pm
at the Sullivan County Museum, 265 Main St.,  Hurleyville, NY 12747
Suggested Donation - $15.00 includes hor d'oeuvres and desserts
Call SC Historical Society 845-434-8044 or
SC Dramatic Workshop 845-436-5336  for more information

The production is being sponsored by
The Sullivan County Historical Society
and The Sullivan County Dramatic Workshop
and made possible, in part, with funds from the 2012 Decentralization Program,

I have been doing some photography for the show, so have had a chance to get a SNEAK PEAK, and this is a show you do not want to miss.  It really takes you for a walk back through the history of those hey days of the 1920s and the talent in the show is really incredible.

In other local news...the forsythia is in bloom, the county blanketed in places with a beautiful covering of bright yellow thickets grown wild over the decades.  Saw my first bluebird while over in Rock Hill earlier in the week, so Spring is OFFICIALLY here...if there is any doubt, the robin scampering around in the grass outside my window plucking worms from the earth leaves no doubt of that fact.
Talk about a WASTED HEART...Dick Cheney is in intensive care after getting a heart transplant.  First it is a wasted heart, as the demon-spawn has had a bad heart since he was 37 and has had FIVE HEART ATTACKS.  Which also begs the question, how did he get a heart?  With his heath issues he never should have made it to the top of the list...OH WAIT, he has money and power....silly me, OF COURSE HE GOT A HEART.  Some things never change....Dick Cheney has always been a selfish bastard, and will die a selfish bastard, and being a betting man, going to bet money that he is not long for this world....sad that someone who could have really benefited from a heart transplant may never get it because Cheney took it.

For those, I am NOT wishing the man a speedy recovery.  How many of our soldiers needlessly died in his and George Bush's WRONG WAR in Iraq?

Friday, March 23, 2012

"News on The Run" Editorial...The Trayvon Martin Tragedy

One story  in the news has had me doing a lot of thinking about our society, and its values, as well as the way our news sources report the news to us.  Is there any doubt that in today's news world that the story is told in such a way as to shape public opinion, rather than to simply give us news?  Take the Republican Presidential Primary that seems to be running on forever...the tenure of the reporting has changed; news pundits trying to convince both the public, and every remaining candidate in the race that Newt Gingrich, Ron Paul and even Rick Santorum should drop out of the race, convince us and the candidates that 50 percent of the remaining voters in America HAVE NO REAL SAY in who the Republican candidate for president is going to be.  That is disturbing, but merely sets the stage for the news story I am expressing an opinion on.

The story that has been getting a lot of attention, a story the news media has managed somewhat successfully in getting Americans upset about is Florida teen Trayvon Martin being fatally shot by a neighborhood watch volunteer on Feb. 26, 2012, as he returned from a trip to a local 7-Eleven.  

Quite frankly, the tone and tenure of the reporting on this story has been ONE SIDED, and I believe charged wrongfully with a great deal of racial undertones.  It is unfortunate that Trayvon Martin lost his life, but do not believe here that the neighborhood watch volunteer was racially motivated when he pulled the trigger, believe this case is no more racially motivated than people opposing illegal immigration are racially motivated in their beliefs that America should be a nation of laws, and that the 20 million illegal aliens in America (a great deal of them of Latin heritage) should be deported.  Both situations require a leap that just is not there as much as some want it there to push their own or collective group political agenda.

There have been many pundits fanning the racial angle in this sad case with red herring arguments such as, "He probably would not have ended up dead if he had been a white teenager wearing a hoodie."  Says who?  

Can we be honest here for a moment?  How many of us see any one of any color in a hoodie after dark and wonder to ourselves if they are up to no good? I have been guilty of it, have felt that moment when my senses and radar go up.  It is not a racial thing, but more related to our perceptions of anyone out after dark wearing a hoodie, that perception shaped by both media, and statistical would be interesting to know how many suspects in crimes against people and property were wearing hoodies, how many eye witnesses have told police, "He/she was x tall, looked like they weighed maybe x pounds, they were wearing dark jeans and a hoodie.  Any one remember the Uni Bomber, and Gang Rap has done no favors to the image of those wearing hoodies either, has if anything heightened our belief/perception that those wearing hoodies after dark are perhaps social malcontents out looking for trouble, are up to no good, are doing their best to HIDE THEIR IDENTITY.  In fact, would not be surprised if the Department of Homeland Security who tells us to report all suspicious looking people and activity has the hoodie on their own list of things to watch out for when they are out in the field looking for BAD PEOPLE.

Not saying here that all people wearing hoodies are criminals, but am questioning all those that claim a white teen in a hoodie after dark is viewed differently than a black teen in a hoodie.  When I was much younger, I fit the image of a "dirty hippie" to a tee, if you will,  I dressed the part perfectly, and the image I portrayed so long ago left me open for hindsight, I invited it, and I got it.  Cannot tell you how often I was stopped by the fuzz (our name for police officers back then), cannot tell you how many times my car or van was searched, though nothing was ever found.   I was a dirty long haired, pot smoking commie malcontent, I had to be up too no good, had to be smoking pot, or tripping on LSD.   

