Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mountaindale Art Center Seeking Artists and Craft Persons

Through the generosity of Barb and Ken Schmitt, our small hamlet of Mountaindale, NY is blessed with a very beautiful but under utilized Arts Center, and we would like to change that reality, see the center regularly hosting gallery shows for artists and craftspeople from the Mountaindale area,Sullivan County, and the greater Hudson River Valley.

We are contemplating having five gallery shows per year, each running for a period of six weeks, giving us one week after each show to pull down a current exhibit, and another week to install our new artist or crafts person. During the sixth installation, which would be installed during the second week of November each year, it is our hope to find enough artists and craftpersons interest to turn the Mountaindale Art Center into a Artists and Craftsperson's Christmas Gift Emporium which would maintain regular hours for the six weeks leading up to Christmas by having those who's work is being displayed and sold volunteering their time to keep the shop manned and open during posted hours.

If you would be interested in having an exhibit in our Mountaindale Art Center, would be interested in participating in our Christmas Gift Emporium or would like to volunteer in making our Art Center a success, please send your inquiry to:

Sherwood Martinelli
Mountaindale Arts Center Gallery Program
PO Box 71
Mountaindale, NY 12763
(845) 693-4513

*To be considered for inclusion in the Mountain Arts Center Gallery Program, we will need to see slides and/or samples of your work, as inclusion is based upon an ongoing jury process.