Monday, April 30, 2012

Aubrey McClendon and Chesapeake Energy On Verge of Bankruptcy

We here at Mountaindale After Dark tried to warn you that Chesapeake Energy was an ENRON in the making...well, CNN just confirmed it.  Seems that Aubrey is anything but honest, and it seems that Chesapeake is just about to go bankrupt with sinking Natural Gas prices.  Seems the two Republicans on Chesapeake Gas had their own greed ahead of both shareholder profits and their own integrity.  The good news....Chinese government CNOOC is about to get fucked out of billions.  The bad news...share holders are going to get screwed even worse.

Our advice to the general public DUMP YOUR CHESAPEAKE ENERGY SHARES...our advice to Governor Cuomo and all elected state officials...BAN FRACKING.

SELL SELL SELL...CNN news intimates that Chesapeake Energy may be bigger shell game than Enron ever thought about being.


New York DEP...Fracking Waste is NOT Medical Waste

The Medical Waste tracking Act of 1988 defines medical waste as "any solid waste that is generated in the diagnosis, treatment, or immunization of human beings or animals, in research pertaining thereto, or in the production or testing of biologicals." This definition includes, but is not limited to:
  • blood-soaked bandages
  • culture dishes and other glassware
  • discarded surgical gloves
  • discarded surgical instruments
  • discarded needles used to give shots or draw blood (e.g., medical sharps)
  • cultures, stocks, swabs used to inoculate cultures
  • removed body organs (e.g., tonsils, appendices, limbs)
  • discarded lancets
So, one might ask, "What does Medical Wastes have to do with Horizontal Hydraulic Fracturing, and the diabolical industrial practice nicknamed Fracking?"  As unbelievable as it may seem, the New York DEC plans to treat the waste water streams from fracking along the same lines as Medical Wastes are treated, rather than classifying them for what they are, "Lethal Hazardous Wastes"!  Now to understand how ridiculous it for the NY DEC to wrongfully classify and treat Fracking waste along the same lines as Medical Waste, we should look at some of the requirements the US EPA has when a waste is classified as being hazardous...keep in mind, the waste does not have to meet ALL THESE CRITERIA, but instead only has to meet ANY OF THE CRITERIA.  Any, as in ONE!

Lets start with Benzene shall we?

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has classified Benzene as a Class A carcinogenic. Benzene exposure can result in the development of leukemia. Variations of leukemia have been linked to Benzene exposure, including:
  • Acute myelogenous leukemia
  • Acute lymphocytic leukemia
  • Chronic myelogenous leukemia

Symptoms of Benzene Exposure

People that are exposed to Benzene in high levels or for long periods of time might experience the following symptoms:
  • Drowsiness
  • Dizziness
  • Headaches
  • Irregular heartbeats
  • Loss of consciousness
Benzene exposure to the eyes and skin can cause tissue injury and irritation. Drinking water containing high levels of Benzene can cause:
  • Stomach irritation
  • Vomiting
  • Convulsions
  • Rapid heartbeats
  • Death
Guess what folks...benzene is injected underground in hydraulic fracturing, and the extraction process also causes naturally occurring deposits of benzene to surface (Hess 1998, EPA Final 2004 4-11).  OK, lets try to understand this...Benzene is by US EPA classifications a hazardous waste.  The (un)Natural Gas industry injects Benzene into the ground to FRACK A WELL, and when the well has been fracked, even more Benzene is released.  Said Benzene gets into the environment (air, water, ground), thus opening up exposure pathways that will see humans exposed to a chemical that is a know cancer causing agent, a chemical that can cause us to lose consciousness, a chemical that CAN CAUSE DEATH...those are some serious medical concerns that all New Yorkers should be concerned with...

Light bulb moment!

So that is why the NY DEC wants to classify and treat fracking wastes as Medical Wastes...said wastes are going to cause us folks serious health issues! that's the thinking?  Let's not put all the blame on the NY DEC...the US EPA seems to have blood on its own hands when it comes to being p front and honest when it comes to chemicals in fracking fluids, and the health risks they WILL PRESENT TO US HUMANS.
In a draft 2002 report, EPA reported that at the point of injection, nine hydraulic fracturing chemicals violated water quality standards (EPA Fracturing Draft 2002). This assertion was edited out before the final report was published. The published report did note that fracturing fluids are likely to remain underground and are “likely to be transported by groundwater supplies” (EPA Fracturing Final 2004).
So, the (un)Natural Gas industry does not like US EPA problem, they just get those results edited out, and that changes everything...right? As the Church Lady would say, "Isn't that SPECIAL"?  Not to be out done, wanting to get in on all the killing of human beings, Dick Cheney and our United States government jumped into the fray in 2005 solving the issue once and for all by granting the (un)Natural Gas industry an exemption from the Clean Drinking Water Act...much like the NRC does with regulations when the nuclear industry cannot meet standards, GRANT AN EXEMPTION!
In 2005, Congress exempted most hydraulic fracturing from the Safe Drinking Water Act but said the act would apply to fracturing with diesel fuel (SDWA Exemption 2005).
Meanwhile, here in our little community we are waiting for Steve Vegliante and the Fallsburg Town Board to let us know when the promised Public Informational Meeting on FRACKING is going to be held as said board considers a proposed ban on fracking for our community...with this kind of information out in the public domain, one has to wonder why the delay...PASS THE BAN!  Seriously...can we really trust the DEC to do the right thing, or is our community better off passing a ban on fracking while we still can?

Some other reasons to JUST SAY NO to FRACKING:

  • Thousands of post-1980 wells are exempt from the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA) that holds most industries accountable for cleaning up hazardous waste.
  • Thousands of post-1980 wells were exempted from the Clean Air Act, which limits emissions of nearly 190 toxic air pollutants, including many emitted by oil and gas companies (Mall et al. 2007, Clean Air Act 2008).
  • Thousands of the nearly 270,000 wells drilled in the West since 1980 are exempt from the federal Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act of 1986. 
  • The nearly 270,000 oil and natural gas wells drilled in the West since 1980 have enjoyed an exemption from the federal Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA), passed in 1976 to establish a cradle-to-grave hazardous waste management program (RCRA History). 

Are you starting to see a TREND HERE?  The (un)Natural Gas industry has been exempted from almost every rule meant to protect human health and the environment, has been exempted from almost every law that could and should hold them legally liable when they screw it all up, which they certainly will do.  Give Steve Vegliante a call, tell him the time for Fallsburg to pass a fracking ban IS NOW.

