Friday, May 25, 2012

Please Support Mountaindale Firemen...Pancake Breakfast This Sunday May 27!

Spring is here, this weekend is Memorial Day Weekend (official kick of summer) and it is time again for the Mountaindale Fire Department's Pancake Breakfast!  

Pancake Breakfast

  When:  Sunday May 27th, 2012
 Where:  Mountaindale Firehouse
                Main Street in Mountaindale

So, Sunday morning 7AM-Noon come on down to the firehouse here in Mountaindale to enjoy some good eats and good conversation while supporting a great cause...our local firehouse.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Save Pond Eddy Bridge Update...Saturday Campaign Launch Great Success

It is OFFICIAL...with attendance this past Saturday in Pond Eddy of fifty people, including representatives of two National Environmental Organizations, efforts to save the Pond Eddy Bridge can officially be called a movement.

Veterans Toss Wreath Off Bridge
State Assembly Woman Aileen Gunther has officially asked Governor Cuomo to include the Pond Eddy Bridge in the state's full infrastructure review with emphasis given to exploring alternatives (restoration) to tearing the historical bridge down and replacing it.  Her request makes perfect since when you realize the importance of the fragile environment, the importance around Pond Eddy which is a part of the great natural resource that is the Delaware River which is home to the federally listed endangered species, the American Bald Eagle which calls the area around the Pond Eddy Bridge its home.

There are alternative options.

Aileen Gunther Speaks
1.  Restore and preserve the historic bridge as the National Landmark that it is.
2.  The state of Pennsylvania could extend a road into the small community that lives on the Pennsylvania side of the river, a solution that would cost less money, and avoid impacting the fragile ecosystem of the Delaware River.
3.  A combination that would include both extending a road into the community on the PA side, and restoration and preservation of the bridge.

Organizations who have so far joined the fight, are now working with "Friends of the Pond Eddy Bridge" include:

Please get involved in this effort to save the Pond Eddy Bridge.  Sign the Petition, visit the websites that are promoting the campaign, and make plans now to attend the next major event at the bridge on August 4, 2012 when boaters will symbolically join in a boat chain from shore to shore.

You can sign the petition to save the bridge here.

Tuesday "News on The Run"

More dismal weather seems in store for us today if outside my window is any is overcast and drizzling out with steely gray skies above.  The official weather is predicting rain through at least Saturday, so like it or not, get used to the showers outside...this is going to slow down progress on our Sullivan Renaissance Project over in Rock Hill...if you want to know more about the Rock Hill Volunteer Opportunities, contact Mel at (845) 807-2034.

Is your computer infected with viscous malware that could see you lose internet access come July?  After a million dollar online scam, seems as many as 300,000 computers could be, and the FBI is helping in organizing a free fix...visit here to learn more, and find links to sites where you can check your computer FOR FREE.

As a child, did you know you could be held responsible for your parents medical/nursing home costs?  It is called Filial Responsibility, and is the law in 30 states.  Though New York is not one of the states, we are all but surrounded by states that hold to this theory of law, have laws on the books holding children responsible.  Morally in most cases children should do the right thing by their parents, but don't agree with a law that makes said responsibility one example...what if you were raised by abusive parents?  Should you then be held responsible for their care when they grow old and feeble?

I have designer plates (YardArt), and feel those choosing to pay the extra fee are doing so to get a message out to the world about themselves, or about their beliefs and/or politics.  In Virginia a veterans plates (which he was issued four years ago) have been revoked as some Arab American groups found them to be offensive...the veteran is suing to get them the question posed to our readers..."do you feel custom plates and their message should fall under our First Amendment Rights, or instead should the DMV be allowed to have the final say in what our plates can say in eight spaces?  Being someone who feels political correctness is killing America, and feeling we have had too many of our civil liberties stripped away in the name of National Security and keeping us safe, I hope the veteran wins this one.

Space Flight Goes Corporate

Space Flight has boldly gone where no corporation has gone before with the successful launch of the SpaceX rocket now in route to resupply the International Space Station, as NASA's heavy lifting is handed over to private industry.  Some see this as a good thing, though not sure I is scary to think that private industry can now go where only four nations in the world have ever gone...into outer space.  Just think back to Austin Powers and in a spoofy kind of a way you can see the dangers of such technology in the hands of say a Richard Branson, or worse Halliburton or a Chesapeake Energy out to rape the universe in a similar fashion to the way they rape the earth.