For those wondering, yes I resented it at the time, felt singled out, even (dare I say it) felt as if I was being stereotyped, pigeonholed as a "dirty hippie" and thereby, by default considered a malcontent, a troublemaker up to no good.  If I went to a concert or a bar, chances were if a group of us left together and got in separate cars, I was the one stopped for a sobriety test, I was the one that sat in the police car while the cops ripped the carpet out of my vehicle looking for drugs under the guise they had reasonable suspicion...what reasonable suspicion...I was wearing bell bottom jeans with patches sewed on the rips, had on a Grateful Dead T-Shirt, and beads braided into the hair that went halfway down my back...they could not use the dirty excuse, as I bathed regularly, was a CLEAN HIPPIE.

People want to make the death of Trayvon Martin a racial is not.  It might be a perception issue, and we can have the argument of "is it fair" but said argument will not change the facts on the ground.  Fact is, people have a bad perception of people in dark clothes and hoodies walking around after dark, and to some degree with good reason.  

But a lot of people and law enforcement also have a bad perception of almost anyone in the environmental movement, almost any one that shows up at a protest or is part of a movement (Think Occupy Wall Street).  Like it or not, perception is a part of every day life, and we all at one point or another deserving so or not are going to find ourselves lumped in with people we don't necessarily want to be dumped in with, and we are going to get extra scrutiny because of that reality.  Trust me, as an environmental activist, I know this to be true.

Trayvon Martin's death is  tragic, a perfect example of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, and yes wearing the wrong clothes, clothes that captured the kind of attention he probably did not want to gather. What would be a greater tragedy is to let his untimely death serve no purpose.   This is not a racial issue, but think it does give everyone a chance to look at certain things and perhaps learn some valuable lessons.  Perhaps people need to not be so frightened by people wearing hoodies, or at least be a bit more careful before they decide a person in a hoodie after dark is up to know good.  However, perhaps there are lessons those wearing hoodies, those shaping the image of the hoodie can take away from this.

There is an old adage, "Clothes make the man."  Before you put on that hoodie, ask yourself what kind of an image it is that you will be it the image you want people to see?  If you want people to see you as a gangsta, then don't be surprised when they see you as that.  If they see you as a gansta, if you want people to see you as a gansta, aren't you yourself asking to be looked at a bit suspiciously?  Right or wrong, peoples perceptions of who I was as a young man did not change in a positive way until I actually did cut my hair and go out to look for a fact, once I cleaned up my act, changed how it was I presented myself to others, finding a job was actually a pretty easy task to accomplish...was that fair, should I have had to make those compromises, should I have had to succumb to those societal norms too get to where I wanted to a perfect world no, but we do not live in a perfect world.

If you dress like a hippie, the world is going to see you as one, if you participate in a protest the world is going to see you as a protester (and the police will know WHO YOU ARE), and if you want to run around with baggie pants, underwear hanging out with a hoodie concealing your face, chances are the world is going to see you as a malcontent, as a person out for no good.  

Is that a perfect world no it is not, but again we do not live in a perfect world, and like it or not, we ALL (white, black, brown or purple) have to accept some personal responsibility for our own actions, and for the style of clothes and presentation we choose in defining who we are.  If you do not want to be seen as a troublemaker, don't dress like one, and if you are a rapper pushing a particular image so you can cash in on your clothing line, maybe you have a certain responsibility as well as a role model.  Even as parents, maybe we too have a certain responsibility to our children when it comes to the clothes they wear when they go outside.  Like it or not, we are going to be judged, people are going to form perceptions of who we are and what we are up too based on the clothes we put on our back, so maybe the best lesson we can all take away from this is too be more aware of the image we are putting out to the world, maybe we need to look more closely at the clothes we wear, and ask ourselves, "Is that really WHO I AM, and is that really WHO I WANT OTHERS TO SEE ME AS?"

*Note-not justifying the shooting, nor taking the side of the Neighborhood Watch Volunteer.  Instead just suggesting that A) This tragic incident was not racially motivated, and B) that fair or not, maybe we all need to take some personal responsibility for the image we portray of ourselves.

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Just What Is Going On In Fukushima After Reactor Meltdowns?

Nuclear Industry Does Not Want You To See

As an article in the yesterdays New York Times can attest to, I still keep my ear to the ground where all things nuclear are concerned, even though I have taken a long needed break from that fight, from tilting at the windmill that is Indian Point, and for good reason.  Much like the fracking battle, one learns some hard truths when fighting against big industry, and government agendas, including the truth that both government and big business lie regularly, spread propaganda, and will simply outspend the grassroots till they pulverize us into the ground as they try to break our spirits.  That said, I still keep my ears open, and have friends that call me now and then when there is news they think I should hear.