April Record Month For "Mountaindale After Dark"

Always like to thank our readers, even more so when a new record is set.  Thanks to visitors from 77 different countries around the world, many of them from right here in Sullivan County, "Mountaindale After Dark" blog reach some impressive goals during the month of April.  We went over 10,000 visitors earlier this month, and are fast approaching 13,000 visitors in our goal of reaching 15,000 visitors.  We also have shattered our previous best total traffic month of just over 2500 visitors.  With the last day of April still not over, our visitor count for the month stands at 3357 visitors.  

A very special thanks to everyone who has made this happen.  

Volunteers Doing Litter Pluck
For those who follow us, would like to also share with you a link to a new blog.  Last year, working with the folks at Mountaindale Community Development Project, we created the award winning Sullivan Renaissance Train Garden here in Mountaindale at the entrance to our "Rails to Trails" corridor.  I am sure that garden will be well taken care of, and this year I have moved on to other of those projects is the "Rock Hill Sullivan Renaissance Category C project over in Rock Hill.  If you would like to watch this new 43,000 square foot project, and new location for the Rock Hill Farmers Market, you can check out a blog put up just for the project here.

We will also be launching two other blog projects soon:

Woodridge-Spotlight on Litter

Save The Pond Eddy Bridge

Again, a very special "THANK YOU" to all of our readers who make it all possible.  If you would like to help us continue to grow, please Plus 1 your favorite articles, Tweet a link too articles, leave us comments, and if you have a blog of your own, or are on Facebook, please share a link to us.

1 World Trade Center...Like a Phoenix From The Ashes

Like a phoenix rising from the ashes of the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks that took the lives of 2977 innocent victims, One World Trade Center (Freedom Tower) today will reach a major milestone as we rebuild on the hallow land that is ground zero.  In just a few hours workers, winds permitting, will place the first column for the 100th floor of the new One World Trade Center, and with that placement, the building will take back the New York skyline, will surpass the height of the Iconic Empire State Building as the skyscraper races into the heavens to become the tallest building in the western hemisphere.

As this important milestone approaches, let's remember all those who gave their lives that day.

2977 Victims gave their lives that day...this count does not include the terrorists.

246 People lost their lives on the four planes.

2606 Victims died in the Twin Towers.

125 people died at the Pentagon, of those 55 victims were members of the military.

1355 people died at or above the point of impact at the Twin Towers.

107 people below the point of impact did not survive.

200 people fell or jumped to their deaths.

411 Emergency Workers died that day, including 341 firefighters.

The remains of 1,122 victims have yet to be identified, and those remains will probably be placed in a repository behind a wall at the 9/11 Museum.

Today is a day of celebration, but it should also be a day of quiet reflection as we look back on that fateful day, and honor all those who lost their lives.  Let us rebuild and move forward, but as we do, let us never forget.

Friday, April 27, 2012

Attention Gardeners!...Get Your Orders In Today...Compost Bins and Rain Barrels

The Master Gardener Program is having a sale on compost bins and rain barrels, and getting your order in early can save you quite a bit of money on a QUALITY compost bin.  Those left over scraps from your everyday meals can do wonders for your garden turned into compost!  So, get your order in today and get some great savings, and a free counter top bucket.


CCE Garden Day & Compost Bin Urgent Update!
Saturday, June 16, 2012 – 10 am to 2 pm

The Sullivan County Master Gardeners announce their Annual Plant & Flower Sale. Healthy refreshments are for sale by the Eat Smart New York Program.

Earth Machine compost bins are available, as supply allows. Please pre-register.

New, Low Cost! - Compost Bins: $35 each
Pre-registrants will receive a free kitchen scrap bucket!

Only pre-registered orders are $35. Day-of purchases are full price at $55.
Rain Barrels are for sale at event only for $75 each.

Call Cindy at 845-292-6180 to register for your compost bin or send your name, phone number, and check to: CCE Sullivan County
64 Ferndale-Loomis Rd, Liberty, NY 12754.

This program is made possible in part by a Sullivan Renaissance Environmental Initiatives grant.
Nicole Slevin
Family & Consumer Science Program Educator II
Marketing & Public Relations
64 Ferndale-Loomis Rd., Liberty, NY 12754
845-292-6180, ext. 114

Governor (Frack Me Now) Cuomo Trying To Fast Track Allowing Fracking in New York...Sign Petition to Ban Fracking

Make no bones about it...Governor Cuomo has fracked gas on his hands, frack money in his pockets, and rosy red lips from kissing to much gas ass...he is trying to force through fracking regulations that fall far short of protecting our communities, and we in the Anti-Fracking Camp are trying to stop him and the (un)Natural Gas industry that has spent tens of millions of dollars here in New York on FALSE ADVERTISING...propaganda that is.

Ban Fracking-Protect Our Water and Resources
You can help in the fight by reading the latest press release from "Food and Water Watch" clicking on the link and signing the petition, then taking the link to this article and emailing it to your friends...BETTER YET, put the link to this article up on your Facebook Page....we need to reach 150,000 signatures and have just 6 more days to reach our goal.


Sign the petition to Ban Fracking Now! We are just shy of our goal to deliver 150,000 signatures to our legislators on May 3rd.

After attending the Senate Fracking Forum in Albany yesterday, I thought it essential to reach out to you at this critical time. Despite the proliferation of questions regarding health and safety, Governor Cuomo's administration is poised to finalize regulations that would allow fracking in New York, and we must stop it! Will you add your name to the letters urging our elected officials to support a ban on fracking?

My colleague, Eric, sent the below email to you back in February asking for you to take action. Since then, many legislators have stepped forward in support of legislation to ban fracking; yet others are still under the impression that we would be able to regulate this mess. How can we regulate a process that still poses more questions than answers?

Regulations aren't free. They cost the public money and they tie up government personnel. Wouldn't it be better to invest in a clean energy future and Ban Fracking Now?

We are organizing several events around the state where we will be delivering petition signatures to our elected officials on May 3rd. Please take moment to sign the letters to our elected officials urging them to support a ban on fracking in New York:

Thanks for taking action,

Corinne Rosen
New York Organizer
Food & Water Watch

Monday, April 23, 2012

May 2nd...Save The Date For Sullivan Renaissance Leadership Seminar

Another wonderful seminar is being offered by the folks over at Sullivan Renaissance, so mark your calenders for this wonderful event being held at the CVI building beginning at 7:00 PM...please make your reservations early.  This is a wonderful workshop for community leaders, or future community leaders who are involved in Sullivan Renaissance projects.

