Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Would You Support an Organic Bread Bakery In Mountaindale?

We here at the Mountaindale News are doing some market research this afternoon on BREAD. Hot, warm, delicious homemade bread that could be made right here in our little hamlet of Moutaindale, NY. Obviously, we are very excited about this possibility and are hoping our readers will be as well.

Ken and Barb Schmitt of Diversified Realty have been contacted by a very talented professional chef who is interested in possibly establishing an artisan bakery in Mountaindale at the location of our former pizzeria. If everything comes together, and they are just in the very early talking stages, do you think you as a resident of our small hamlet see yourself frequenting a specialty bakeshop in town? Would you be a regular customer of such a shop, or do you see yourself, your family using it more for special occasion breads and baked goods? Would knowing the breads are made of both organic and locally grown ingredients make you more likely to support such a business endeavor for our community?

All of this chef's breads are naturally made with no chemicals or additives in them. She makes her own yeast and uses organic ingredients. Whenever possible, she also uses locally grown flour, honey and eggs. Pictured above is a sample of the type of bread she would be producing in our neighborhood. Do you think you might visit? Would you tell friends and how far do you think they might travel if it were fresh, delicious & fairly priced? Monticello, Ellenville, Liberty...please let us know your thoughts as we investigate this wonderful opportunity for our small hamlet here in the Catskills.

*Side Note-this resident would both love and support such a bakery, and I would be the first to spread the news of its opening to all the seasonal campers I know up at Skyway. I can see many of them more than willing to drive into Mountaindale from camp for some fabulous homemade breads and baked goods.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

May 22 Radiant Yoga Essential Oils Seminar HUGE SUCCESS

Last Sunday May 22, Radiant Yoga played host to Nandini Weitzman, a NY State licensed Clinical Nutritionist and Alternative Health Practitioner as she gave participants in her workshop some hands on experience in NAT (Neuro-Auricular Traning with Therapeutic Essential Oils). She shared the simple and safe techniques used for deep relaxation that many alternative medicine practitioners are using for panic, anxiety, sleep disorders. depression, inflammation, and even ADD/ADHD.

The workshop began with an information session, during which Nandini explained the techniques; identified the five essential oils; as well as the process of applying them with light pressure along the occipital (cranial) ridge, neck and shoulders to safely affect brain-related nerves deeply to positively impact digestive organs, lungs, heart, eyes, ears, nose and the endocrine system. The talk was both extensive, and informative, and the end of class handouts to take home were very welcome by all in attendance. Once this section of the seminar was over, she gave the class a demonstration of the oils and techniques and answered numerous questions from the audience.

At the conclusion of this part of the seminar, the participants were paired up in groups, with EVERYONE actually getting to both give and receive a Therapeutic Essential Oils treatment. This hands on exchange of treatments allowed the students to learn the techniques, experience the benefits, while at the same time reinforcing the afternoons lessons through actual hands on practice of what they had been taught.

If your group is interested in arranging a seminar you can contact Nandini directly via her email which is nandiniyes@hotmail.com or give her a ring at (845) 434-2408.

Janet at Radiant Yoga here in Mountaindale New York is to be commended for once again bringing a wonderful holistic opportunity to our community of Mountaindale and its surrounding area. If you would like to know more about her Yoga Classes, and other seminars, or are interested in having her design a special class for your group or organization, sure she would love to hear from you.

MyRadiant Yoga
63 Main Street, CR55
Mountaindale, NY 12763
(845) 866-7822

Monday, May 23, 2011

Girl Scouts Raising Funds For Quake Damaged Japan

In March of this year, an 8.9 on the Richter Scale Earthquake struck Japan, devastating the Island Community, the resulting Tsunami sweeping thousands out to sea, and crippling the TEPCO Nuclear facility, creating a nuclear accident that we now know is worse than Chernobyl. The tragic events have for the most part faded from our evening news here in America, but our friends in Japan are not out of mind, and we know they still need our help as they go about the long arduous task of rebuilding from not one, but three disasters of almost biblical proportions.

Some of the Girl Scouts here in Sullivan County, New York recently held a fund raising event to help their sisters in Japan. The night of fund raising involved girls from Community 532, which includes the Towns of Fallsburg, Mamakating & Thompson. Troops 401, 580, 604, 676 and 738 participated in the evening's events which included using paper in the fine art or Origami, as Origami Guru, Aaron Schmitt, lent help and instruction as the Girl Scouts created Cranes (which are perceived as a symbol of Peace and Good Fortune in Japan) and other creations with their new found skills.

As a national organization, the Girl Scouts were/are devastated by the catastrophe Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan - their collective hearts deeply concerned about their sisters there, the Girl Scouts of Japan who have been touched by these tragic events.

For decades, the USA Girl Scouts Overseas has served American military and civilian families in Japan for many years, and has close ties with Girl Scouts of Japan. In fact, many Girl Scouts in Japan are sister troops of troops here in America. After receiving many calls from Girl Scouts around the country asking how to help Japan, the National Girl Scout leadership was/is happy to report that the policy prohibiting Girl Scouts from raising money for other organizations has been temporarily suspended. This allowed our Sullivan County New York troops to make this evening of fund raising for Japan possible.
From Girl Scout Memo: Girl Scouts of Japan relief efforts

To contribute to earthquake and tsunami relief efforts, you can make an online donation to the Girl Scouts of Japan Relief Efforts until May 31, 2011. At times like these, Girl Scouts throughout the world come together in sisterhood to help those in need. We have seen our Movement rally in support of the victims of Hurricane Katrina and other natural disasters over the years, and will continue to do everything we can to help our sister Girls Scouts of Japan in the weeks and months ahead.

Where will the funds go?

We can assure you that 100 percent of all relief funds will go to the national organization, Girl Scouts of Japan to be used for families affected by the earthquake and tsunami. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at globalgirlscouting@girlscouts.org.

Make checks payable to Girl Scouts of the USA:
Girl Scouts of the USA-Fund Development
P.O. Box 5046
New York, NY 10087-5046

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Slow Food FEAST to Benefit WJFF Being Held June 4th...TICKETS LIMITED!

WJFF's FOODSTOCK was a monster success with over 700 attendees enjoying the local businesses while helping to raise more than $10,000for WJFF. Everyone had a great time, and got to taste some of the finest foods and wines in the entire Hudson Valley/Catskill region. It's clear that WJFF listeners have a passion for good, local food. That fact makes us believe that the Slow Foods FEAST scheduled will be a HUGE SUCCESS. Fair warning...THIS EVENT HAS VERY LIMITED SEATING, so get your tickets ASAP!

On Saturday June 4th at 7pm, WJFF will host its first ever FARM TO TABLEDINNER at The Hills Country Inn in Callicoon Center, NY. This willbe a four-course meal, created by a local chef using ingredients grownand produced right here in our listening area. The farmers and foodproducers have agreed to donate their products, and the chef and herstaff are donating their time for this fundraising dinner. Ticketsare $60 each and will benefit WJFF Radio.

There are a maximum of 40 tickets available for this dinner, so it's important to call and reserve them ahead of time: (845) 482-4141. You can learn more on our website, WJFF Radio.