I got such news today, an old friend reaching out upon returning from a trip to Japan.  Seems that the Japanese government, the nuclear industry over there, and specifically TEPCO are trying to do a very good job not just at putting out propaganda, but at hiding certain truths in the name of preserving the world wide nuclear industry. So, have a few simple questions I would like Japan to answer...

1.  Is it true that some Japanese women who were exposed to radiation during/after the Fukushima meltdowns are being forced to get abortions to keep birth defect statistics within acceptable norms?

2.  Is it true that a lot of children are being born with Fukuhima radiation fallout caused deformities, or being still born?

3.  Is it true that fauna within the nuclear fallout area are being born with disturbing birth defects...IE, one report I have heard concerns a rabbit born without ears?

Seems to me as the NCR forces communities to play host to antiquated dangerous reactors for another 40 years, as the NRC deems it safe to allow shut down reactors to be placed into SAFSTOR rather than be decommissioned for a period of 60 years or more because companies like Entergy have failed to put away adequate funds for decommissioning of these aging relics, it would seem to me it is time for some HONEST TALK with the general public...just WHAT ARE THE DANGERS WE FACE in being forced to play host to our own FUKUSHIMA ON THE HUDSON here in the Hudson River the way, how many who are reading this realize it took a scant 3 days for radiation to travel 175 to Toyko after the worst nuclear accident in world history last year?

So, I would invite the Japanese government to stop by my blog for SOME STRAIGHT TALK...we want to know about the rabbit with no ears.


The NRC just hours ago issued NEW ORDERS to nuclear reactors that would require them to have the capability to monitor temperatures in the reactor (NOT MAINTAIN, but MONITOR), and to have HARDENED VENTS in the Domes...uhhhh....hardened vents so you can RELEASE RADIOACTIVELY CONTAMINATED PARTICULATES INTO THE AIR IN PEEKSKILL?...the same particulates that contributed to my wife's breast cancer?

The federal Nuclear Regulatory Commission has issued safety orders to the nuclear industry that are the first of this scope since orders issued following the Sept. 11 attacks. The orders require all nuclear reactors to take significant steps to fulfill safety requirements in the event of a “beyond-design-basis natural phenomena” and are based off of NRC’s findings in their studies of the Japanese Fukushima Dai-ichi accident that occurred on March 11, 2011.

On March 12, 2012, the NRC issued two immediately effective orders that pertain to all of the county’s nuclear reactors. It also issued a third order to all power reactor companies operating boiling water reactors. Entergy’s Indian Point Energy Center in Buchanan has two pressurized water reactors and is subject to all three orders.
Neil Sheehan, NRC spokesman was quoted as saying,  “It is a big deal and there was a great deal of deliberation by NRC staff and commission itself,” and went on further to state, “This is not something the NRC does lightly we have variety of regulatory tools at our disposal and one of those are orders…There has been nothing along these lines since Sept. 11.”

For the record...Neil Sheehan has lied right to my face on numerous occasions, so a word to the wise, I would not trust him any further than I could throw him, which is about less than one inch.  Neil is all about NEIL, and preserving his job regardless of the lies he might have to utter, or the answers he routinely side steps at public hearings with his patented, "We'll have to look into that further and get back to your AFTER THE MEETING".  Good to see your stripes have not changed there Neil.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Look Back As The Future Approaches

Remembering back to last year at this time when I had rushed over to the CVI building to get our 2011 application in for our train garden.  Remember this past August when the winners were announced and myself, the MCDP found ourselves on that list of winning projects, our "Train Garden" coming in second in the category B division.  Can remember sitting with Glen Pontier this past fall explaining our communities plans for the future, discussing what we envisioned spending the winnings a look back, and article I had written back last September that caught my attention this evening.

New Banners Coming To Mountaindale...Design Discussion Underway

As many of our readers know, our community's "Train Garden" set just inside the entrance to the "Rails to Trails" corridor here in Mountaindale won second place, and with that we received a $7,000 grant to help with other projects here in the community. This past week we met with Sullivan Renaissance and have our winnings in hand, and plans are afoot to use some of the monies for new banners.

New banners has opened up a lot of discussion about what the banners should look like, as well as what our hamlet's slogan should be. Raymon Elozua has suggested the words "opportunity" and "community" should play a key part in whatever replaces, "A growing business and arts community" on our banner. That suggestion has ignited a lively discussion about branding, that in some ways resembles a visioning workshop/seminar, and it is inspiring to see how many people have jumped into the conversation, showing their own passions and love for Mountaindale.