Leadership  Seminar

May 2, 2012 at 7:00 PM
CVI Building, Liberty NY

Refreshments will be served! Please pre-register online at or email to You may also call our office at 845.295.2445.

"Leadership can be thought of as a capacity to define oneself to others that clarifies and expands a vision of the future."
Edward H. Friedman

WOW....Winter's Back! Monday "News on The Run"

Spring on Hold as Snow Comes East
So far, temperatures are holding steady here in downtown Mountaindale NY, with rain falling steady for the second day in a row, but tonight that weather may drastically change with rain changing to SNOW in the forecast.  Some communities may get slammed, so lets keep our fingers crossed...though for the record, been telling every one I thought we were going to get hit with a big late April snowstorm since March.  It was an odd fall, a weird winter, and now snow in Spring time...but, some still refuse to believe that global climate change is a reality.
"This has been a crazy, crazy winter" in the region, he said.  Snowstorms of this magnitude are very rare for this late in April. Forecasters expect record snowfall for this time of year in some areas.
In Florida, Zimmerman is out on bail, and probably by this point is in hiding out of state.  I might be wrong, but look for him to be acquitted in the end.  The whole situation is sad, but I do believe that Trayvon did hit the man, perhaps even got him down onto the ground, and we all have a different stomach for risk, a different opinion of when our life is in danger, and under the "Stand Your Ground" law, I think Zimmerman in the end will walk away a free man...but does it matter?  With the coverage and over reaction on all sides, his life is ruined.

Seems our own West Point here in New York is just as guilty as the rest of the military when it comes to women being raped, then instead of arresting and prosecuting the perpetrators, the women find their careers ended, see themselves victimized a second time when the perps walk free, and they are processed out of the military, labeled for life as having mental issues.  This is not a man's world anymore, and even if it was, "No means no" and it is time that rape stops being an acceptable behavior of men in uniform.
Marquet and Kendzior are not alone. Reports of sexual assault at West Point, the Naval Academy and the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado, are up nearly 60 percent, and according to the Department of Defense, of the 65 reports investigated, only one resulted in a court-martial.
Got MONEY, and no commonsense?  If so, Lamborghini's concept SUV might be right up your alley.  Give us a break...sad thing is, the company is serious...meanwhile, as I watch the rich get richer, read stories like this, find myself thinking it is time for a redistribution of America's wealth, and that I want no part of Mitt Romney's "Tinkle Down" economics.

Will Supreme Court uphold Arizona Immigration law?  It should!  Illegal Aliens working in America are criminals, are illegal aliens, not the politically correct term of undocumented immigrants.  It is time that we as a nation get tough on this crime, get tough on those who hire illegal aliens, even those who rent to illegal aliens.   If the Supreme Court upholds the Arizona Law, look for the flood gates to open as states take the steps necessary to do the job our Federal Government refuses to do, which is to DEPORT illegal aliens,, and prosecute those employers who are wrongfully hiring these criminals.  Even here in our own community it is an issue, and fact is, illegal aliens in our economy depresses lower and middle class American wages by over $217 billion dollars a year.

Does it even pay to go to college...half of our college graduates are either under or unemployed. Just a thought...what if we as a nation provided some incentives to get some of us 79 million baby boomers into retirement, and out of the work force.  How about for instance waving both penalties and taxes on our 401 K accounts....that were decimated by the robber barons of Wall Street.    How about rolling back to 62 (without penalty) the age we can collect full Social Security.  Fact is the destruction of the real estate market, and the crashing of the stock market has millions upon millions of Baby Boomers opting to stay in the work place far longer than they had planned on staying say four or five years ago, and that in turn means a lot of those job spaces that would have been empty, waiting for the younger generation to fill are simply not there and unless you find a way to see us Boomers start retiring, college graduation unemployment levels will remain quite high.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Electrical Service...Does It Make Sense To Change From NYSEG to AMVIT?

One has to love the concept of free energy, and that is just what AMVIT is offering you a chance does it work you ask?  

A)  Switch your own utilities over to AMVIT.
B)  Become a AMVIT consultant.
C)  Get 15 of your friends, neighbors, family members, business associates, co-workers or renters to sign up under you.
D)  As long as you have 20 customers paying their bill to AMVIT, they will average out those 20 accounts every month and credit your account the average in FREE ENERGY.  (*note...some of AMVIT's online info says you need 15 in your downline, others say 20.)

So imagine 20 people signing up, each of them paying 75 dollars a month in electric usage...that means you are going to get $75 in free energy.  There is can actually get paid to sign up new customers, and earn residual income every time someone under you pays their utility bill.  So, if you have been hearing about AMVIT, if you have been approached and encouraged to switch over, maybe what you should do is go visit the AMVIT site, and become a consultant yourself, and start building your own down line, rather than building someone else's.Like most good deals, there is a CATCH...think AMWAY for utility users.

You can explore the opportunity further here.  The Basics of being an affiliate or a need MONEY!
Ambit Marketing Consultant - $429 (includes $30 start-up kit)-As a Marketing Consultant (MC), you'll be enrolled as an Independent Consultant for Ambit Energy, with the ability to sign-up customers and recruit Independent Consultants. You'll have access to a range of consultant support services. 

Ambit Affiliate Partner - $99- As an Affiliate Partner, you'll be an Independent Consultant in the Ambit Affiliate Program. This program provides ongoing commissions to the Affiliate based on the number of customers that sign up and pay their energy bill on a monthly basis. Ambit Affiliate Partners cannot recruit Independent Consultants or other Affiliates.

The question, "Is switching from NYSEG to AMVIT or some other retail provider a good idea?"  If you are able to get 15 customers in your down line that pay their bills in a timely fashion, if you are a consultant, then switching probably makes sense.  However, if you are not intending on using AMVIT as a business opportunity, not sure that it would be a wise decision to switch over.  Furthermore, even if you want to switch, choose who you sign up with are going to be putting commissions in their pocket for as long as your account is with AMVIT.