Thank you so much,

Adam Weinreich
Assistant Manager
WJFF Radio Catskill

Participating Slow Foods Merchants

Java Love

Bashakill Vineyard
Eminence Road Farm Winery
Snowdance Farm
Willow Wisp Farm
Calkins Creamery
Sugar Blossom Flowers

Hills Country Inn

FREE Sullivan County Energy Saving Workshop May 24, 2011

Residential Energy Saving Workshop

for Sullivan County

May 24, 2011, 6:00 - 8:00 pm

at Sullivan Cornell Cooperative Extension

64 Ferndale Loomis Rd, Liberty, NY 12764

Come learn about how you can access a free or reduced cost energy audit to help you save up to $700 on your energy bills and make your home safer and more comfortable. Other topics include:

Low-cost - do-it-yourself energy upgrades
NYSERDA programs
Low-interest financing/incentives/rebates
Low-income programs
Renewable Energy - solar/wind

Presentations from:

  • Sean Welsh, Consumer Educator for Cornell Cooperative Extension
  • Meridith Nierenberg, Coordinator for Mid-Hudson Energy $mart Communities/NYSERDA
  • Gordon Smith, BPI Certified Home Performance Contractor, Renewable Energy Solutions
  • John Lorino, NYSERDA Eligible Solar Installer, All Around the House

This workshop is free and open to the public. Space is limited so please register in advance. Simply click HERE to register.

For questions, please contact:

Meridith Nierenberg, Mid-Hudson Energy $mart Communities
845-331-2238, meridith.nierenberg@gmail.com

Roscoe Winning Ultimate Fish Town Challenge...Announces Contest For New Voters!

Just in from the Roscoe Blog...in a battle of Fish Town Titans, with Roscoe and Waddington New York battling it out for the time of ULTIMATE FISH TOWN in WFN's challenge, Roscoe has again claim back atop the leader board. They have also launched a contest FOR NEW VOTERS, so thought we would give every one a chance to step up and vote, and get registered for a beautiful reel donated by one of Roscoe's fans!

New Contest on Twitter for NEW ROSCOE VOTERS...Let Us Vote For You

The folks in Roscoe realize that voting four times a day is something a lot of busy people find almost impossible to do...even harder when the Ultimate Fish Town contest clock resets at midnight and six AM. We also realize we need more voters if we are going to win WFN's "Ultimate Fish Town" Challenge...giving credit where credit is due, Waddington NY (another GREAT fishing spot here in New York) is putting up some serious competition for the title, so we really need all the voting help we can get. So, become a NEW VOTER FOR ROSCOE, and win a beautiful reel just in time for Father's Day!

New Twitter Voter's Win a Orvis ACCESS Mid-Arbor III Reel, priced at $150 By Letting Us Vote For You!

The rules are simple...

1. Be a new voter for Roscoe.
2. Go to WFN's Ultimate Fish Town Challenge, and vote for Roscoe (CLICK HERE TO VOTE)
3. After voting for your first time, go to your email, and open the email sent from WFN (World Fishing Network), and click on the link provided to VERIFY YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS...this is VERY IMPORTANT!
4. Send us an email at roscoeflyfishing@yahoo.com with the name and email you are authorizing us to proxy vote on your behalf. We will vote said account (which will tell us you have verified your email) and you are all done...we will do the rest, and you are entered into a contest to win a beautiful Orvis ACCESS Mid-Arbor III Reel!

THAT's IT! One lucky winner will be chosen AT RANDOM from the emails we receive on June 2nd (two days after WFN Ultimate Fish Town voting closes)...winner will be contacted via email to make arrangements for delivery of this beautiful reel.

The Reel description!
The new Access Mid-Arbor Reel takes the mid-arbor concept to a new level of performance and does it with 20% less weight than the previous design, offering the angler the benefits of fast retrieve, less coiling, with a positive click drag adjustment.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Open Letter To President Obama-DOE's Committee To Make Hydraulic Fracturing Safe Should be Disbanded, and A Independent Committee With Citizen Stakeholder Representation Put In Its Place

Dear President Obama:

The DOE has recently formed a committee whose stated purpose is too make Hydraulic Fracturing safer, its unstated purpose seems to be a feeble attempt to placate members of the public who are up in arms over a industrial technology that is not fully understood, nor properly investigated and approved through scientific study. Secretary Steven Chu invited closer scrutiny of the legitimacy of this committee with three early signals that telegraphed the intent of the committee...to rewrap hydraulic fracturing in a way that makes it appear safe when in reality it is not.

1.  The time frame given to the committee to complete its work, and craft their recommendations...three months, with another three months to finalized their recommendations for a industry that intends to extract Natural Gas using Hydraulic Fracturing from over 350,000 square miles of our lands...most of private lands, or protected state and federal parks.

2.  Naming as Committee Chair one Mr. Deutch-director of Cheniere Energy, which operates a major liquefied natural gas terminal in Louisiana.  Could you place a more biased person in charge of this committee...someone who has a vested interest in seeing the expansion of Natural Gas extraction here in the United States.

3.  Look at Texas and its Barnett Shale play, or Pennsylvania and New York with our own Marcellus play. Look at the numerous citizen stakeholder groups such as CCSE (Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy) who are working diligently to have our voices heard on this important issue to our communities...yet, Steven Chu and the DOE in formation of this committee CHOSE not to give us a voice in the process.  One has to wonder what it is that the DOE and the White House want to hide from us?  The biased and pre-determined direction of the committee, or perhaps instead the committee will see documents that show hydraulic fracturing to be even more dangerous than we as citizens are currently being led to believe?

These three glaring facts as relates to the committee should be more than enough for you Mr. President to disband this DOE controlled committee, and instead form a Blue Ribbon Hydraulic Fracturing Committee to study the issue, give them ADEQUATE TIME to do their jobs, and summit their report...think 911 Commission.  However, there is much more, and even a cursory investigation of the facts shows the DOE is vested in the Natural Gas industry moving forward at all costs.  They show disdain for public health and protection of the environment, but instead are out touting proudly their involvement in the industry, pretty well taking credit for Modern Day Hydraulic Fracturing...this claim can be verified on their own website, looking at their own chest beating and credit taking.   Skipping over their horrible 1969 Atomic Fracturing experiment, we instead visit a page posted this year wherein they spell out their involvements in moving the Natural Gas industry to where it is today. (Link)

DOE's Early Investment in Shale Gas Technology Producing Results Today

Washington, D.C.A $92 million research investment in the 1970s by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) is today being credited with technological contributions that have stimulated development of domestic natural gas from shales. The result: more U.S. jobs, increased energy security, and higher revenues for states and the Federal Government.

More than 30 years ago, fears of dwindling domestic natural gas supplies pushed researchers to examine alternative sources of natural gas such as Devonian shales, coals, and low permeability or "tight" sands. Recognizing the need for research and development to quantify these unconventional reservoirs and to develop ways to produce them, DOE’s Office of Fossil Energy invested in Devonian shale research from 1977 through 1992, matching technology to complex geology for various geologic settings.

Through programs focused on Eastern gas shales, Western gas sands, and methane from coalbeds, DOE developed and stimulated the deployment of advanced exploration and production technologies. These technologies recovered new gas supplies from unconventional gas resources by increasing per-well gas-recovery efficiencies and lowering unit development costs. 