Congratulations to Space X for their BIG MOMENT in the spotlight, but we should all see this as a very somber moment in space flight, rather than a moment of celebration.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Chicago Police TRUE ASSHOLES...Drive Van Into Crowd of Protesters

So, a lot of folks don't like my coverage of the Chicago Police (PIGS)...well, I don't like a police van almost running over innocent citizen protesters, gunning the engine as it approaches, forcing innocent citizens to jump out of the way.  Even worse, the Officer in Charge justifies his officers actions.  

Like it or not folks, we now live in a police state.  Various cities across the United States are doing everything they can to keep ever increasing protests against the status quo from growing and getting larger...look at last fall, and how numerous cities all took the same aggressive actions to shut down the Occupy Movement that had been growing for months, using force and brutality to close down their encampments.

Lets see what happens at the Republican National Convention in Tampa.

Thank You Readers! We Just Reached 15,000 Visitors

Not a lot can be said other than THANK YOU.  It is you, our loyal readers that make all of this possible.  At the rate we are going, May will see us also reach another major milestone...4,000 visitors in just one month.  Please keep reading, follow us, become a member, and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE toss a link on your own blog, or over on Twitter and Facebook.

A couple photographs from my jaunt out into the world today.

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Odd Factoid For 2012 Republican Convention...Protesters Can Carry Guns

Having watched yet again police brutality in the streets of America today on CNN I started doing some Google searches and found something strange...seems that Protesters who decide to be at the Republican National Convention in Tampa Florida will be corralled, will have their First Amendment Rights greatly abridged, but will be allowed to carry firearms.  Read Article.  That should give police thugs some pause for cause in August.  

Another question...Where does the "Stand Your Ground" law side if innocent citizens exercising their First Amendment Rights find themselves being attacked, clubbed by police officers operating outside the law?

Watch Chicago PIGS Beating Innocent Protesters

BREAKING NEWS...Ill Bred Over Zealous Chicago Thugs (Police) Beat Crowd of Legal Protesters At Nato Summit

Ill bred, over zealous thugs (Policemen) in full riot gear are on CNN BEATING INNOCENT PROTESTERS as they protest at the Nato Summit.  This is disgusting...we live in America, and Americans have the right to PEACEFUL PROTEST....apparently, slovenly pigs (yes, and old term) in full COMBAT GEAR (riot gear on in officers looking to start a war against the people) don't want that right being exercised in Chicago Illinois.  A vast army of uniformed thugs using gestapo like tactics reminiscent of the brute force being deployed in Syria by the government there and it's dictator president, the Chicago Police have corralled protesters,  have been BEATING THEM SEVERELY with very long billy clubs.

Wake up citizens of Chicago...go down and defend your fellow citizens, use overwhelming numbers of humanity to shut down the streets, and force the police to retreat.  It is time for Spring in America, time that police departments, and local governments learn that "We the People" will no longer tolerate their brutal tactics being deployed to keep us in line, to deny us our basic "First Amendment Rights".

Stop watching this violence in Chicago, and do something to stop it!  Get a backbone citizens, and stop allowing well armed thugs in full COMBAT GEAR to use overwhelming force against our citizens.  our government does not want to see the protesters, nor do the leaders at the summit...that is why Obama and the rest of the leaders from NATO are in a walled in fortress, why protesters are being kept blocks away...well, a mass of humanity, just like in Germany can TAKE DOWN THAT WALL, and march on the summit so that the voice of the people can be heard...but that means average citizens giving up their apathy, and joining forces with those still brave enough to exercise their first amendment rights...peaceful protest should not be coral-ed, nor should protesters be kept from protesting UP CLOSE AND PERSONAL right out in front of the building where the summit is being hosted.