As it was explained to me, AMVIT guarantees you a savings of 7 percent a month for the first two months, and then guarantees you a one percent savings after that...on say a $75 a month bill, in the course of one year you save $16.50 which is not a lot of savings.  Where my own concerns would lay...AMVIT owns no infrastructure, is merely packaging and reselling, if there is a power outage, you do not contact your electricity provider, you contact NYSEG.  Lets say a AMVIT customer and a NYSEG customer both call in to report power would seem to me, that NYSEG should or even would take care of their own residential customers first.  IF that is the case, even if no one in either company will admit it, is it worth $16.50 in savings over the course of one year if you find yourself out of power for a day, a week waiting on NYSEG to get to those AMVIT customers left without power after a storm?

That is a question each of us has to answer for ourselves.  If you do decide to switch, my advice...go directly to the site and start your own down line, rather than joining in and giving profit to someone else.  Free Energy is a good thing, and if you, your family and friends can together form a 15 person down line, then go for it.

Wednesday "News on The Run"...Featuring Ted Nugent

Seems that Right Wing Fruit-loop Musician and rabid Mitt Romney supporter Ted Nugent's comments have gotten the attention of the Secret Service.  I'm thinking maybe Ted's wearing his tighty-whities a bit too tight and just needs to get laid...thinking the Secret Service could help them with that one.  Ted, are you up for a trip down to Columbia with a couple of Secret Service Agents?  What I would like to know...does Ted Nugent have the private cell phone number of Mitt comfortable would everyone be knowing that he does, and what does Ted's outburst say about Mitt Romney's JUDGEMENT?

In breaking news....seems the Pentagon is doing damage control over photographs released to the LA Times that show American Soldiers posing with corpses of the enemy in Afghanistan.  Personally, I am so tired of America having to be politically correct in war.  Sure, the pictures are distasteful, and I personally would like to think I would not have taken them, but these soldiers are in a war zone and these corpses they posed in front of WERE TRYING TO KILL THEM.  Maybe the lesson here for Afghanistan's Taliban and Terrorists suicide bombers should be, "If you don't want to be photographed dead with American GI's, don't be trying to kill them."  Seriously, in one of the pictures, the soldiers are holding up the legs of a suicide bomber for the camera...distasteful...yes, but WHO CARES?  Oh, let me guess...the terrorists?  the Taliban....come on.  Maybe the war would be over by now if those in charge stopped worrying so much about being politically correct, stopped issuing apologies for our troops in harms way.

In shocking news...Mitt Romney and Obama tied in race for the White House!  You have got to be kidding me...sorry, but anyone who earns less than $100,000 SHOULD NOT VOTE FOR ROMNEY...he tolerates the middle class, and holds a great disdain for anyone and everyone else...unless you are a millionaire or a billionaire.  but what can you expect  from someone who has to live on a scant $36,000 a day?  Would love to see a news reporter ask Romney where he stands on some of the Mormon Church's more controversial teachings...for instance, does he believe men can become God's? (eternal progression)
"Here, then, is eternal life -- to know the only wise and true God; and you have got to learn how to be Gods yourselves, and to be kings and priests to God, the same as all Gods have done before you,... To inherit the same power, the same glory and the same exaltation, until you arrive at the station of a God.... " (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith, pp. 346, 347) 

Here in Mountaindale...the weather is beautiful and sunny, but the temperature has dropped considerably.  Look for partly cloudy or rain for the rest of the week.  Don't forget...Mountaindale Inn is open and now serving lunch...OH, and Open Mic night is back as well, so hope to see all the regulars there!

This Saturday, April 21 join the Kiwanis in a walk for can register at the Mountaindale Firehouse, and then walk a segment of our "Tow of Fallsburg Rails to Trails" corridor...refreshments served afterward at the firehouse.  Bring a non perishable food item, make a donation, and walk with others as together we work to feed the hungry.  This walk for hunger is taking place at multiple locations in several please join us this Saturday.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Breaking News...Mountaindale Today Reached 10,000 Visitors

Just a very special note of thanks...our Mountaindale After Dark blog has just crossed over the major milestone of 10,000 visitors!  Thank you to everyone who visits us on a regular basis from all around the world...we have so far been visited by folks from 75 nations world wide.  

Please make sure to join our blog, and for those who are wondering...we do have a RSS feed you can follow as well.  We ALWAYS appreciate back links to our site, and plus 1's on Google as we celebrate this mile marker, and prepare ourselves for the next big stepping stone at 20,000 visitors.

Again, a very special THANK YOU to all our readers.

Monday "News on The Run"

Spring Color
The weather today is going to be BEAUTIFUL with highs near 85...a great day to work on your base tan if you ask me.   Rest of the week is going to be a bit cooler with the key words being partly cloudy.

Carol Costello just got her facts wrong on her morning show...mention this as she was reporting about the fire at the Grandview Palace this many, she wrongfully thought that Dirty Dancing was filmed at this once historic site.  Maybe the CNN fact checkers should give her story a going over?

For those waiting until the last minute to file your taxes...tomorrow is TAX DAY here in America.   In other tax news, the Buffett Law is being a winner for President Obama, but it is not going to go anywhere.  As a middle-class tax payer, here is a away with the pay day holiday on our Social Security, and raise EVERYONE'S taxes until the deficit is GONE.  Furthermore, lets rein in federal retirement benefits and salaries so they are more in line with similar jobs and benefits in the private sector.  Fact is, taxing millionaires and billionaires will not solve our deficit problems, and it is time we all realize personal sacrifices are going to have to be made.

Leave you today with a FEEL GOOD story...people pitch in as six year old raises $10,000 selling lemonade to help with his father's cancer care.

Grandview Palace....Dirty Dancing WAS NOT FILMED HERE

Just a clarification for those who have not checked it out...contrary to some news sources that have reported on the Grandview Palace fire, "Dirty Dancing" was not filmed at this location!

It is true that the story in large part is about screenwriter Eleanor Bergstein's own childhood...she grew up in New York, her father a Jewish doctor and like many Jewish families, she and her family spent their summers up here in the Catskills.   As a girl, Eleanor herself participated in dirty dancing contests.

After being unsuccessful in finding a location in the Catskills, the film shoot ended up being done in two locations, one in North Carolina, the other in Virginia.

Editorial...Secret Servicemen Use LEGAL Prostitutes....Who Cares

All over the news this weekend...members of the Secret Service used LEGAL prostitutes...seriously, who cares?  Were they off duty?  Did they pay for services rendered?  If so then leave them alone, and stopping wasting our tax dollars on what will end up being a MILLION PLUS DOLLAR investigation into a moral issue.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

FRACKING Ban on Agenda for Town of Fallsburg Board Work Session Tomorrow Night, April 16th

Why Fallsburg MUST Ban Fracking...would you want this for your children?