DOE’s National Energy Technology Laboratory (NETL) employed a detailed resource characterization and technology development approach that geologically partitioned each natural gas resource and matched technology to geology to chart a path for resource development. More than 25,000 feet of oriented core and well log data from 35 cored shale wells provided the basic core and geologic data used to prepare the first publicly available estimates of technically recoverable gas for the Huron shales in West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky.

In 1986, DOE collaborated with industry to achieve a significant milestone: the first air-drilled 2,000-foot-long horizontal Devonian shale well in the Appalachian Basin. This also marked the first recovery of core from a horizontal air-drilled shale well and the first successful use of external casing packers in an air-filled wellbore. Through 1992, DOE also worked with industry to complete three additional 2,000-foot-long horizontal wells containing multiple hydraulically fractured zones and to develop more efficient downhole tools, such as electromagnetic measurement-while-drilling and directional air hammer technology, both of which are currently used by the oilfield service industry.

Another example of early DOE leadership in the development of technologies applicable to shale gas development is fracture mapping—techniques for using seismic responses to identify the orientation and extent of hydraulically created fractures. Today, a number of companies successfully map hydraulic fractures, including many in the major shale gas plays. \
In a recent paper entitled Thirty Years of Gas Shale Fracturing: What Have We Learned?, DOE research is recognized for enabling several technology breakthroughs in shale gas development. Presented at the Society of Petroleum Engineers’ 2010 Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, the paper reviews more than 350 technical papers and presentations on shale-specific well completions, fracturing, and operations. The paper’s author, George E. King, Global Technology Consultant for Apache Corporation, credits DOE for its early leadership in the development of several key technologies that are driving the current growth in shale gas production, including reservoir characterization, horizontal drilling, and multi-stage fracturing and slick water fracturing.

DOE’s leadership in shale gas development is receiving similar recognition from others. According to Dr. Terry Engelder, Professor of Geosciences at Penn State University, DOE’s Eastern Gas Shales Research Program "helped expand the limits of gas shale production and increased understanding of production mechanisms . . . It is one of the great examples of value-added work led by the DOE." 

This article from the DOE website leaves no doubt...the Department of Energy is the MOTHER of modern day Hydraulic Fracturing, today's natural gas extraction means of choice THEIR BABY.  It is impossible for the DOE to be impartial in this debate, impossible for any committee on Hydraulic Fracturing created by them to be unbiased....they  are going to protect their baby that they have nurtured and moved forward for a period of over 30 years.  The DOE WANTS HYDRAULIC FRACTURING to move forward AT ALL COSTS, and the committee in its current make up has but one job...placate the public, trot out some false assurances, and put the petal to the metal when it comes to letting Hydraulic Fracturing move forward at full bore.

It is imperative that (in your words) we get this RIGHT when it comes to Hydraulic Fracturing, that the proper SCIENTIFIC (emphasis added) investigation of the processes involved in Hydraulic Fracturing gives us the assurances we need.  Let science lead the way forward, let science tell us that our Safe Drinking Water Supplies will not be compromised, let science tell us that our health will not be compromised by the use of carcinogenic chemicals deployed in the process.  Let a committee be formed that A) has one third of its make up average stakeholder citizens, B) one third from the science community (half from industry, half from the opposing spectrum) and C) that last third made up with equal parts government officials and industry types.  The number of members of this committee should be 18.

So Mr. President, I implore you...end the dog and pony show, disband the DOE's biased and prejudice committee that has been stacked in favor of the Natural Gas Industry.  Declare a Presidential Moratorium on the practice of Fracking for a period of at least 24 months, disband Steven Shu's biased committee and put together the Blue Ribbon Commission on Hydraulic Fracturing.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Morningside Park-Fallsburg-Summer Employment Opportunity

A little bird whispered in my ear today, and it seems that the Town of Fallsburg is looking for some seasonal help at the Morningside Park. If you have a valid drivers license, are over 18, and looking for seasonal employment, this is a GREAT OPPORTUNITY. For more information, or to set up an interview, please contact:

Henry or Missy at (845)434-4877 Ext 2...just tell them you saw it on Mountaindale NY News.

Neighbor Helping Neighbor...Voting Starts Tuesday in WFN "Ultimate Fish Town Finals" Roscoe Needs Your Votes!

OK....first, congratulations to Roscoe, one of our neighbors here in Sullivan County for making it into the finals of WFN's "Ultimate Fish Town" challenge...but, they are going to need OUR HELP to over come Waddington, NY to take the title, and the $25,000 Community investment prize that comes with it. From the Roscoe Blog....

48 Hours Till "Ultimate Fish Town" Finals Begin...We Are So Excited

It's Mother's Day, so too all the Mother's out there, a Happy Mother's Day to each and every one of you. May your day be filled with both love and family.

In other news, we are officially under two full days until the Ultimate Fish Town Challenge Finals, and we here in Roscoe are so excited to be a part of it...hope everyone is getting ready for the voting, as sure we are going to get every single vote we can get, as Waddington, New York right now would have to be the odds on favorite having runaway with the the initial voting...Roscoe wishes the best of luck to ALL THE COMPETITORS, and know all of us are already winners just having participated. A special thanks to WFN for sponsoring such a great challenge. Remember, vote EARLY, and vote OFTEN. We will be posting some VOTING INSTRUCTIONS tomorrow, so hope everyone here in Mountaindale and the surrounding area will get involved.


The Natural Gas industry, even our own government are spending hundreds of millions of dollars on what could be described as America's GREATEST PROPAGANDA CAMPAIGN as they try to shape the general public's perceptions and expectations when it comes to Natural Gas, Hydraulic Fracturing, and the DAMAGE that will result from its wide spread use.  Well, it is time we in the Anti-Fracking camp start SPENDING SOME OF THEIR MONEY!  If you start looking around, you will find out that many Pro_Natural Gas Groups (funded by A) the natural gas industry and/or B) our TAXES) are willing to send you out a lot of FREE STUFF....now I know we do not really WANT THIS STUFF....but, every time one of us receives a freebie from their side, we are DEPLETING THEIR WAR CHEST in this fight.

As example, yesterday I received a nice hand written note with not one, but two bumper stickers from Energize WV.  Letterhead stationary and envelope...the time to write the note, put everything in the envelope cost them at least a few bucks...not much, but what if we started doing that in the THOUSANDS, and hitting multiple sites to collect their freebies?  Another example...Pro Natural Gas shill American Clean Skies (their whole entire board is made up of Oil Industry board members, and 20 million has been steered their way) is so anxious to get their answer to Gasland out into the hands of the public, they sent me a FREE CD COPY OVER NIGHT DELIVERY!

If you know of industry FREEBIES, leave us a comment with their name!

OMFG...Corbett Cronies THROTTLE FREE SPEAK....Deny Anti Frackers Voice At Committee Hearing

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this damning video is priceless...seems that the Pro-Natural Gas folks inside the Pennsylvania Governor's office will stop at nothing to silence those opposed to Natural Gas Fracking. Sure if I told you that the governor instructed staff to have two sign up sheets...one inside the room for PRO NATURAL GAS FOLKS, and one outside for ANTI FRACKERS (who were not allowed in to sign the other sheet), and told you that they then called up folks from the FIRST LIST ONLY, you would say I was a conspiracy nut...well, watched the video, and you decide. FACE IT FOLKS, WE ARE BEING RAIL ROAD'ED TO HELL ON A FRACK HIGHWAY.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Frack FUCK Primer...Do Not Let DOE Committee Fool You

DOE trotting out Fracking Committee dog and pony show for public consumption.  Sorry, but do not buy into this supposed IMPORTANT Committee....you do not form a committee of this magnitude, and then give it just three months to review fracking if the outcome of the committee's findings are not already pre-determined. The three articles below will give you a quick PRIMER on FRACKING.