From  Daily Mail

  • Hackers take over Chicago police and NATO websites as protesters take to the streets
  • At least 18 arrests made over the weekend in Chicago
  • Police in riot gear surround downtown area
  • Reverend Jesse Jackson appeals to protesters for 'non-violence'

  • Thinking a good business would be selling Citizens Combat Gear...night sticks with "Make Love not War" or "Give Peace a Chance".  Hippie Body Armor, and Day Glow Pink citizen stun guns.  Reverend Jesse Jackson appeals to protesters for "Non Violence" when he should be pleading with the Chicago Police for non-violence.  Curious, when are citizens exercising their First Amendment Rights allowed to meet overwhelming force and attacks on themselves with self defense that employs the same level of force as that being used by police officers on the WRONG SIDE OF THE LAW?

    Friday, May 18, 2012

    Help Save a Bridge...Be at Pond Eddy Bridge Tomorrow at 3PM

    Saturday....Don't Forget Rally At Pond Eddy Bridge

    There is a whole lot going on tomorrow, including "Spring Gardening Day" where groups all over Sullivan County with the help of Sullivan Renaissance will be working on spring gardening morning will be spent gardening over in Rock Hill.
    Also, please remember that a MAJOR CAMPAIGN to save the Pond Eddy Bridge will be launched Saturday afternoon at 3:00 PM, and the larger the crowd for this kick off event the better...MEET AT THE BRIDGE!
    Seems no one on the New York side is supportive of the bridge being torn down, and all I can think of is how much prettier this photograph would be if the bridge were RESTORED to its original splendor.  Also, please remember to sign the petition...just click on tab above.

    Friday "News on The Run"

    BIG SNAKE Out For Swim
    What can one say about the weather but is bright and sunny outside, warm but not too warm, and flowers are blooming almost everywhere you look.  It is a nice day for a walk, and I just returned from one along the trail where I saw a VERY LARGE water in biggest enough to make a few belts out of.  Seriously, this thing had to be at least eight foot long, and just went swimming by as if it had not a care in the world.  Made me think TWICE about dipping my toes in the water this morning.

    There are so many things going on in the news.

    First, Donna Summer passed away yesterday, losing her fight with cancer.  What a talent she was, and she will so be missed.  What I find odd, is how we as a nation reacted to Whitney Houston's accidental suicide, her remaining a top news story for a full week, CNN airing her funeral service, yet 24 hours after her passing, Donna Summer is barely even a foot note in today's news cycle.  Her Memorial is scheduled for next Wednesday in Nashville.

    Abandoned Beauty
    Facebook's IPO launches, and Zygna stock crashes....WHOOPS....meanwhile, Facebook did not skyrocket out of the gate like everyone thought it own thoughts...much like MySpace (remember them) the company is not near as valuable as everyone has tried to make it out to be, more of a paper tiger than a true animal of prey capable of delivering the profits stockholders will least the founders are all now rich, dumping enough of their stocks out onto the market to take care of themselves and their families for generations to come.

    Trayvon Martin case looking better and better for Zimmerman.  Seems that the autopsy has revealed THC in Trayvon's other words, he was stoned.  Which does make one wonder...stoned, did he circle back around and confront/attack Zimmerman as claimed?  Zimmerman's injury's, and the banged up knuckles on Trayvon's hands would indicate that as a strong possibility.  Looking more and more like Zimmerman will walk.

    Just a little factoid of the day...did you know that combined, Obama and Romney raised over $80 Million in campaign donations in the month of April?  How much good could that kind of money do spent on something other than negative campaign ads?

    Thursday, May 17, 2012

    Photography...Share of The Day

    One of my own joys is photography, more specifically nature photography.  Thought I would share one of today's pics.

    Wednesday, May 16, 2012

    This just in from the "Save Pond Eddy Bridge" blog.  Needed time away today, needed to breath clean air, and give my brain space and silence in which to think, so took a drive back over to the Pond Eddy area today with my camera.  Look for more photographs later on, and please visit this new blog, and sign the petition to save this majestic bridge.