There will be a meeting to discuss new banners next week. If you have suggestions or ideas for a new banner, have some input on the creation of a new town slogan or motto, we would love to have you share them. Feel free to email your ideas and suggestions to

Just In From Rock Hill Renaissance Blog...Sullivan Renaissance 2012 Application Deadline Was Today at 5:00 PM

The deadline for the 2012 Sullivan Renaissance Beautification Grants Program was today at 5:00 PM.  Being involved with Sullivan Renaissance last year working with the MCDP here in Mountaindale was a very enriching experience for me, and though I will miss all the wonderful people I met on the trail while working on our award winning "Train Garden" last summer, am very excited at the prospect of working with the folks in Rock Hill.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Applications Are In For Sullivan Renaissance Projects, and Work Is Progressing On Roch Hill's Own 2012 Renaissance Project As Crews Renovate Former Tourist Center

Visitors Center Late Fall 2011
The deadline for filing Sullivan Renaissance Applications for 2012 was today at 5:00 PM, and thanks to the hard work of Melinda and many others, Rock Hill's application was timely filed for this year...Rock Hill this year has decided to step up and do a far reaching and very large project as a category C participant, and for those driving through town recently, you have been watching a major part of this year's plan come to fruition thanks to generous support of Steven Gottlieb and the Gottlieb  family.
Sure you have noticed all the work crews, and activity kitty corner across the street from the Trading Post here in town as our former Visitor's Center undergoes a major transformation from crumbling derelict building into a beautiful pristine downtown Rock Hill showcase...special thanks to the contractors and electrician who are playing a crucial role, working with Steven Gottlieb, in this incredible  makeover that is just one part of this year's Rock Hill Sullivan Renaissance Project:
Transformation Begins
Aaron Salovin                                                  Carl Kerber
Built To Last, INC.                                          Kerber Electric
PO Box 532                                                    PO Box 378
Rock Hill, NY 12775                                      Rock Hill, NY 12775
(845) 791-8385                                              (845) 794-3791
Diamond Starts To Sparkle
In brief discussions with the workers, with Gary Gottlieb, seems our old visitors center has quite a personal history, a history that we hope to share here in this blog...suffice it to say, that the structure has been moved numerous times (have heard a number as high as seven), and this is the building's second makeover at it's current location.  This makeover should assure that the little house that could will be around for at least another 100 years, as everything inside and out is in the process of receiving a full structural and cosmetic makeover.
Some highlights of this year's Rock Hill Sullivan Renaissance Application include:
1.  Moving our "Farmers Market" to this new location.
2.  Both renovation and enlargement of the Trading Post employee parking area at this site.
Some SERIOUS Work Going On!
3.  Construction and installation of a beautiful Gazebo.
4.  New raised flower bed and signage for "Farmers Market".
If you would like to know more about this year's plans, or are wanting to become a volunteer please call Melinda (845) 807-2034 or Gary (845) 866-3783
Make sure to bookmark our little blog and come back often as we will be posting updates on this year's project here regularly, as well as sharing with you occasional article or press release of interest to those who live, recreate and visit Rock Hill.  
Next big update will be early April when we find out if our application to be a Category C project is accepted by Sullivan Renaissance...everyone keep their fingers crossed!

PS...get email UPDATES whenever we post a new article by becoming a member of our blog...see right hand side bar!

EPA Declares Dimock PA Water SAFE to Drink...NOT SO FAST

The (un)Natural Gas industry must be plugging holes with lots of dollars at the EPA...the big news that had the FRACKING industry cheering was that the contaminated water in Dimock, Pennsylvania was safe to drink, and that much hullabaloo had been made of nothing...industry insiders were quick to deliver their public "We told you so's" and that was the end of it right?  First, lets be clear...what the EPA said was:

"The Environmental Protection Agency said it did not find significant contamination in well water serving 11 Pennsylvania families who feared that natural gas drilling had polluted their well."

PAY ATTENTION FOLKS...did not find SIGNIFICANT CONTAMINATION....hmmmm...does this mean they FOUND CONTAMINATION, and if so how much and of what kind?  More importantly, did what they find present any short or long term health risks to people now being told to DRINK IT DAILY?  Read on.

NOT SO FAST...seems that the EPA's public assurances don't quiet jive with the water test results being given to the homeowners faced with ruined water fact, if anything the PRIVATE RESULTS given to the property owners seem to validate every claim they have made about contaminated drinking water wells.  Lets address some of the citizens worries compared to EPA's FALSE PUBLIC CLAIMS.

1.  Elevated levels of Methane...IE, think Gasland and flaming facets.  

The EPA has publicly stated that the water in Dimock wells is what standards.  The tests results given to well owners privately show levels over THREE TIMES HIGHER than allowable levels...from report:

"...water samples contained dangerous quantities of methane gas"

This finding by the EPA actually confirmed some of the agency's initial concerns as well as verifies the complaints raised by Dimock resident, so one has to ask the question, who is being PAID OFF AT THE EPA, and why are these citizens with poisoned explosive water wells being abandoned, thrown to the wolves...lets keep in mind that one woman's drinking water exploded as a result of CABOT's negligent drilling practices...I know, Cabot is going to say PROVE IT.  Of course, they were quick to MUTATE the EPA claims to their benefit with this EMAIL quote sent to the news media:

"Pleased the drinking water meets all regulatory standards."

Giving Cabot Oil the ceremonial one fingered salute before continuing on.