 Stuff Happens...too often with fracking.
Just a heads up for all those within the "Town of Fallburg" geographical footprint...Fracking is on the agenda, and I will be asking the town to consider passing a complete ban on the industry practice known as Hydraulic Fracturing. I would encourage all those opposed to fracking to find the time to be there...Fracking is on the agenda at exactly 6 PM.

Below is text of the presentation:

Members of the board for the town of Fallsburg, attending members of the public, I am here tonight asking you to amend our zoning rules and regulations to ban Hydraulic Fracturing and its various and assorted related activities within the geographical footprint of the town of Fallsburg.   Some folks, including members of this board, in my opinion would see such a ban as un-necessary, their belief based upon natural industry studies that claim our area of Sullivan County is not likely to see fracking due to the shallow nature of the Marcellus Shale in our immediate area.

Simply stated, not likely is a very ambiguous phrase with enough room to drive a fleet of trucks filled with contaminated fracking fluids through, and at some point, the Natural Gas industry will do exactly that in some way, shape or form if we as a community do not take the steps necessary now to protect ourselves, our community, our environment, and our fresh drinking water supplies.  

The industry is spending tens of millions of dollars in what amounts to a propaganda campaign.  They promise hundreds of thousands of jobs, they promise us cheap energy, and most importantly, they promise us that the job will be done right.  

First, there will not be hundreds of thousands of jobs, and the jobs created will not see hundreds, let alone thousands of Sullivan County citizens hired...the industry has a funny way of counting, used what could be called fuzzy math in calculating how many jobs will be created…if a local diner starts using say natural gas, the industry would want to claim that the job of dishwasher was a job created as a result of their industry.  If there is a major explosion at a well pad that causes serious injuries to someone, and that someone going forward required home health care, the Natural Gas industry will say even that accident CREATED JOBS.

Cheap energy?  We all know the basic rule of supply and demand.  The natural gas industry is getting government at all levels to hand out our tax dollars in the name of Natural Gas and cheap energy, the state of Pennsylvania as example doling out almost $50 million to communities to change over their fleets to Natural Gas…well, as the demand begins to rise, so will the price, and it will not be too far down this path before we are paying $4.00 a gallon for Natural Gas, just as we pay $4.00 a gallon now for gasoline.  In the not so long haul, cheap fuel/energy promised by those wanting to frack our communities is a myth.

They promise the job will be done right.  Fact is, much like the waste from the nuclear industry, the Natural Gas industry does not know what to do with their own wastes, literally billions upon billions of gallons of chemically contaminated and radioactive water.  Right now, they want to either A) inject it into the ground…problematic from several standpoints including a belief by some including the Ohio EPA that said injection is causing earthquakes, or B) they want to haul the water off too local sewage treatment plants for treatment, then have said water dumped into our rivers and streams.

A simple Google search will show all of us numerous examples of problems with fracking…what you will find is three things that stand out.

1.        There are a lot of accidents, from well blow outs, faulty valves, too busted lagoons that were meant to hold the contaminated water.  There are numerous examples of contaminated wells, and for  every accident, every contaminated water supply, the industry in every case claims it is not responsible, is not the guilty party.

2.       Lots of excuses as everyone in the industry wants to blame it on someone or something else.  It was human error, it was an equipment malfunction, it was MOTHER NATURE!

3.       Lots of attorneys, who acting as Natural Gas industry hired guns look at ruined communities and say, “PROVE IT WAS US”.

The big question seems to be, can the natural gas industry extract all the gas that is supposed to be in the Marcellus Shale, and do it safely.  Their own industry experts admit that Hydraulic Fracturing is not without risk…which brings us to the central point of why I am asking this board to ban fracking.  We as a community cannot afford those risks, nor can we afford the costs should fracking come to our community.  Furthermore, our own laws as written make it apparent that Natural Gas drilling and its associated industrial acts and process does not fall into the town of Fallsburg land use plans, and not passing a ban on fracking should raise the question, “Are those elected officials sworn to uphold our town laws and to protect our citizens derelict in their duties”?

The Town of Fallsburg Zoning Code as adopted in Article 1, Section 310-1.2 specifically instructs the town in sections A-E, charges the towns elected officials and employees with the following duties and responsibilities:

To preserve the character and rural scenic beauty of the landscape and protect this gateway to the Catskill Forests from inharmonious and destructive uses of land; (emphasis added)

Create an orderly pattern of growth by encouraging concentration of new residential development (emphasis added) in areas that can conveniently be serviced with public facilities and discouraging intensive residential development in areas of difficult accessibility that would involve excessive costs for road improvements, road maintenance, school bus transportation and utility installation;

Regulate population density to reflect the desired character of the Town;

Prevent intrusion of incompatible uses into residential areas, by establishing proper standards for improvements in new residential developments and preserving, protecting and enhancing natural beauty wherever possible; (emphasis added)

Provide for open spaces and to preserve the natural and scenic qualities of lands; (emphasis added)

Furthermore, the town of Fallsburg Zoning Code in Chapter 141 Fresh Water Wetlands in Section 141-1 specifically instructs the town, charges the town’s elected officials and employees with the following duties and responsibilities: 

The purpose of this chapter is to provide for the protection, preservation and conservation of the freshwater wetlands within the boundaries of the “Town of Fallsburg”, pursuant to and in accordance with all of the proceedings, concepts and definitions set forth in Article 24 of the Environmental Conservation Law and Title 23 of Article 71 of such law relating to the enforcement of Article 24, as such law may from time to time be amended.

Everything about hydraulic fracturing runs contrary to these charges you as a board have been given, and changing our zoning rules and regulations to ban FRACKING would in fact fit harmoniously into the towns stated goals as relates to land use in our geographical footprint.  Furthermore, though it is freely admitted that our town does not have the right to regulate the industry, two recent court decisions have shown that we and every community in the state of New York do have the right to REGULATE LAND USE, and a ban on fracking in Fallsburg would be exactly that…regulating land use.  Moreover, for various reasons, now is the time to pass such a zoning ordinance into law.