More on Fracking
More Fracking Problems: Surface Blowouts as Gas Wells Likely to Increase
Natural Gas Far Less Green Than Claimed - Fracking Emissions 1000s Times Higher Than Reported
Natural Gas From Fracking Emissions Can Double Those From Coal

Government and Big Business Using Propaganda to BRAINWASH Public on Natural Gas

Thank God for Gasland...it was and is a wake up call, hopefully one that America hears, hopefully one that sees us as private citizens get galvanized behind an issue like we have not done since the protests against the Vietnam War.   Leave no doubt, our lands are under siege, the Natural Gas industry with the help and full backing of our government (local, state and federal) government willing to stoop to any level to frack our lands.  We as citizens are under attack, a full bore Propaganda Campaign targeted at us, telling us how good Natural Gas is for America, how green a fuel it is...BOTH LIES, both claims meant to play on emotions, divide our communities into us and them camp as battle lines are draw, neighbor against neighbor, while the Natural Gas industry does and end around, selling the concept of Natural Gas as a clean green PATRIOTIC fuel to our children, finding insidious means to take their message right to our children in the schools.

I would suggest one do some research, begin looking at the wealth of reports and data out there that show we are being sold out, that the decision to drill for Natural Gas in New York's Marcellus Shale already made, the government merely placating us for now hoping to avoid armed confrontation, troops being used to protect Natural Gas companies like Chesapeake Energy and their access to our lands for the purpose of extracting Natural Gas at all cost...for now, they have time, time to use commercial, pamphlets, and committees filled with Natural Gas Industry insiders that have been charged to write guidelines for drilling...all of these meant to brainwash us into blind acceptance of our fate, brainwash us into believing the lie that Natural Gas is a clean green fossil fuel that is GOOD FOR AMERICA.  

Take a look at this week's announcement from the White House about their new Natural Gas committee...the purpose of the committee is not to study Hydraulic Fracturing, but instead is a committee who's sole purpose is to find ways to EXPEDITE the drilling of our lands, for us to acquiesce to the landman, sign their leases like good Patriotic Americans.  At almost every stump speech now, he hammers on NATURAL GAS and increasing its production as is witnessed by this quote from his appearance in Indiana:

"If we’re serious about meeting our energy challenge we’re going to have to do more than drill.  And that’s why the real solution is clean, homegrown energy.  The real solution is advanced biofuels -- and there’s a lot of good biofuel work being done here in Indiana.  It means that we’ve got to have natural gas vehicles.  We’ve got a lot of natural gas that can be produced here in the United States of America.  It means making our cars and trucks more energy-efficient, because if we use less oil, that reduces demand; that brings the price down; and you will see the impact at the pump.  That’s what’s going to make a difference and that’s why what you’re doing here is so important."

Forget the safety issues, don't worry about (un)Natural Gas companies spoiling the land, and poisoning our drinking water...DRILL BABY DRILL, and President Obama is LEADING THE CHORUS.  With orders from the White House, U.S. Energy Secretary Steven Chu announced a new committee on Natural Gas, and this committee was/is charged with bringing Natural Gas to the market place AT ALL COSTS...

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration, seeing increased domestic natural gas production as a linchpin in its long-term energy strategy, has named a panel of experts to find ways to make hydraulic fracturing, a fast-growing method of extracting natural gas, safer and cleaner. 

Giving lip service to safer and cleaner, the Obama White House wants Natural Gas, and they wanted it FAST.  As you read up on this new committee, read about its charge, you realize we are being conned...as example, the committee has been given only NINETY DAYS to present a plan to get more natural gas to market in a faster way...in short, DRILL BABY DRILL. As this is going on, those of us living at ground zero here in the Marcellus Shale are being deluged day and night with on-the-air PROPAGANDA as commercial after commercial touts Natural Gas as a Patriotically GREEN energy source...this onslaught times so that our children are FORCED to see, participate in and be brainwashed themselves...imagine an adult, articulate, versed on the issue, opposed to FRACKING having their child come in and say, "Mommy, we should let them drill for Natural Gas on our property, it's a CLEAN ENERGY SOURCE, and America needs the energy."

Before America races headlong into raping our lands in the name of Natural Gas, I have a few questions for the industry, for our politicians, for President Barack Obama.

1.  Is it fair to used Pooling to force property owners to accept drilling using Hydraulic Fracturing under their lands...even when they OWN THEIR MINERAL RIGHTS?

2.  Is it fair to use a drilling method that you know will drive down the property values of those living in these new Gas Drilling Fields?

Will be Imprisoned For Opposing Fracking?
3.  Is it fair to force Hydraulic Fracturing on communities, is it fair to even let the industry use this technology when you know that said technology will negatively impact the drinking water supplies of many of the communities which will be fracked?

4.  In the name of National Energy Security, is it right and moral for the US EPA and other regulatory agencies to let Natural Gas companies use FRACKING CHEMICALS that are known carcinogens that cause cancers, birth defects and other health issues too access this resource?

5.  Just how much collateral damage in despoiled land (including in our state and national parks), in ruined drinking water supplies, in lost lives is acceptable in the name of Natural Gas?  Have we learned NOTHING from the nuclear disaster in Japan?  Have we not learned that you cannot simply assumed the worst case scenario will NEVER HAPPEN?

I ask you America...at what cost Natural Gas?

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Fresh FarmtoCity Rondout Organic Veggies and Yoga...What Could Be Better?

Talk about a winning combination! Freshly delivered organic veggies and yoga...a big thanks to Janet over at Radiant Yoga for making this one happen. Imagine being able to pick and choose the fresh locally grown (slow foods) veggies you want for your family from a list, place your order, and then pick them up locally RIGHT HERE IN MOUNTAINDALE! Well, thanks to Janet and the "My Radiant Yoga", and the folks at Rondout Valley Organics (proud member of Farm to City) you can do just that.

Press Release...My Radiant Yoga

To Your Radiant Health

Enjoy a delicious invigorating weekly yoga class AND pick up your special order of freshly harvested, locally grown organic vegetables from Rondout Valley Organics, CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) Farm. Place your order between 10PM Sunday, and 6PM on Tuesday night, and pick your order up on Thursday...it's that easy to have fresh organic veggies ALL SUMMER LONG.

Delivered weekly to Radiant Yoga
Every Thursday
May - late October 2011

Yoga Students share their testimonials:

"Delicious, beautiful vegetables, strawberries, blueberries, and gorgeous flowers. They have a great variety! And, the most delicious potatoes I've ever eaten! I fell in love with turnips -- they tasted so good!"

Jean Papendrea

"We (my husband and I, visiting grown sons, and guests) usually enjoy a whole season of organic vegetables for $250 and our $50 buying deposit. We get to order what we want online every week from what's harvested on the three farms. If we go away, we aren't obligated to order. If we're having guests, we can order more of something that we really like."