    Pond Eddy...A Pictorial

    The Road To Pond Eddy
    Though some might not know it, the Pond Eddy Bridge is a destination, the drive there, walking across the bridge taking you back to far simpler times.  The PA. DOT seems to have just three options they are willing to consider right now, and none of the three are acceptable.  Their first, and probably preferred option is to just tear the bridge down and replace it...the fact that said bridge is on the Federal Registry of Historic Landmarks makes that option a tricky one.  
    Greek Orthodox Church
    Their second option would be to buy the people on the Pennsylvania side of the bridge out, relocate where?  With all due respect, if you walk across the bridge, make a right and walk down till you come to the old tracks, you would realize you cannot put a price on the beauty, solitude and serenity those people have right outside their front or back doors.  How would you propose to make someone whole if you took their property through imminent domain?  Yes, they are pretty isolated, but guessing they want it that way, enjoy the sound of the river passing by, enjoy the silent beauty of a walk down the tracks, perhaps picking berries along the way.
    The third option would be to give the bridge to someone willing to MOVE IT so that they can build another new ugly bridge in its place, and in the process destroy the quiet solitude and beauty that is that special place...and for what?  Why would a bridge of four lanes need to be built?  Why would a bridge capable of supporting heavy trucks need to be built where a romantic one lane bridge has more than sufficed for decades upon decades?...perhaps to open the land up for development, or worse, fracking?  What about what the people on the two sides of the bridge want?
    Pond Eddy, the bridge, the surrounding area are a very special place, a place of history, a rare space of pristine beauty, quiet and peaceful...all rare commodities in these times in which we live.  Pond Eddy is a place where I could see myself living.  As I write, find myself wishing I had the money to buy up the old Motel and Pizza place, restoring them both, perhaps putting in a small walk up window where people could stop in for a soft serve cone and to ask directions.  The slow pace would suit me, could see myself snuggling in for the winter, maybe writing a book, or taking my camera and driving up the road a piece in the hopes of catching a Bald Eagle on its own winter sojourn.
    To know Pond Eddy, to spend some time there is to love it, to recognize it as the special destination that it is.  I would encourage all those who hold the bridges fate in their hands to take a nice slow drive to the bridge.  Roll down your windows and drive slowly, leaving rushing to others as you take the time to take everything in, stopping the car at the sound of water, or slowing down further to admire the flock of wild turkeys meandering along the edge of the woods.  When you arrive at the bridge, park your car across from it, and walk across the bridge, stopping between the two spans to hear the water, the birds, the wind.  Once on the other side, revel in the silence as water splashes down the rock face on the left, towering trees shading you from the heat.  Walk up onto the track and look off into the distance in both directions and you can almost hear the train whistle as history whispers in your ear.
    Pond Eddy, the bridge are more than the sum of their parts, and the magic that is the place should be saved.

    600th Post...Let's Save Pond Eddy Bridge

    This Saturday, May 19th at 3 PM, a major campaign to save the Pond Eddy Bridge is too be announced at the bridge itself.  This cause is worthy of this, "Mountaindale After Dark's" 600th post, and we have launched a new blog to help save this bridge which is on the National Register of Historic Bridges.  You can visit this new blog at Save Pond Eddy Bridge.  Also, the effort to save the bridge includes efforts to gather 5,000 signatures on a petition to save the can sign that petition here.  Please send the link to the petition out to ALL YOUR FRIENDS...right now, the petition drives still needs 4500 more signatories.

    In breaking Pond Eddy News...TOWN OF LUMBERLAND – New York State Transportation Commissioner Joan McDonald wants the Interstate Bridge Commission to evaluate all 10 bridges it manages, including the Pond Eddy Bridge between the Town of Lumberland and Shohola, Pennsylvania, to see if historic preservation money can be used to modernize the structures.

    Trayvon Martin...Innocent Victim or Teenage Thug?

    We all watched the news, saw Reverend Al Sharpton demanding justice for Trayvon, saw the new Black Panthers offering a $10,000 reward for Zimmerman, dead or alive.  If you believed these folks, Trayvon was a saint, a innocent young black boy in a hoodie who was shot with a Slurpie in his hand...yet, from the onset their were some serious cracks in that portrait...there was evidence that Trayvon was a pot head, evidence he was a delinquent...IE, his spray painting lockers.  Yet, the press portrayed him as a innocent victim, shot getting a slurpie, while portraying Zimmerman as a out of control vigilante and bigot.