Consider this from ECO Watch:
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Region 3 office issued a press release on March 15 implying that Dimock, Pa.’s water has been given a clean bill of health. In the same statement to the press, EPA admitted that several families still have arsenic and methane in their water, but the news headlines are already proclaiming that the water in Dimock is safe. 

Independent testing has found that 11 Dimock families’ water is contaminated with explosive levels of methane, as well as heavy metals, radioactive material and fracking chemicals like ethylene glycol—commonly known as antifreeze.

The private results given to home owners does get worse...seems that EPA's public assurances of Dimock water being safe to drink run contrary to the actual test results provided to homeowners that show:

"wells contained dozens of other contaminants, including low levels of chemicals known to cause cancer and heavy metals that exceed the agency's "trigger level" and could lead to illness if consumed over an extended period of time."
Can the EPA explain this to those opposed to FRACKING?  For just how long a period of time can these citizens drink this water before becoming ill?  A week, a month, a year?  If drinking, cooking and bathing in this water over an extended period of time of say weeks and months is going to make the people SICK, is the water actually SAFE?  Again, can the EPA please explain this to us uninformed simple folk in the audience? 

To my own elected officials here in Sullivan County New York, to my elected officials in Fallsburg...with these kinds of findings by the Federal Government that obviously cannot be trusted, with an industry that continues to stack lie after lie on top of propaganda and falsehood, why are you NOT PASSING ANTI FRACKING ZONING ORDINANCES?  We here in Sullivan County to not want to find our communities being another Dimock Pa. and you have the ability to stop it from happening.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Another Great Spring Seminar at Cornell Cooperative Extension

Gardens Filled with Life:
Designing with
Northeastern Native Plants

April 18th at 5:30-7:30 at 
Cornell Cooperative Extension 
Sullivan County

Renowned author and landscape architect Carolyn Summers will present an informative class on the current research that reveals the many ways in which native plants form the basis of the food web that supports a healthy, biodiverse landscape. Her lecture covers ways to use a wide variety of striking native plants in a formal landscape or in a more natural setting. Come to this class and learn how to use native plants in your garden. Find out about the full design potential of northeastern flora.

Light refreshments will be served.






Fee of $10.00 must be included with registration.
Checks payable to: CCE Sullivan County/ MGP
For more info call: 845-292-5250

Mail to:
Cornell Cooperative Extension Sullivan County
Master Gardener Program
64 Ferndale Loomis Rd.
Liberty, NY 12754

Susan M. Dollard
Master Gardener Program Coordinator
Cornell Cooperative Extension Of Sullivan County
64 Ferndale-Loomis Rd.
Liberty, NY 12754

Great Art Show in April...Mark Your Calendar

Another great event showcasing the work of local Artist Susan Dollard

Susan Dollard-Mixed Media Artist Solo Exhibit  (Show Dates are April 1-30, 2012)

Artist's Opening Reception is Saturday April 14th, 2012 from 5:00-7:00 PM


Wallkill River School
232 Ward Street, Montgomery New York

You are cordially invited to the opening reception on April 14Th from 5:00-7:00pm.

Please join us for Wine and Appetizers. Appetizers provided by Wildfire Grill.

For More Information Contact:
Susan M. Dollard
Master Gardener Program Coordinator
Cornell Cooperative Extension Of Sullivan County
64 Ferndale-Loomis Rd.
Liberty, NY 12754


Don't Miss The Fun This Weekend At Nadia's

  This just in from Nadia's blog...join in the fun this weekend!

Join Us At Nadia's For Two Great Events This Weekend! (March 23, 24)

Gifted Jazz Vocalist Donna Singer
Every weekend at Nadia's is an event for the whole family, and this weekend is again no exception as our gifted local entertainers come in to provide exceptional entertainment for patrons enjoying Nadia's (we like to think) World Famous Hungarian Buffet...all you can eat still just $15.00 a person.  (BYOB)
First up, Friday Night March 23rd enjoy the soulful jazz of gifted jazz vocalist Donna Singer and her can count on a few local musicians (young and old) to step up to the mic to contribute to the evening's performance.  Music starts around 6-6:30 and runs until 9:00 PM.  We hope to see you there.
Spring is here, and we hope you will come join us as Nadia's presents its first ever Luau Party from 6:00-10:00 PM Saturday March 24...this first ever Hawaiian themed evening is the brain child of another one of our gifted local entertainers, Deborah Fisher who at 45 with 5 children stills finds the time to share her talents with the citizens of Sullivan County, and we are so thankful she does.
Occasionally, Fisher co-hosts and performs on the Mr. Phil Show, which is taped every Friday out of Port Jervis, NY cable access 23 and re-airs in three counties, with over 2 million viewers. Deborah Fisher can be found locally playing at the Rock Hill Farmer's Market  again this season.  She recently lent her talents for the annual Sullivan County Food Drive on February 4th at the Dutch's Tavern location (three venues participate simultaneously), which raised $10,000.  Debbie will be performing an acoustic solo performance at Bashakill Vineyards  in April.
For follow up band or acoustic performance inquiries, Deborah Fisher can be contacted via email or phone at:   (845)798-7011
Some of Deborah's Doodle Art
Deborah and her friends will be putting on quite a show which will include some of the finest ukelele playing this side of the Pacific Rim, as well as some Hula, toss on a grass skirt, throw on a lei and come join in the fun while enjoying Nadia's fabulous Saturday Night Buffet including her homemade selection of cakes, pies and pastries...all this for just $15.00 per person, and remember Nadia's never charges a cover charge.  For reservations call Nadia at (845) 693-5104.
Planning a spring event or party?  Nadia's does catering for events, both large and small.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Late Sunday Afternoon "News on the Run"