Eileen Conway Whitaker

"I love the convenience of picking up my veggies after my weekly yoga class. It's fun to see what's inside our grocery bags. We also share recipes and ideas!"

Judy Timke

Thursday Radiant Yoga Class Schedule

Gentle Yoga
Noon - 1:30 pm

Align the Spine: Feel Divine
5:30-7 pm

Receive your first yoga class FREE at Radiant Yoga when you register to receive a season of delicious veggies. We look forward to seeing many of you each Thursday between now and the end of the growing season as we enjoy the fresh bounty of the land brought to us thanks to the folks at Rondout...there information below.

Rondout Valley Organics

Welcome to RONDOUT VALLEY ORGANICS! Our CSA program - designed with flexibility to work for you - shares with your family the best local produce and offers an opportunity for you to support organic farming. Please feel free to browse the links here and get to know us.

If you'd like to SHARE in the 2011 SEASON by JOINING RONDOUT VALLEY ORGANICS, or for more information, please send us an email to rustyplough@earthlink.net or call at 845.647.6911. You can also join right here - just click on the APPLICATION FORM link to the left...

Rondout Valley Organics is a collaborative of local farms, all located within the Town of Wawarsing: Farm & Granary, Rusty Plough Farm, and August Farm. You can learn more about each of us on the "Producer Profiles" link.

Join Rondout Valley Organics CSA with an initial investment of $300.00, which includes an annual $50.00 non-refundable membership fee and $250.00 to start your account. You can click on the "Application" link here and sign on directly, then send us your check.



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Choose from the following pickup locations in Ulster and Sullivan Counties:

  • Rusty Plough Farm, Ellenville, from Thursday mornings
  • Farm & Granary, Rte.209 Wawarsing, from Thursday mornings
  • Catskill Native Nursery, Samsonville Rd., Kerhonkson, Fridays 10am - Saturdays 3pm
  • Kingston Farmers' Market, Kingston, Saturdays 9-2
  • Pleasant Stone Farm Store, Ellenville, Thursdays noon-6pm
  • Cragsmoor Library in Cragsmoor, Thursdays noon - 7:30pm
  • Radiant Yoga, Main Street in Mountaindale, Thursdays noon-7:00pm
For more information please call us at 845-647-6911.

Mountaindale Odds and Ends

May 5th...first, today would have been my Mom's birthday, "So Happy Birthday Mom".

Being a busy week here in Mountaindale on several fronts. This evening, we have some Girl Scouts coming in to do some Community Service work on one of our gardens. Will have pictures of this later on. Speaking of Girl Scouts, today is pretty much YOUR LAST CHANCE to get Girl Scout cookies until they come back around again next year! So, if you haven't gotten them, or you want a few more boxes to put into the freezer, better make your move...I am thinking I need at least a couple more boxes myself...SO BAD I know!

Last night there was a Spring Workshop run by the folks over at Sullivan Renaissance, and a few great pointers were picked up. For instance, did you know that Apple Cider vinegar in a spray bottle makes a fabulous weed killer...and its ALL NATURAL. Another tip...92 percent rubbing alcohol (again in a spray bottle) is great to take out to the garden with you. Realize you grabbed some poison ivy...spray it with rubbing alcohol! So, great workshop, and of course I enjoyed the cookies.

This year's Renaissance project is taking shape...we have a commitment to get water to the new gardens, so a REALLY BIG THANKS to the town government over in Fallsburg. Plans are moving ahead to do some much needed Pre-Installation site clean up, and our Rails to Trails sign is going to get some repair work done to it. So, very excited to see that moving forward in a big way.

If you have news or events to share, give Barb (434-4747) or Sherwood (693-4513) a call and we will be happy to get a small article up on your news of the moment...you can email photographs or send press releases to news@mountaindaleproject.org


Sullivan Renaissance Puts Out List of Businesses Offering Grant Recipients Discounts

As our residents very well know, the folks over at Sullivan Renaissance are truly a God's send, helping numerous small hamlets and towns like our own as we beautify our communities. They have just announced their list of businesses who offer discounts to this years grant recipients (see press release below), and we hope all of you will support these businesses who are supporting us in making Mountaindale the beautiful small town that it is.

Community Volunteers Get Discounts from Local Merchants

[FERNDALE] – Dozens of local businesses are offering financial support to community organizations that received grants as part of the 2011 Sullivan Renaissance program. The Sullivan County Chamber of Commerce arranged for merchant discounts – typically from 10% to 20% – on products and services volunteers use to clean up and beautify communities.

This is the eleventh year that businesses have participated in the Sullivan Renaissance Merchant Discount Program.

“We know that beautification efforts result in increased tourism and boost economic development. The Merchant Discount Program is a practical way that local businesses can help themselves while contributing to our economic recovery,” said Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Terri Ward, “Keeping dollars in the county is not only smart and green; you can see the difference that has been made in our communities.”

Ward urges businesses that would still like to join in this year to contact the Sullivan County Chamber of Commerce at 845-791-4200 or Sullivan Renaissance at 845-295-2452. Businesses do not need to be Chamber members to help.

All of the projects awarded grants on April 14th have been given a special discount card and a list of participating businesses.

Renaissance community projects will be completed by August 1 and judged between August 4 and 7. The Awards Ceremony will be held the evening of August 8 at Monticello High School.

Sullivan Renaissance is a beautification and community development program principally funded by the Gerry Foundation. Additional funding has been secured by Hon. Maurice D. Hinchey, 22nd Congressional District. Sponsors include Bold Gold Media Group/Thunder 102, Sullivan County Democrat, The River Reporter, Thompson Sanitation and WSUL/WVOS.

For more information about its programs, call Sullivan Renaissance at 845-295-2445 or visit the website at www.sullivanrenaissance.org.

2011 Business Discount Card Participants

P O Box 179, Buchanan, NY 10519
Phone: (914)739-9858; Fax: (914)736-0554
5-10% off playground equipment and supplies (depending on merchandise)

Phone: (845)985-0351
10% off landscape designs, building and installation

364 East Broadway, Monticello, NY 12701
Phone: (845)794-1440
15% off any merchandise in-store or special order

363 Petticoat Lane, Bloomingburg, NY 12721
Phone: (845)733-7713
10% off all plant & garden materials except sale items and American Beauties

P O Box 325, White Lake, NY 12786
Phone: (845)583-7161; Fax: (845)583-4908
20% off gourmet gift trays

2785 State Route 52, Liberty, NY 12754
Phone: (845)292-3833; Fax: (845)747-4117
20% off plants, garden materials, lumber

607 Samsonville Road, Kerhonkson, NY 12446
Phone: 845-626-2758
10% off all stock

188 Tonges Road, Callicoon, NY 12723
Phone: (845)482-5971; Fax: (845)482-5971
10% off perennials, trees, shrubs, ornamental grass

PO Box 1013, 5077 Route 42, South Fallsburg, NY 12779
Phone: (845)341-7948; Fax: (845)434-7271
20% off outdoor furniture

P O Box 389, Liberty, NY 12754
Phone: (845) 292-0500; Fax: (845)292-0585
20% off business advertising that is part of Renaissance project