1.        My own investigations lead me to believe that right now there are no lands in our community with Natural Gas leases (using horizontal hydraulic fracturing) on them.  This means passing a bill now banning fracking rather than later when and if there would be leases eliminates the towns worry that they could be subject to a takings act…this point was discussed with an attorney with the “Natural Resources Defense Counsel”

2.       When and if it is proven by the Natural Gas industry that they can extract natural gas from the Marcellus Shale safely, and without contaminating our air, water and land, the town could consider changing the ordinance that bans fracking, but it is prudent right now for us to take steps to protect ourselves…it would be too late down the road if we found out fracking was coming to our community to take such protective measures.

3.       Passing such a ban would send a clear signal to the world that Fallsburg cares more about clean water, a pristine environment, breathable air and people’s health than it cars about the profits of companies like Cabot Oil, Exxon and Chesapeake Energy, and that in turn has the very real chance of seeing truly green businesses and industry giving us a closer look when they are looking for a new community in which to locate their business.

Fallsburg has nothing to lose in passing such a ban on fracking, but everything to lose if this board fails to pass such a ban, and months or a couple years later Hydraulic Fracturing finds its way into our community.  Therefore, I am asking you to pass the ban on fracking I am requesting on behalf of all those citizens opposed to Hydraulic Fracturing in our community, and am asking you to use the frame work included in this document.  

If anyone has questions, will do my best to answer them.

Proposed Amendments to Town of Fallsburg Zoning Ordinance
The Town of Fallsburg Zoning Ordinance is herby amended as follows:

1.       Section (insert proper section) Definitions is amended by adding new definitions to read as follows:

“Natural Gas” shall mean any gaseous substance, either combustible or noncombustible, which is produced in a natural state from the earth and which maintains a gaseous or rarified state at standard temperature and pressure condition, and/or gaseous components or vapors occurring in or derived from petroleum or other hydrocarbons.

“Natural Gas and/or Petroleum Exploration” shall mean geologic or geophysical activities related to the search for natural gas, petroleum or other subsurface hydrocarbons including prospecting, geophysical and geologic seismic surveying and sampling techniques, which include but are not limited to core or rotary drilling or making an excavation in the search and evaluation or natural gas, petroleum, or other subsurface hydrocarbon deposits.

“Natural Gas and/or Petroleum Exploration and Production Materials” shall mean any solid, semi-solid, liquid, semi-liquid or gaseous material used in the exploration or extraction of natural gas.

“Natural Gas Exploration and/or Petroleum Production Wastes” shall mean any garbage, refuse, cuttings, sludge, flow-back fluids, produced waters or other discarded materials, including solid, liquid, semi-solid, or contained gaseous material that results from or is associated with the exploration, drilling or extraction of natural gas and/or petroleum.

“Natural Gas and/or Petroleum Extraction” shall mean the digging or drilling of a well for the purposes of exploring for, developing or producing natural gas, petroleum or other subsurface hydrocarbons.

“Natural Gas and/or Petroleum Support Activities” shall mean the construction, use, or maintenance of a storage or staging yard, a water or fluid injection station, a water or fluid gathering station, a natural gas or petroleum gathering line, venting station, or compressor with the exploration or extraction of natural gas or petroleum.

2.       Section (insert proper section) is amended by adding a new section (insert proper section) to read as follows:
            Section (insert new section code here) Prohibited Uses
A)      Prohibition against the Exploration for or Extraction of Natural Gas and/or Petroleum.

No land in the Town of Fallsburg (and it geographical/governmental outlaying footprint) shall be used: to conduct any exploration for natural gas and/or petroleum; to drill any well for natural gas; to transfer, store, process or treat natural gas; or to dispose of natural gas exploration or production wastes; or to erect any derrick, building or other structure; or to place any machinery or equipment for any such purposes.
B)     Prohibition against the Storage, Treatment and Disposal of Natural Gas and/or Petroleum Exploration and Production Materials.
No land in the Town (and it geographical/governmental outlaying footprint) shall be used for:  the storage, transfer, treatment and/or disposal of natural gas and/or petroleum exploration and production materials.
C)     Prohibition against the Storage, Treatment and Disposal of Natural Gas and/or Petroleum Exploration and Production Wastes.
No land in the Town shall be used for: the storage transfer, treatment and/or disposal of natural gas and/or petroleum exploration and production wastes.
D)      Prohibition against Natural Gas and/or Support Activities.
No land in the Town shall be used for natural gas and/or petroleum support activities.

3.      These amendments shall take effect upon adoption and publication as provided by law.

Second Suspicious Fire In Week Takes Down Grandview Palace

News travels fast in small communities, and yesterday it was not long before everyone in the area knew the second suspicious fire in a week had the Grandview Palace engulfed in flames.  Last week it was the Tamarac and about 30 buildings (most of them derelict) that went up in smoke, the fire supposedly started by someone out burning my opinion, that explanation seems suspect.  Yesterday, early reports were saying that the boiler for the Grandview Palace was on fire.  Meanwhile, if the State Fire Marshall's K-9 units, police presence and lots of folks wearing jackets that said INVESTIGATOR or DETECTIVE on them is any clue, seems that I would not be the only citizen of the area thinking ARSON.

The fire, which is believed to be the biggest ever seen in Sullivan County,  took 40 fire departments from Orange, Sullivan and Ulster counties to bring under control as firefighters battled the blaze through the night and into this morning.  In what can only be described as a miracle, none of the full time year around residents were injured or killed in the fire, though several firefighters did suffer minor injuries.

One thing is certain, the Grandview Palace is done, from this day forward nothing more than a small footnote in the counties history.  The residents have been told they will NEVER move back to their condominiums, and today uniformed officers were posting "Condemnation" flyers anywhere and everywhere at the property. You can get an idea of what the place used to be like by visiting their website.

The facility had  75-100 year around residents, with the population of the facility heading up closer to four hundred during the summer season.  The place had gone into decline before this fire, with the town of Fallsburg  trying to work with the owners to address a myriad number of serious code violations...that issue in a very sad and tragic way for the residents who have lost everything is now academic.  The fire is out, though acrid smoke drifting up from the rubble shows there are still hot spots as the embers slowly die down.