Store Window in Hurleyville
First, the weather outside is so stunningly beautiful and spring like...temperatures up into the 70's, the sun shining as birds chirp on the electrical wires just outside my apartment window.   Look for the temperatures to remain unseasonably high over the next few days with rain moving into our forecast overnight.  Today was a perfect day for a walk along our Rails to Trails corridor.  Speaking of which, the picture is of the new signage that will be going up on the trial in the next few weeks thanks to a grant from "Parks and Trails New York".

In local news of a Saint Patrick's Day sort, Ed opened up the Mountaindale Inn for the celebration, and all who attended had a wonderful time.  Our lone local bar will be opening full time for the season starting April 1st, and looks as if the Wednesday Night Open Mic will be returning...we are all looking so forward to that. In other festivities for the day, Marc and Kelsey held a small celebration of their own, and rumor has it that the food was FIVE STAR.   Also heard it through the grape vine that the High School's performance of "Grease" was sterling.

Seems that North Carolina Governor Bev. Perdue has done a 180 degree turn and is now shilling (prostituting) for the Natural Gas industry, now embracing the FRACKING technology she has so recently opposed and vetoed.  Wonder how much she got paid?

Seems that Puerto Rico was not happy with Santorum tellling its citizens to LEARN ENGLISH if they want to become America's 51st state...they have overwhelming voted for Scrooge McRomney in today's primary.  In this case, I go with Santorum...if you do not want to speak OUR LANGUAGE, don't live in America, or in this case become the 51st state.  Contrary to what Puerto Rico seems to think, WE DO NOT NEED THEM, and to be honest, letting them become a state is going to cost the rest of us here in America so SERIOUS MONEY.

NYPD THUGS again oust Occupy Movement protesters from Zuccotti would serve NYC well to remember that spring is fast approaching, and with that better weather look for ranks of protesters to swell as dissatisfied Americans challenge the police and their guerrilla warfare tactics.  At some point, the police and their weapons will be no match for crowds in large enough numbers to be an overwhelming force as "We the people" demand change.

Told you so....about two weeks ago I scoffed at the deal made with North Korea, said sending them food was a wasted effort as they would break their promises...well, two weeks later...BINGO, North Korea is going ahead with missile testing.  We have the bombs...lets use a few of them on both North Korea, and in Iran.  Like it or not, these countries will only respect an iron fist.

Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday "News on The Run"

Last Shot of Winter?  Probably Not.
In a word, the weather today is DRIZZLY.  It's not really raining (yet), but it is very wet outside, the sky a steely gray.  The forecast calls for rain most of the day, starting to clear off this evening with just partly cloudy skies for Saint Patrick's Day here in downtown Mountaindale.  The temperature though is going to remain unseasonably warm though with average day time temps in the mid sixties.  Time to get myself a lawn chair and start working on a base tan.

Observation...a hand drawn sign tacked up on a power pole is not a very good marketing strategy for a new business...even worse on a rainy day.

In the WHO REALLY CARES department, the new Apple IPod is out.  Maybe Apple should spend some of their money and time improving their customer service, and in sending customers who have the misfortune of getting a bad Apple a new product for a new product, instead of replacing our malfunctioning equipment with REFURBISHED CRAP. 

In a sign of the times, New York state moving to cut the pension benefits of government workers, but is it enough?  Those in the private sector pay the salaries of those in the public job sector...we cannot really collect on our Social Security until we are 64, while current state employees can collect their pensions at 62.  The new law would push that back to about parity with the private sector?  I say push it back to 64, and they should do that for all Federal Employees, including members of the armed forces, and ELECTED OFFICIALS.  Lets do away with some of the Sacred Cows in local, state and federal budgets.

I rarely agree with anything Romney or Santorum have to say, but do agree with them on one topic...if Puerto Rico wants to be America's 51 state, then their citizens need to learn to speak English.  If they do not want to pay that small price, then maybe it is time for America to cut the apron strings and let this little island state make or break it on its own.  As it is, America has spent way too much time and money coddling Puerto Rico, and in these hard economic times said island needs to sink or swim...if they again vote against statehood, we need to let them go their own way...if they vote in favor of statehood, then our Congress needs to make English mandatory as a part of the bargain to be our 51st state.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Join Nadia This Weekend For Two Great Events

This just in from Nadia's new blog...hope everyone will join her this weekend for these two great events.  Next weekend on Saturday the 24th of March Nadia and her husband Jonas will play host to a Hawaiian Luau Party from 6-9 PM!  Should be another fun event.