521 Myers Road, Neversink, NY 12765
Phone: (845)985-7866; Fax: (845)985-0301; dean6@hvc.rr.com10 – 20% off screened organic enriched top soil and other garden items

2 Morton Hill Road, Roscoe, NY 12776
Phone: (607)498-4456
20% off all plant material, annuals, perennials, trees & shrubs

30 Viaduct Road, Callicoon, NY 12723
Phone: (845)887-5100; Fax: (845)887-4917
20% off original price – plants & nursery stock

462 Twin Bridge Road, Ferndale, NY 12734
Phone: (845)295-9383; Fax: (845)295-9383
10% general landscaping supplies – stone, mulch, etc

P O Box 213, WSS, NY 12787
Phone: (845)295-0856; Fax: (845)295-0862
20% off perennials and trees

13 Laurel Avenue, South Fallsburg, NY 12733
Phone: (845)434-6161; Fax: (845)434-6997
20% off in-store items

3137 Route 17B, Cochecton, NY 12726
Phone: (845)932-8611; Fax: (845)932-8825
10% over cost to Renaissance Groups on equipment purchases

1166 County Road, Cochecton, NY 12726
Phone: (845)932-8538; Fax: (845)932-7937
10% off u-haul trucks rental

PO Box 375
Youngsville, NY 12711
Phone: (845)482-4059 or 3659, Greendesign@pronet.net
20% discount on design consultation, garden design, streetscape, container plants, etc.

P O Box 420, Grahamsville, NY 12740
Phone: (845)985-7006; Fax: (845)985-7442
10% all gazebos, storage sheds and outdoor furniture
6135 State Route 55, Liberty, NY 12754
Phone: (845)292-3006; Fax: (845)292-6455
Small machinery, topsoil, stone: discount depending on job (call for quote)

19 Rocky Hill Road/ Show Room 400 Rt. 55; Grahamsville, NY 12740
Phone: (845)985-2104, www.Harnettdesigns.com
E-mail: brian@harnettdesigns.com
10%-20% off carvings in stock, sculptures custom to projects, custom signage

1 Kaempher Lane, Liberty, NY 12754
Phone: (845)292-5770; Fax: (845)292-9218
20% off flowering plants & shrubs

4 Bon Jovi Lane, Liberty, NY 12754
Phone: (845)292-6338; Fax: (845)292-6352
10% on equipment rental & building materials

P O Box 637, Jeffersonville, NY 12748
Phone: (845)482-5290; Fax: (845)482-4720
10% off Renaissance related materials

148 Eggler Road, Jeffersonville, NY 12748
Phone: (845)482-3345; Fax: (845)482-3345
15% plants, trees, shrubs, deer fencing

P O Box 548, Monticello, NY 12701
Phone: (845)794-6639; Fax: (845)794-1233
20 % off office & art supplies

LIBERTY AGWAY FARM HOME & GARDEN11 Bon Jovi Lane, Liberty, NY 12754
Phone: (845)292-7220; Fax: (845)292-1257
Up to 20% off original price soils, mulches, plant & tools

411 Route 17B, Monticello, NY 12701
Phone: (845)796-4663; Fax: (845)796-4665
25% off tractor or mini excavator rental with operator; $5,000 off modular home; $2,000 off manufactured

730 Route 211, Montgomery, NY 12549
Phone: (845)699-1034; Fax: (845)692-4109
20% off trees, shrubs & perennials
28 Floral Drive, Monticello, NY 12701
Phone: (845)794-5311; Fax: (845)794-5412
10% off imprinted items – caps, pens, calendars, etc

420 Route 17B, Monticello, NY 12701
Phone: (845)794-6457; Fax: (845)794-6459
10% off regular prices for lawn, plant or garden items

MONTICELLO GREENHOUSES, INC. 217 East Broadway, Monticello, NY 12701
Phone: (845)794-4220; Fax: (845)794-4221
10% off bedding plants

4 Thornton Avenue, Monticello, NY 12701
Phone: (845)794-4477; Fax: (845)794-4696
15% off in-stock, glass & screening

8 Pearl Street, Livingston Manor, NY
Phone: (845)439-8050; Fax: (212)645-6649
15% off embroidered hats, t-shirts, aprons, tote bags

17 Warwick Turnpike, Warwick, NY 10990
Phone: (845)986-7079
20% off perennial plant material, shrubs

17 Quait Road, Mountaindale, NY
Phone: (845)866-7822; Fax: (845)436-1277
50% off consultation

PARTYMASTER194 Main Street, Hurleyville, NY 12747
Phone: (845)434-6210; Fax: (845)434-6210
10-20% off fundraising events – depending on date

Phone: (845) 292-4705; Fax: (845)292-5015
10% off sand, gravel, topsoil, trucking on our materials

63 Main Street, CR-55, Mountaindale, NY 12763
Phone: (845)866-7822, www.radiantyoga.com
First class free for Renaissance volunteers; 30% discount summer gardener’s series of studio classes

PO Box 440, 47 Katrina Falls Road, Rock Hill, NY 12775
Phone: (845)794-5949; Fax: (845)796-1032
10% off truck rental

Box 310, Rock Hill, NY 12775
Phone: (845)796-3060; Fax: (845)796-3054
Up to 10% off gardening supplies, paint supplies, hardware

1109 Wurtsboro Mountain Road, Wurtsboro, NY 12790
Cell phone: (845)866-7587; Fax: (845)888-2618
½ price (50% off)

948 Route 213, Kingston, NY 12401
Phone: (845)338-5798; Fax: (845)229-5064
15% playground equipment & supplies

PO Box 5100, Monticello, NY 12701
Phone: (845)794-5900; Fax: (845)794-6142
10% any item in stock

365 Route 211 East, Middletown, NY 10940
Phone: (845)692-2226; Fax: (845)344-5761
10% off on all services – roof replacements & repairs

47 Kiothe Drive, Grahamsville, NY 12740
Phone: (845)985-2231; Fax: (845)985-0186
20% off materials sold by company (sand, topsoil, gravel, crusher run, etc)

STEINGART ASSOCIATESP O Box 460, South Fallsburg, NY 12779
Phone: (845)434-4321; Fax: (845)436-8609
Up to 20% off printed materials

328 Route 52 East, Liberty, NY 12754
Phone: (845)292-3358; Fax: (845)292-3358
20% off nursery stock, trees & shrubs; 10% off flowering annuals; no discount on sale items

Main Street, Callicoon, NY 12723
Phone: (845)887-5200; Fax: (845)887-5386
20% display advertising & fundraiser ads

Rivoli Theater, Route 42, Fallsburg, NY 12733
Phone: (845)985-2976
50% of proceeds for community Renaissance fundraising events

482 Hasbrouck Drive, Woodbourne, NY 12788
Phone: (845)436-6772; Fax: (845)436-1481
Free container and if dumping fee is not covered already a discounted rate of $95 is offered

7 Mutton Hill Road, Neversink, NY 12765
Phone: (845)985-7693; Fax: (845)985-7697
5% off building materials, 10% off hardware & paint

THE COUNTRY BUMKIN ANTIQUES 1040 Route 17B, Mongaup Valley, NY 12762
Phone: (845)583-7937; Fax: (845)583-3046
15% off all merchandise in store with “JV” inventory code