Some of the PRE-FIRE Real Estate Listings

Studio, 300 sqft, $7,000

1500 State Route 52e E Liberty 12754 NY
A completely updated studio condominium w/ new windows, w/w carpet, bathroom, microwave oven, refrigerator, central air and more. it's located at the grandview palace resort...
300 sq. ft - 1 bathroom
1 week, 3 days ago in
Photo Studio, 300 sqft, $7,000

1 bed, 630 sqft, $47,200

1500 State Route 52 E Unit I Liberty 12754 NY
Mountains is the place to unwind and get rejuvenated. located at the grandview palace resort in the catskills and within a short distance to all forms of entertainment sources...
630 sq. ft - $75/sq. ft - 1 bedroom - 1 bathroom
2 weeks, 6 days ago in - Also found in ResortScape
Photo 1 bed, 630 sqft, $47,200
Homes like "grandview palace liberty": grandview palace catskills

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Just an FYI...Fast Heading Toward 10,000 visitors!

Just and FYI...Mountaindale After Dark is fast approaching 10,000 visitors, and today we reached viewers in our 74th country!  Will keep every one posted as we get closer to that mile-marker of 10,000 (right now we need about 600 more visitors!).


Friday, April 27 from 7:30-10:15 pm

Dance instructors and enthusiasts Harold and Betty Fried return to our small hamlet of Mountaindale with Sizzling Spring Salsa in Mountaindale, NY.

Dance Lesson: 7:30 pm.
Open Dancing: 8:15-10:15 pm. 

Fee: $12/person; $20/couple. 
Includes tea and snacks.  

Location: 62 Main Street
Mountaindale, NY 12763. 

This event happens RIGHT DOWNSTAIRS from my apartment, and can tell you these folks have a great time, and you cannot beat the entertainment value.  You can also grab a bite to eat right across the street before the dancing starts at the Mountaindale Inn, Mountaindale's first and oldest dining establishment and bar...they make a SERIOUS PIZZA.

Met Harold and Betty while taking pictures for the Vaudeville in The Catskills show over in Hurleyville a couple of weeks ago, and let me tell you two things...A) they are great folks, and B) CAN THEY DANCE...WOW! Make sure to mark the date, as it is sure to be a fun night.

Taxes Filed and Other "News on The Run"

First, do apologize for the lack of articles this week, but unfortunately more pressing life issues have held sway here...A) TAXES...uggggg...good news is they are officially filed, though have to contest what I feel was a wrongfully given 1099 MISC form I received, and B)  been getting prepared for a presentation to the "Town of Fallsburg" Board this upcoming Monday night at 6:00 PM...see below.  Please try to attend.
On Monday, April 16th, 2012 at 6:00 I will be officially asking the "Town of Fallsburg" to pass a zoning ordinance that would BAN FRACKING.  It is my understanding that Steve Vegliante and the board are more than willing to issue a proclamation against FRACKING, but that is inadequate.  If you oppose fracking, PLEASE ATTEND this important board work session meeting and SHOW YOUR SUPPORT for a zoning ordinance that would ban fracking in our community.  Also, please pass this message along to ALL YOUR FRIENDS. If you need more information or directions please call me on my cell at (845) 346-6523
The weather...Tomorrow beautiful, Sunday crappy and raining all day, and MONDAY...FABULOUS!  Can someone bring me over a chaise lounge so I can sit in front of my building and TAN TOMORROW...we are talking bright, sunny and almost 70 degrees.  By the way, great time to get tomatoes in the ground if you want to be one of the first in downtown Mountaindale to be slicing vine ripened maters!

Main Street observations...Time Warner was out and about today, their crew putting in what appears to be brand new internet service over at Janet's Radiant Yoga studio.  Sure her clients will be happy to visit a Yoga studio with WIFI capability.

Rumor has it...and at this point, it is just RUMOR that we here in downtown Mountaindale might be getting a convenience store...more on this HUSH HUSH story as it becomes available.

For those who are wondering...the Mountaindale Inn is officially opened for the season, and the first "Open Mic" night this past Wednesday was a HUGE SUCCESS!  If you want to stay current on events at our FIRST RESTAURANT BAR in Mountaindale, join the new Facebook Group!  Tell Kelsey that Sherwood sent you!  Hope too see everyone out again this upcoming Wednesday night, and the Mountaindale Inn, there is NEVER A COVER CHARGE on Open Mic Night!

Rumor has it that we have new banners coming...find myself wondering, what happened to the Banner Design Contest?  Seeing as the winnings from the "Train Garden" project from last year that Sullivan Renaissance awarded second place to are paying for these new banners, just wondering how it is that I missed the CONTEST? Who WON? Is the new town slogan suggested by our own talented local artist, Raymon Elozua  being incorporated? excited to see these banners appearing around town, and of course anxiously awaiting the newly rebuilt/designed flower boxes as well.  Mountaindale in late spring when the flower boxes are out really looks quaint, and of course the hanging baskets incorporated as a part of last summers winning Renaissance Project really made Main Street POP.

New Historical Signage For Rails to Trails Corridor
With all the new businesses in town, with all the talk of more coming, find myself wondering if any other local business owners and business people would be interested in forming a "Downtown Mountaindale Business Association"?  Thinking if we could get it up and running before next February that it would be nice to apply for a Sullivan Renaissance Beautification Grant since there seems not to be a project going on this year.  Love to see Anderman Oil, Robinhood Realty , Hospitality Green and some of our other major hamlet businesses such as the Mountaindale Inn run with such a project/business group.    With the newly finished "Historical Signs" and the almost completed brochure for our "Rails to Trails" corridor, this seems like and opportune time for such a group to come into existence.

One last local news reminder!....GIRL SCOUT COOKIES are coming in supposedly this COMING WEEK!  I already have my own case ordered, but maybe I should get a second one!

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Verizon Wireless and Dance of The Dying Droids

Yesterday afternoon my new Droid 4 from Motorola rang once, someone else at our meeting decided to make a call on her own Droid, my phone rang again as I raised from my seat to retrieve it off my kitchen counter.  My counter part at the meeting dialed her number as my phone rang a third time.  The start of another ring and then abruptly the sound vanished as the person dialing on another Droid said, "That's odd, I cannot get signal."

We were not the only only ones who had lost service, our Droids, IPhones and other wireless devices has all suddenly died, unable to carry on the tasks they were designed for.  No calls in or out, no text messaging, no checking our emails or doing a quick Google Search on the World Wide Web.

After verifying that numerous neighbors who also have Verizon Wireless, I made a called to the folks at Verizon Wireless, where after listening to various messages, and pushing numerous buttons I was finally able to speak to someone of a humanoid kind.