    Well, seems that Zimmerman was telling the truth, seems he shot in self defense....what makes me say that?  First, medical records from the next day after the attack show that Zimmerman has two black eyes, a broken nose, and lacerations on the back of his head and neck.  Still not convinced?  Also out in the news today is the fact that Trayvon Martin's autopsy showed he had lacerations on his knuckle that would fit with wounds someone got while punching someone in the face. this point, seems like Trayvon is looking far less a victim, and much more a teenage thug that attacked the wrong person.

    Tuesday, May 15, 2012

    Tuesday "News on The Run"

    Open Mic Every Wednesday
    WOW, what can one say about the weather in one word?  WET.  Seriously, it is rainy the proverbial cats and dogs outside, as a steady downpour washes away the grit and dust here in downtown Mountaindale NY. It is much needed, but at this rate, look for flood warnings in low laying areas of Sullivan County.  Might as well settle in and enjoy it, as the sun is not supposed to peak out until Thursday...good news is the weekend is actually looking pretty good.

    In other local news here in our hamlet...Uccelli's has finished construction of a new deck for outdoor summer looks functional, if not just a tad canted, and just a bit out of place...hopefully some well positioned landscaping around it will see it blend beautifully into the quaint rustic charm of the community.  In other local news, the Wednesday night Open Mic at the Mountaindale Inn is bringing in some serious local talent.  Look for Josh and Levi to be performing this week, and almost local legend Richard most likely will be doing a set as well.

    News on The Run

    Romney's current stance (he does flip flop) on gay marriage has seen one of his key financial backers here in New York pull his financial support from under Mitt, and thrown it behind President Obama.  Bill White of New York-based consulting firm Constellations Group has decided he in good faith cannot back a candidate who is on the wrong side of history when it comes to Gay Marriage.  It's not the only reason I would never vote for an arrogant, spoiled, fat cat bully like Romney, but it is one of them.

    Boehner will again insist on Budget Cuts as a part of lifting the debt ceiling...OK, lets start with the salaries and lucrative retirements of our elected Representatives and Senators.  How many of you know that after just five years in office a member of Congress is guaranteed healthcare insurance and $42,000 a year for life, and it rapidly increases from there.  Let's not forget their large SIX FIGURE SALARIES either.  So Boehner, since you oppose tax increases on the uber rich, and want more budget cuts, lets start with your salary...Fair Enough?

    Obama calls for repeal of the Defense of Marriage act, which is a good thing, and about time.  Time for the bigots to be sent back to the pulpit, and out of politics.  In the same speech at a fundraiser, he also said he wants to pass the Dream Act...sorry, but think he is wrong about this one.  It is time for America to get tough on illegal aliens, time to make E Verify the law of the land across America.

    Ready For Fresh Veggies?

    2012 Barryville Farmers' Market Opens This Saturday May 19th  10am to 1pm Come to Barryville for local food and farm products.  10 returning vendors plus 4 new vendors will provide you with fruits, vegetables, flowers, meats, eggs, baked goods, jams, wine, cheese, pasta, teas, and more.  The Market will be open rain or shine every Saturday until the end of October.

    Located just behind "The River Market"
    3385 Route 97, Barryville New York


     Stay Tuned for Special Events

    Check our website for special events throughout the season.

    Buy local- Buy fresh- Eat well- Support local farms

    See you at the Market!
    Greg Swartz
    Market Manager
    (570) 224-8013

    Monday, May 14, 2012

    Get Out And Garden Day ROCK HILL

    Just reminding everyone that this Saturday, May 19, 2012 is the Sullivan Renaissance's "Get Out and Garden Day" and we are hoping many of you can come over to Rock Hill and give a hand on this year's Category C project at the NEW LOCATION for the Rock Hill Farmers Market which will be opening in June!

    Sullivan Renaissance Press Release:

    Volunteers Needed to Help in Communities on May 19
    FERNDALE – Volunteers from many communities throughout Sullivan County will be “getting out and gardening” this Saturday, May 19.  Residents are particularly needed to help at work days in three communities – Woodridge, Wurtsboro and Swan Lake – but many communities have work days planned.  Residents are also encouraged to tend to their own gardens on this day.
    “Some people don’t realize that most of the public gardens we enjoy throughout Sullivan County are maintained by volunteers, many who have been tending these flowers for over ten years,” said Sullivan Renaissance Director Glenn Pontier, “Now some of these communities need new recruits to help.  The benefits of volunteering include meeting your neighbors and that real sense of contributing to an endeavor that makes the community more attractive.” 
    Sullivan Renaissance is helping to organize community work days from 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon in the following locations:
    • Woodridge: Meet at the gazebo in the Veterans’ Park at the corner of Green Avenue and Tabacynski Road
    • Wurtsboro:  Meet at the Mamakating Library on Sullivan Street
    • Swan Lake:  Meet at the cemetery on White Lake Turnpike (behind the firehouse)
    While no experience is necessary, volunteers should bring their own gloves and tools if they have them.  The first ten volunteers to arrive in each community will receive free tickets to Thunder 102’s “Thunderbash” concert at the Monticello Casino & Raceway that evening.
    Other Saturday gardening events include: Rock Hill Renaissance WorkDay from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m., volunteers meet in the Trading Postparking lot in Rock Hill; and the Sullivan West Edible Garden Build Day from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Elementary School in Jeffersonville.
    Sullivan Renaissance is also planning additional community work days in the coming weeks.  Volunteers are needed to help in Roscoe, Livingston Manor, and Jeffersonville on Saturday, June 2.  A community work day will be held in Woodbourne on Saturday, June 16.  Volunteers who help out at these work days will be entered into a drawing for tickets to see the New York Philharmonic Orchestra and fireworks show on July 7 at Bethel Woods.
    Most of the communities are part of Sullivan Renaissance’s Maintenance Grant Program.
    Sullivan Renaissance is a beautification and community development program principally funded by the Gerry Foundation.  Sponsors include Bold Gold Media Group/Thunder 102, FisherMears Associates, Robert Green Dealerships, Sullivan County Democrat, The River Reporter, Thompson Sanitation and WSUL/WVOS.  For information call Sullivan Renaissance at 845-295-2445 or visit

    Sunday, May 13, 2012

    Illegal Main Street Plants Find New Home

    This past week I went to the Monticello Greenhouse, picked out some beautiful plants, and came home to our small hamlet to create two beautiful planters for either side of my apartment door; wanting to contribute to the beautification of our small hamlet here in Mountaindale. 

    In selecting the plants, I remembered the advice given to us all at the Sullivan Renaissance Annual Conference when putting together a successful need a thriller, a filler and a spiller, which is to say you need a statement or tall plant, some beautiful fillers, and then some plants that spill down over the edge...I'd chosen Sweet Potato Vine as my spiller, one of my own favorites now for a few years.

    Within hours of placing these two beautiful planters out on the sidewalk flanking my door, I received several compliments on them, those compliments continued arriving over the next few days...sadly, those planters were not seen as welcome additions by some, and it became apparent they would have to be moved, despite their wonderful contribution to the efforts of beautification of our Main Street here in Mountaindale, New York.  So, for those who have called today wondering where my planters went, read on.
    It appeared the planters were going to have to be sent off to another community, or worse tossed into the dumpster due to my inability to find them a home.  Luckily, at the last minute I was successful in adopting these planters out, finding them a good home for the summer.  So, a very big THANK YOU to Ed for agreeing to take the planters, and I am so happy they have found a permanent home for the summer in front of his Mountaindale Inn.

    Have to admit it was/is a bit surprising that private citizens living in a community are not only discouraged, but forbidden from trying to spruce up and beautify our community.  Guess I will just have to go out, purchase a couple of hummingbird feeders for outside my window, and call it a day.  In the meantime, for those of you missing my planters, just look over across the street, and THERE THEY ARE...again, thanks to the folks at Mountaindale Inn for agreeing to adopt them.

    Friday, May 11, 2012

    Editorial-Lactating Moms-Do We Really Need to See This

    Who knows, perhaps I am growing conservative in my old age, but think Time Magazine's cover showing a three year old nursing his mother is OVER THE TOP.   Don't get me wrong, I am fully supportive of mothers who can breast feeding their babies for a reasonable amount of time.  I don't even mind women breast feeding a baby in public if it is done discretely...notice the use of the word discretely.
    Sorry, mothers who think it is OK to just whip out a tit for all to see is WRONG...get a baby blanket, keep it somewhat out of site.  Do not think it is fair to put others in a situation of having to see it, especially if those seeing it happen to be young children who start asking questions that parents should not have to be answering at the local Walmart store, or at a baseball game...yes, have seen mothers nursing their kids in both examples.