One Weekend, Two Great Events...Join Us at Nadia's in Hurleyville

This Saturday is Saint Patrick's Day, and Nadia's has two great events planned around their Weekend Buffet this weekend.  Come join in the fun, meet some great people, and enjoy live entertainment both Friday and Saturday Night.

Friday-Join Nadia and Janos in wishing everyone born in March a "Happy Birthday" as Nadia's monthly birthday celebration this Friday night, March 16th, 2012.  All those born in March will receive 20 percent off the cost of the Buffet Dinner.

March Birthday Party 

Come Say Hello and Happy Birthday to Our March Babies...Buffet opens at 5:30 PM with the nights entertainment starting at six.  Come early as there is limited seating in the main room, and tables fill up early.
Saturday-Join Nadia and Janos again for a Saint Patrick's Day Celebration Hungarian style this Saturday March 17, 2012...great food, great conversation, and live entertainment.

Celebrate St. Paddy's Day at Nadia's Cafe

The night will again feature Nadia and Janos world-famous all-you-can-eat Eastern European and Hungarian buffet including such Irish favorites as corned beef, cabbage and soda bread, as well as the usual vast array of homemade Eastern European and American dishes, and some heavenly pastries and cakes, so make sure to leave room for dessert.

Eastern European& Hungarian Buffet...all you can eat just $15.00

Nadia's there is NEVER a cover charge.
222 Main Street
Hurleyville, New York
For directions, or to RSVP please call (845) 693-5104

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Should Fallsburg BAN Fracking?

We Already Have Unsafe Water in Fallsburg
At the next Town of Fallsburg executive session FRACKING is going to be on the table for discussion...more specifically, a BAN ON FRACKING, which this blog and this write supports.  Why is this item on the agenda you might ask?  Because I have asked the "Town of Fallsburg" to amend our zoning regulations to ban not just the act of fracking, but all of its sundry processes including disposal of fracking fluids in our community.

Now the conventional wisdom on the board is "We do not need such a ban, it is highly unlikely the industry would want to frack in our community anyway."  OK, but what if they do?  Surely the board is familiar with the old saying, "A ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure."?  If the industry has no real interest in doing any fracking in our community, what is the harm in having a ban ALREADY IN EFFECT?  

The Town of Fallsburg covers a pretty big area when you start looking at the sum parts of the whole...IE, it includes our little hamlet of Mountaindale, all of our beautiful streams, water falls and SAFE DRINKING WATER SUPPLIES.  Wouldn't it make more sense to put a ban in effect...just in case the (un)Natural Gas industry and their biased experts are LYING TO US?  

If you support a ban on fracking, you are strongly encouraged to contact our Town Supervisor Steve Vegliante ( or call the board secretary (Linda Ingber) at (845) 434-8810 ext. 5 to express your support of a town zoning regulation amendment to ban fracking.  You can also show your support for such a ban by leaving a comment in our comments section.

Letter Seeking Ban

Dear Town of Fallsburg Board:

The Town of Fallsburg Zoning Code as adopted in Article 1, Section 310-1.2 specifically instructs the town in sections A-E, charges the towns elected officials and employees with the following duties and responsibilities:

To preserve the character and rural scenic beauty of the landscape and protect this gateway to the Catskill Forests from inharmonious and destructive uses of land; (emphasis added)

Create an orderly pattern of growth by encouraging concentration of new residential development (emphasis added) in areas that can conveniently be serviced with public facilities and discouraging intensive residential development in areas of difficult accessibility that would involve excessive costs for road improvements, road maintenance, school bus transportation and utility installation;

Regulate population density to reflect the desired character of the Town;

Prevent intrusion of incompatible uses into residential areas, by establishing proper standards for improvements in new residential developments and preserving, protecting and enhancing natural beauty wherever possible; (emphasis added)
Provide for open spaces and to preserve the natural and scenic qualities of lands; (emphasis added)

Furthermore, the town of Fallsburg Zoning Code in Chapter 141 Fresh Water Wetlands in Section 141-1 specifically instructs the town, charges the town’s elected officials and employees with the following duties and responsibilities: 

The purpose of this chapter is to provide for the protection, preservation and conservation of the freshwater wetlands within the boundaries of the “Town of Fallsburg”, pursuant to and in accordance with all of the proceedings, concepts and definitions set forth in Article 24 of the Environmental Conservation Law and Title 23 of Article 71 of such law relating to the enforcement of Article 24, as such law may from time to time be amended.