Before this supposedly humanoid creature on the other end of the line could do anything for me, she needed some BASIC INFORMATION from me, wanted a few minutes to check my account....translation, let me check your billing service to make sure that is in order first.  After putting me on hold, she checked to make sure I was a Verizon Wireless consumer in good standing, she came back on and wanted to run a few checks on my phone before passing me through to technical support...I guess the fact that I told her there were multiple users in my apartment with the same issue, that none of us could use our phones to even dial 611 was not enough to convince her that the problem was not in my Droid 4, but was a system issue on their end.

After about ten minutes of troubleshooting my equipment she was convinced she needed to transfer me over to technical support where they could HELP ME FURTHER.  She placed me on hold where I for the second time in the call had to enter the last four numbers of my Social Security Number to prove that I was still the me they had put on hold.

After several minutes of listening to a Verizon infomercial (not even elevator music) a new voice came online who asked me to give them my name.  Name provided, they like the first humanoid asked me to give them a few moments to look at my account.  More Verizon infomercial while the second person in the chain of command made sure I was a Verizon Customer in good standing...minutes pass, and then the voice of technical support, "Everything seems to be in order Mr. Martinelli, how can I help you today?"

Stay calm, "I have no service, think one of your tower's has gone down as several of us in the room have no service."

"I hear you, but lets check a few things on your phone first just to be sure."

Per instruction, biting my tongue the whole time I power off my phone, wait, power it on again.  No service, so per instruction I power the phone off again, take the back cover off and take out the magic little computer chip that lets my Droid do it's short, we were doing brain surgery.  Chip out, wait ten seconds, put it back on, re-power the Droid 4. 

"Well, seems like the problem is on our side, let me issue a trouble ticket."

Gritting my teeth, "Thank you so much."

After answering more questions, I am told that the problem does seem to be at the tower.  Am assured that these issues are dealt with immediately, that a crack team of experts, the engineers who are paid the big bucks will be out in the field almost immediately, and that my service, the service of my neighbors would (not could, not might be) be back on within two hours.

"So, if my service is not back on by 8:00 PM, I should call you back?"

"Give us till 9:00, and tell you what, if an update on the problem comes across my computer before I leave, I will give you a call...what's a number you can be reached at?"

The buzz all around our little hamlet by 6:00 PM was about our Verizon Tower, and the lack of any ability to reach out to the world that surrounds us.


A group of us had decided to congregate at Ed's to moan about our predicament over burgers and fries in what could be called a soft opening at the "Mountaindale Inn"...all of us are anxiously waiting for Ed's liqueur license can open so that we can order a beer and listen to a little music.  Because I could still get wifi signal, still had a landline in my apartment thanks to Time Warner I made a second call to get an update on where things stood regarding our community's lack of phone service.

"We have technicians out in the field investigating the issue."

"Could you be more specific?"

"How about this Mr. Martinelli?  I am going to research this a bit more, and if I can have your email, I will send you an update in one hour."

Two hours later, the following email arrives in my box:

to me, Jessica

Mr. Martinelli,
I am sending you this email in regards to remedy ticket 5223346. It is still open and being investigating by our network repair bureau. If you have any additional questions my supervisor Jessica provided you with her direct line for assistance.

Thank you

With the time after 11 PM, figured it was time to get some sleep and get a proper update on the situation over coffee in the morning.

THE NEXT MORNING...Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Coffee in hand, first thing I did was check my Droid 4...still dead.  So, went on line to see if a new update was waiting for me in Email...nothing.  Time to call Verizon and deal with the push 1 for English voice, be put on hold and again enter the last four digits of my Social Security Number while waiting for a human from customer service to come on the line. 

The good news...I did not have to have my Dead Droid 4 tested before being transferred over to someone in technical support who again wanted to know my name, put me on hold while he again reviewed my account.  "Well Mr. Martinelli, you still do not have service I am sorry to say, but we do have our technicians out in the field working on it, but rest assured we are doing everything in our power to restore your service, and I can almost guarantee that you will be back online in 24-48 hours."

"Uhhh...excuse me Mr. Technician Man, but I was told yesterday afternoon before six in the evening we would have service back no latter than 8:30 PM."

"Oh, well I do apologize that someone told you that, but as you know, you are not going to have service that quickly, and don't know why you were given that time frame, as we are instructed to tell people their outage could last 48-72 hours."

CALL IS ESCALATED UP THE CHAIN OF COMMAND to the next member of the NETWORK involved in this issue.

Three people later I am speaking to Jay, who is supposedly the TOP GUN, been in the phone business for forever it seems.  As if he is reading from the same script given out to all the other members of his team, he begins giving me vague and ambiguous answers to what is going on OUT IN THE FIELD, and offers me his direct dial number (585) 739-5848 suggesting I call him personally if this problem continues to go unresolved.  Not really happy with Jay, I request to be passed up the line to his supervisor who is on Robin Morrocco (like the country) who called me back from (585) 314-5030 (She is the Director of the Rochester Call Center)...her bottom line...can you give me some time to look into this?  Maybe if we could reach out to a LOCAL CALL CENTER or OFFICE we could get some real answers?  Just a suggestion.

The long and short of all this for all of us who find ourselves without Verizon Wireless...they have technicians out in the field working on it, and we will not have service before 5:00 PM tomorrow, Friday April 6, 2012.  Key word is before in that sentence, as they are now working with an outside local vender, as the problem is not with our tower, but with the line that carries information to the tower.

Enter one John O'Malley who called me shortly after I got off the phone with  Robin.  His number for all of you wishing to keep in the loop, are wondering who you can get answer from (even if vague and ambiguous) is (585) 321-7264. John can also be reached at (585) 261-5899. You might want to save the call, as it does not matter who you reach out to at Verizon Wireless (Robert, Jay, Robin or John) you are going to come away unhappy, as about all you will be told, is that they have technicians out in the field working on the issue, and are hoping they can have our service back before the weekend starts, but no sooner than tomorrow afternoon at 5:00 PM.

Oh...the three days we are without service (Wednesday, Thursday and Friday)...if you want credit on your account, you WILL HAVE TO CALL AND ASK FOR IT.  You can call their customer service department, but guessing you will get your credit a lot faster if you give John O'Malley a call personally.

*NOTE-on the Droid 4.  

I purchased one BRAND NEW Droid 4.  It stopped working weeks after I got it.  Verizon sent me a replacement...A REFURBISHED UNIT that I have had for about a has issues.