    Time Magazine does not arrive in a plain brown paper wrapper, and in many households the kids do run out to the mailbox for Mom...ask yourselves, is that a picture you want your children seeing when they go out to bring in the morning mail?  Should a parent have to sit down and have a long talk with their kids because Jamie Lynne Grumet wants to make a statement, and Time Magazine tosses aside journalism for sensationalism...not only that, does a four year old have any business standing on a chair and sucking on a teat like his mother is a on demand milk dispenser?  Give us a break already...I am no expert, but don't think any child should still be nursing at that for the whole concept of "Attachment Parenting" soon as I heard William Sears saying kids should be sleeping with Mom and Dad for a period of years, knew the guy was a crackpot.  Children coming into their parents bed because they are afraid of the lightening is one thing, children snuggle in between Mom and Dad on a nightly basis when they are 2,3, 4 or 5 years old is unhealthy.

    Along The Trails Edge

    Wild Strawberries
    Today was one of those days where I just needed to get away, found myself wanting to reconnect with Mother Nature and her, camera in hand took a long walk on our "Rails to Trails" corridor.  Some pictures were taken in my mind, my hands not quick enough to snap a picture of the hummingbird temporarily perched in the higher branches of a birch tree, others skipped because a camera cannot catch the movement of a leaf silently rustling in the spring breeze. 

    Thought it would be nice to share with our readers some of my own favorite photographs from the day, take you the reader along the same journey I made today as I reconnected with the earth, nature, and the wonderful bounty found along the trails edge between Mountaindale and Woodridge.  It really is a beautiful place to spend and afternoon just strolling through the woods listening to the sounds, and taking in the sites that only Mother Nature can create.

    The Goose and her goslings was shot just along the creeks edge at Krieger Park over in Woodridge just over from the Blue Angels jet.  There were maybe six adult geese, and at least 25-30 new little hatch-lings swimming along the water's edge.  Saw many birds along my walk in a dizzying array of colors, everything from blue birds, gold finches to what I am pretty sure is a Baltimore Oriole, though being honest, have not gotten out the bird book to verify my suspicions.  

    Was able to get a picture of the more subdued female gold finch, but the much brighter male was not being one bit cooperative.  Not a problem, as that gives me an excuse to go out on another sojourn sooner rather than later.   One bird picture I took I could use some help in identifying, so if any one recognizes this next bird can you leave its identification in a comment below?  It has a beautiful slate gray cap atop its head, with the body a lighter shade of gray all over, and it's size is similar to that of say a cardinal, maybe just a titch bit bigger, but not near as large of girth as a bluejay is.

    Last but certainly not least, some of the flora spotted along the way.  If you find yourself with a hour or so to spare, or are just wanting to get out and enjoy Mother Nature, the Mountaindale to Woodridge segment of the "Rails to Trails" makes for a great little walk with plenty of beautiful sites along the way.  Make sure to bring yourself a bottle of water, or even a little snack...and please carry out everything that you bring in so that our trail stays beautiful and pristine for those who walk in our footsteps on another day.

    Click on any picture to see them all enlarged in slide show format.

    No Motorized Vehicles On Trail

    ATV and Rider On Mountaindale Rails to Trails
    Today, took a wonderful walk on the trail with my camera from here in Mountaindale over to Woodridge and back...had a beautiful time, snapped some beautiful pictures of the flora and fauna along the trails edge, and noticed the very conspicuous signs that inform those using the trail that no motorized vehicles are allowed on the trail. It's a pretty straight forward message and rule. 

    Sadly, some folks like the one in this picture snapped this afternoon don't feel the rules apply to them and their All Terrain Vehicles (ATV's). 

    People of all ages walk and ride bikes on our "Rails to Trails" corridor, mothers with their children in strollers are a common site, and there are good reasons that ATV's and other motorized vehicles are forbidden on the trail.  Additionally, these motorized vehicles, and those riding them don't seem too realize that their machines destroy the quiet tranquility of the path, and tear up the trail as well.  Simply stated, it appears that they feel themselves and their vehicles are above the law.