It is the belief of the majority of citizens who reside, recreate and travel through the geographical footprint of the “Town of Fallsburg” that allowing the industrial practice of Hydraulic Fracturing (fracking) for exploration of, and drilling for Natural Gas runs contrary to these and other sections of the “Town of Fallsburg” Zoning Rules and Regulations.  It is further believed that any elected official of the “Town of Fallsburg”, any employee of the Town of Fallsburg who would support the industrial practice of Hydraulic within the scope of their OFFICIAL DUTIES (emphasis added) would be violating their “Oath of Office and/or Terms of Employment”.

Recent court cases here in the state of New York related to local ordinances seeking to ban the industrial process of Hydraulic Fracturing (fracking) have seen local ordinances upheld, with the judges in two recent cases ruling that such bans are legal, a natural extension of a community's local government right and responsibility  to control land use.   A amendment to the “Town of Fallsburg” Zoning Rules and Regulations, banning the industry practice of Hydraulic Fracturing (fracking), based upon these recent court decisions,  would not be a frivolous waste of the town board’s time, but in fact would serve to preserve our safe drinking water supplies, our communities, and preserve the character and rural scenic beauty of the landscape and protect this gateway to the Catskill Forests from inharmonious and destructive uses of land (emphasis added).

As a citizen of the hamlet of Mountaindale which lays within the geographical and governmental control of the Town of Fallsburg, I am respectfully requesting that the town board take all necessary steps to enact changes as more fully outlined in the below proposed amendment into the “Town of Fallsburg Zoning Ordinance”.

Respectfully Submitted,

Sherwood Martinelli
62 Main Street Apt 2A Mountaindale NY 12763  (845) 693-4513

Proposed Amendments to Town of Fallsburg Zoning Ordinance
The Town of Fallsburg Zoning Ordinance is herby amended as follows:

1.       Section (insert proper section) Definitions is amended by adding new definitions to read as follows:

“Natural Gas” shall mean any gaseous substance, either combustible or noncombustible, which is produced in a natural state from the earth and which maintains a gaseous or rarified state at standard temperature and pressure condition, and/or gaseous components or vapors occurring in or derived from petroleum or other hydrocarbons.

“Natural Gas and/or Petroleum Exploration” shall mean geologic or geophysical activities related to the search for natural gas, petroleum or other subsurface hydrocarbons including prospecting, geophysical and geologic seismic surveying and sampling techniques, which include but are not limited to core or rotary drilling or making an excavation in the search and evaluation or natural gas, petroleum, or other subsurface hydrocarbon deposits.

“Natural Gas and/or Petroleum Exploration and Production Materials” shall mean any solid, semi-solid, liquid, semi-liquid or gaseous material used in the exploration or extraction of natural gas.

“Natural Gas Exploration and/or Petroleum Production Wastes” shall mean any garbage, refuse, cuttings, sludge, flow-back fluids, produced waters or other discarded materials, including solid, liquid, semi-solid, or contained gaseous material that results from or is associated with the exploration, drilling or extraction of natural gas and/or petroleum.

“Natural Gas and/or Petroleum Extraction” shall mean the digging or drilling of a well for the purposes of exploring for, developing or producing natural gas, petroleum or other subsurface hydrocarbons.

“Natural Gas and/or Petroleum Support Activities” shall mean the construction, use, or maintenance of a storage or staging yard, a water or fluid injection station, a water or fluid gathering station, a natural gas or petroleum gathering line, venting station, or compressor with the exploration or extraction of natural gas or petroleum.

2.       Section (insert proper section) is amended by adding a new section (insert proper section) to read as follows:
            Section (insert new section code here) Prohibited Uses
A)      Prohibition against the Exploration for or Extraction of Natural Gas and/or Petroleum. No land in the Town of Fallsburg (and it geographical/governmental outlaying footprint) shall be used: to conduct any exploration for natural gas and/or petroleum; to drill any well for natural gas; to transfer, store, process or treat natural gas; or to dispose of natural gas exploration or production wastes; or to erect any derrick, building or other structure; or to place any machinery or equipment for any such purposes.
B)     Prohibition against the Storage, Treatment and Disposal of Natural Gas and/or Petroleum Exploration and Production Materials.  No land in the Town (and it geographical/governmental outlaying footprint) shall be used for:  the storage, transfer, treatment and/or disposal of natural gas and/or petroleum exploration and production materials.
C)     Prohibition against the Storage, Treatment and Disposal of Natural Gas and/or Petroleum Exploration and Production Wastes. No land in the Town shall be used for: the storage transfer, treatment and/or disposal of natural gas and/or petroleum exploration and production wastes.
D)      Prohibition against Natural Gas and/or Support Activities. No land in the Town shall be used for natural gas and/or petroleum support activities.
E)      Invalidity of Permits.  No permit issued by any local, state, or federal agency, commission or board for a use which would violate the prohibitions of this section or of this ordinance shall be deemed valid within the town (and it geographical/governmental outlaying footprint).
3.      These amendments shall take effect upon adoption and publication as provided by law.