4055 State Route 52, Youngsville, NY 12791
Phone: (845)482-3333; Fax: (845)295-0207
10% off seeds, plants, small tools

177 Sanfordville Road, Warwick, NY 10990
15% off all plant purchases – 10% off other purchases

371 East Broadway, Monticello, NY 12701
Phone: (845)794-4146
10% off food in support of Renaissance projects

P O Box 150, Narrowsburg, NY 12764
Phone: (845)252-7414; Fax: (845)252-3298
25% off advertising space

P O Box 494, Rock Hill, NY 12775
Phone: (845)796-1032; Fax: (845)796-1033
10% roll off containers/clean-ups

TQM ORCHIDS127 Cheechunk Road, Goshen, NY 10924
Phone: (845)313-4246
20% off orchid plants & orchid cut flowers

116 Brook Road, Cochecton, NY 12726
Phone: (845)932-8613
10% off annuals & bedding plants

Rock Hill, NY 12775
Phone: (845)794-5848
20% labor discount – plumbing & heating services

Road 1 – Box 578, Jeffersonville, NY 12748
Phone: (845)482-5776
10% off bedding plants, all flowers & gardening products

PO Box 1086, Rock Hill, NY 12775
Phone: (845)794-0404; Fax: (845)796-1032
$50 off transportation and rental fees for dumpsters of 10, 20 or 30 cubic yards (tipping fees not included)

363 Broadway, Monticello, NY 12701
Phone: (845)791-1400; Fax: (845)791-1401
10% off all installed products – windows/doors/roofing/siding

PO Box 450, Wurtsboro, NY 12790
Phone (845)888-8000
18% off all products and services

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Forget The Cheney Loophole...2005 Energy Act A Financial Gravy Train For Gas Industry

Ever heard of RPSEA? Research Partnership to Secure Energy for America, which was created to fulfill terms of Title IX, Subtitle J, Section 999 (Section 999), of the Energy Policy Act of 2005 (EPAct), and it seems the BIGGEST JOB of RPSEA in the name of R&D is to throw FIST FULLS OF AMERICAN TAX DOLLARS at both the Oil and Gas industry, why making sure that citizen stakeholders HAVE NOT SEAT AT THE TABLE!  Take a gander at their membership, and then picture millions upon millions upon millions of your tax dollars being handed over to these folks. (on list...BP America, EXXON, Chesapeake Energy)

RPSEA Members
Acute Technological Services, LLC Advanced Resources International, Inc. AeroVironment, Inc. Altira Group LLC
American Gas Association Anadarko Petroleum Corporation Apache Corporation Apex Spectral Technology
APS Technology, Inc.
Baker Hughes Incorporated Bill Barrett Corporation BJ Services
BP America, Inc. Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, LLP Cameron/Curtiss-Wright EMD
Campbell Applied Physics
Capstone Turbine Corporation
CARBO Ceramics, Inc. Centre For Marine CNG, Inc.
Chesapeake Energy Corporation Chevron Corporation City of Sugar Land Colorado School of Mines
Colorado Oil & Gas Association ConocoPhillips Company Conservation Committee of California Oil & Gas Producers
Correlations Company CSI Technologies, Inc.
DCP Midstream, LLC
Deepwater Structures, Inc.
Deepwater XLP Technology, LLP
Delco Oheb Energy, LLC Det Norske Veritas (USA)
Devon Energy Corporation
Drilling & Production Company
EnCana Corporation
EnerCrest, Inc. Energy Corporation of America Energy Valley, Inc.
ExxonMobil Corporation
Florida International University Gas Technology Institute GE/VetcoGray Granherne, Inc.
Greater Fort Bend Economic Development Council
GSI Environmental, Inc.
Gunnison Energy Corporation Halliburton
Harvard Petroleum Corporation Houston Advanced Research Center Houston Offshore Engineering, LLC Houston Technology Center
HW Process Technologies, Inc. Idaho National Laboratory Independent Petroleum Association of America
Independent Petroleum Association of Mountain States Indepedent Petroleum Association of New Mexico
Integrated Ocean Drilling Program Intelligent Agent Corporation
Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission Jackson State University K. Stewart Energy Group
Knowledge Reservoir, LLC Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Leede Operating Company
Los Alamos National Laboratory Louisiana State University Marathon Oil Corporation Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Merrick Systems, Inc. Mississippi State University
Nalco Company Nance Resources
NanoRidge Materials, Inc.
National Oilwell Varco, Inc.
Natural Carbon, LLC Nautilus International, LLC
New England Research, Inc. New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology New Mexico Oil & Gas Association
NGAS Resources, Inc. NiCo Resources Noble Energy, Inc.
Novatek, LLC
RPSEA Draft Annual Plan 87 July 2009
Oklahoma Independent Petroleum Association OTM Consulting Ltd.
Oxane Materials, Inc.
Petris Technology, Inc. Petrobras America Inc.
Petroleum Technology Transfer Council
Pioneer Natural Resources Company QO, Inc.
Quanelle, LLC Quest Integrated, Inc.
Rice University Robert L. Bayless, Producer LLC Rock Solid Images RTI Texas Sandia National Laboratories Schlumberger Limited Shell International Exploration & Production Simmons & Company International
SiteLark, LLC Southern Methodist University
Southwest Research Institute
Spatial Energy
Stanford University
StatoilHydro Strata Production Company Stress Engineering Services Inc. Technip Technology International
Tejas Research & Engineering, LP
Tenaris Texas Energy Center Texas A&M University Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Association
Texas Tech University The Discovery Group, Inc.
The Fleischaker Companies
The Ohio State University
The Pennsylvania State University
The University of Kansas
The University of Oklahoma
The University of Texas at Austin The University of Tulsa The University of Utah Titanium Engineers, Inc.
TOTAL Exploration Production USAUniversity of Alaska Fairbanks University of Colorado at Boulder
University of Houston University of Michigan University of South Carolina University of Southern California VersaMarine Engineering, LLC
Watt Mineral Holdings, LLC Weatherford International Ltd. WellDog, Inc. Western Standard Energy Corp.
West Virginia University Williams Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
Wright State University

Why Did DOE Use Our Tax Dollars To Produce Pro SHALE GAS Literature?

How many of you know that the DOE (with our tax dollars) has been subsidizing the Natural Gas Industry since its inception?  How many of you know that the DOE has been doing the Natural Gas Industry's Research and Development FREE OF CHARGE for DECADES?  How many of you know that right now, the DOE is using OUR TAX DOLLARS to produce slick eight pages PRO SHALE GAS pamphlets for the Natural Gas Industry?  When is this Natural Gas industry WELFARE GOING TO END?

New Shale Gas Brochure Now Available!
A new brochure, Shale Gas: Applying Technology to Solve America's Energy Challenges, has been released by the U.S. Department of Energy’s National Energy Technology Laboratory. The brochure explains the origins of shale gas and maps the locations of shale gas plays in the United States. Included is a timeline of important milestones in the development of shale gas—from the first U.S. commercial natural gas well in 1821, through the technological advances of the 20th century, to today’s growth in production. Further collaborations will focus on safety, environmental sustainability and quantifying the risks of exploration and production activity.

See the free Pro SHALE GAS handout here.

Battlement Mesa...The Tragic HISTORY of Natural Gas....Would You Believe Nuclear Bomb FRACKING?

A cursory look at the DOE, and its various sub-agencies dedicated over to Natural Gas, and you realize they have a Pro Natural Gas Industry bias that should see them STEP ASIDE when it comes to any issue involving decisions about protecting Human Health, our Environment, and our FRESH WATER SUPPLIES...simply stated, they cannot be trusted.  Imagine if you will using Atomic Bombs to FRACK for Natural Gas...far fetched right? INSANE RIGHT?  Would never happen?  WRONG, it did happen!  Back in 1969 as the DOE looked for peaceful uses for the Atomic Bomb....talk about an OXYMORON!  Now, all these years later, our Federal Government is actually wanting to let a new company drill for natural gas in the same area of the Rulison Site where in 1969 this NUCLEAR FRACKING turned out to be a dismal failure, the gas extracted so radioactive it could not be used.

LOL....Read This DISCLAIMER Found on DOE Report Claiming State Regulations Designed To Keep Our Water Safe

I surf the internet looking for things that interest me...what interests me, is protecting our environment, our SAFE DRINKING WATER...so, I am surfing the net today, and come across a DOE link to a report with the title of, "State Oil and Gas Regulations Designed to Protect Water Resources".  Now knowing how FRACKING can cause serious damage to our Safe Drinking Water supplies, I am thinking to myself...hmmmm, I should check this FEDERAL GOVERNMENT REPORT OUT!  The first thing you really see to read of all things is a DISCLAIMER!...please read the disclaimer, and tell me just how much FAITH you have in the rest of the report as presented.

1. This report was prepared as an account of work sponsored by an agency of the United States Government. Neither the United States Government nor any agency thereof, nor any of their employees, makes any warranty, express or implied, or assumes any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information, apparatus, product, or process disclosed, or represents that its use would not infringe privately owned rights. Reference herein to any specific commercial product, process, or service by trade name, trademark, manufacturer, or otherwise does not necessarily constitute or imply its endorsement, recommendation, or favoring by the United States Government or any agency thereof. The view and opinions expressed herein do not necessarily state or reflect those of the United States Government or any agency thereof

2. The electronic version of this report contains hyperlinks to documents, reports, presentations, websites and other reference materials. The Ground Water Protection Council (GWPC) does not warrant the viability of any hyperlinked reference in the report. The text of the Addendum does not represent the full or official published version of a state’s rules or regulations and is provided for reference purposes only. The Addendum is current through August 1, 2008.
 So, a report prepared by and for the United States government by an agency of the Federal Government, and the first thing you do is state that you do not make any warranty, express or implied about the accuracy of the report, and state clearly FOR THE RECORD that said report does not necessarily state or reflect the views of the United States Government or any agency thereof...AND OUR TAXES PAY FOR THIS KIND OF BUFFOONERY? 

Remembering Jeff Joerger

It saddens me to say that we are mourning the passing of our good Mountaindale friend, Jeff Joerger. Looking back, I realize that I have known him about 30 years. We first met at his amazing antique store on Route 209, 'L'Art Deco.' He had such wonderful stories about all the celebs who were his clientele in the city. You'd never know about his wilder days, based on the quiet, gentle soul we would see as he went about his daily affairs in his landscaping business. His funeral will be held Wed at 11AM. I would like to share his Obit from today's Record & hope that others will write in to share more memories of his life. Condolences to his family,

Barb Schmitt


April 8, 1939 - May 1, 2011

Loving father, grandfather and devoted brother, Jeff Joerger passed on May 1st 2011 from complications related to a stroke. Jeffrey was born on Great Neck Long Island April 8th 1939 to parents Frances Fifi and Edward Joerger.

He moved to New York City after service in the army and an unsuccessful audition with the New York Yankees to which he remarked; Yogi said I just wasn't fast enough for the job. A Brooklyn Dodger fan in his formative years he eventually became an avid Yankee fan till the end.

In New York's Greenwich Village he ran a successful antique store with his partner of 20 years, Suzanne Lipschutz. The shop opened in 1966 and originally located on West 10th Street and Hudson was a magnet for celebrities and musicians of the era including The Lovin' Spoonful, The Association, Frank Serpico, John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

In 1969 Jeff, as president of Food For Love, the food concession of the Woodstock festival in Bethel, NY helped provide the food and drink for the famous event. Jeff and Suzanne, inspired by Woodstock and in an attempt to escape the city for the summers bought the former Bedik Poultry farm in Greenfield Park and transformed a small house on the property into an artistic outpost of bohemian culture dubbed Luke's Farm. Jeff lived on the 110 acre farm for over thirty years working in various industries including local landscape design. He always said of his work I used to grow it, now I mow it.

Jeffrey Joerger is survived by his son, Luke Jude Joerger and wife, Glynis Cotton, their sons, Jude and Griffin; sister, Francesca McNichol and husband, Bill, Susan Joerger and her husband, Franco Zucconi nephew, Timothy McNichol; his loving dog, Saint and numerous friends and colleagues in the Sullivan, Ulster and New York City area. He will be terribly missed by all.

Services will be held Wednesday, May 4th at the Colonial Memorial Funeral Home in Woodbourne, NY, 396 NYS Rt. 52, Woodbourne, NY; 845-434-7363 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. with burial following at Glen Wild Cemetery.


April 8, 1939 - May 1, 2011

Loving father, grandfather and devoted brother, Jeff Joerger passed on May 1st 2011 from complications related to a stroke. Jeffrey was born on Great Neck Long Island April 8th 1939 to parents Frances Fifi and Edward Joerger.

He moved to New York City after service in the army and an unsuccessful audition with the New York Yankees to which he remarked; Yogi said I just wasn't fast enough for the job. A Brooklyn Dodger fan in his formative years he eventually became an avid Yankee fan till the end.

In New York's Greenwich Village he ran a successful antique store with his partner of 20 years, Suzanne Lipschutz. The shop opened in 1966 and originally located on West 10th Street and Hudson was a magnet for celebrities and musicians of the era including The Lovin' Spoonful, The Association, Frank Serpico, John Lennon and Yoko Ono.

In 1969 Jeff, as president of Food For Love, the food concession of the Woodstock festival in Bethel, NY helped provide the food and drink for the famous event.

Jeff and Suzanne, inspired by Woodstock and in an attempt to escape the city for the summers bought the former Bedik Poultry farm in Greenfield Park and transformed a small house on the property into an artistic outpost of bohemian culture dubbed Luke's Farm.

Jeff lived on the 110 acre farm for over thirty years working in various industries including local landscape design. He always said of his work I used to grow it, now I mow it.

Jeffrey Joerger is survived by his son, Luke Jude Joerger and wife, Glynis Cotton, their sons, Jude and Griffin; sister, Francesca McNichol and husband, Bill, Susan Joerger and her husband, Franco Zucconi nephew, Timothy McNichol; his loving dog, Saint and numerous friends and colleagues in the Sullivan, Ulster and New York City area. He will be terribly missed by all.

Services will be held Wednesday, May 4th at the Colonial Memorial Funeral Home in Woodbourne, NY, 396 NYS Rt. 52, Woodbourne, NY; 845-434-7363 from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. with burial following at Glen Wild Cemetery.