    So please, obey the rules of the trail, especially the one plainly posted that says, "No motorized vehicles allowed on the trail."

    Mitt Romney Bullies Gay Classmate...Does Not Remember Event

    Mitt Romney...Ugly High School Bully
    Seems in high school that Mitt Romney was both a homophobic bigot, and a bully.  Seems he had a penchant for targeting (profiling) then bullying boys who were different than he...for the record, Mitt Romney was rich, spoiled, and a mean spirited gay hating homophobic bully.  It gets worse...he not only intimidated certain different male classmates, he went so far as to take scissors and hunt down a male he suspected was gay, and cut his hair.  This goes way beyond the pale, was then and is today criminal behavior, and could be considered a HATE CRIME.

    From Washington Post

    A story in the Washington Post based on interviews with several of Romney’s fellow students alleges that young Mitt was a bullying rich kid who had it in for boys who were too different.

    One boy, in particular, caught Romney’s attention – a shy, new kid at the school named John Lauber who had bleached blonde bangs that dipped across one eye. According to those interviewed, young Mitt was bugged by Lauber’s hair. “He can’t look like that,” Romney told one of his friends. “That’s wrong. Just look at him!”

    Romney pulled together a pack of boys and went to Lauber’s room, where they tackled him and pinned him down. As Lauber, with tears streaming down his cheeks, screamed for help, Romney pulled out scissors and chopped away at the kid’s hair.

    This incident from Mitt Romney's past is more than disturbing.  It points to his REAL CHARACTER, speaks to a hardened set of values that are completely unacceptable in a man that wants to be president.  He may have been more into luxury, may have attended the best schools, may have lived a life of privilege,  but his parents did a pathetic job of setting his moral compass.  

    For those who know me, it should come as no surprise that I was different in High School, went to the beat of the proverbial different drummer and in those days, had my own run ins with the  proverbial school bully, and most of those bullies, if not all of them had and still have DEEP PHYSIOLOGICAL issues, or not well adjusted socially.  When we are able to look at some of Mitt Romney's gaffs out on the campaign trail with this new information, we suddenly realize that Mitt Romney is still a bully, will remain a bully for the rest of his life.  Do we want a bully having the codes to launch a nuclear missile?  Do we want a bully having access to the proverbial bully pulpit that comes with being President of the United States?  Do we want a man in the oval office who would gather up a posse of teenage thugs to go attack a fellow student, tackle him and cut his hair just because this student was DIFFERENT?  Can we tolerate a man in the White House that sees his antics from back then nothing more than a PRANK...?  His actions were CRIMINAL IN ACTION, not a prank. 

    Wednesday, May 9, 2012

    Bigots Win In North Carolina-Bill Targeting Gay Community Becomes Law

    Maybe it is time to stop being politically correct and spend more time stating moral truths...everyone in North Carolina who yesterday voted in favor of the Anti-Gay law targeted at the GLBT community is a BIGOT.  Church law is not law, nor do marriages become legal in the church...the governmental issues marriage licenses, the church blesses a marriage.  Creating laws that run contrary to equal rights needs to stop and it is criminal that the Supreme Court has not resolved the issue, and put religious racists in their place.

    Religious Hypocrisy (Do As I Say, Not As I Do)  Outed Minister Stories

    These are two stories of outed gay ministers.  They both had to resign their positions in the church...yet, how many pedophile priests have they protected in the Catholic Church, one of the strongest opponent to same sex marriages....the message being what. "It's OK for priests to molest children, but don't allow gay men and women to marry?"  How many ministers have had affairs, and how many ministers preaching against gay relationships have been caught in one?

    The message out of North Carolina that they bill passed yesterday was not about gays, but about marriage, and preserving its religious model of being between one man and one woman is poppycock, but do not see the news media calling the religious right pundits on that fact.  How about questions like, "As a racist religious bigot, how do you feel today about denying gay citizens the right to have a family?"  This blog will state the truth, and the truth is, based on the voting, North Carolina is a state full of racist, homophobic bigots and the rest of the United States should boycott the state, do our best to collapse it's tourism trade, and continue said boycott until such time as Gay Marriage is legalized in the state. 

    Tuesday, May 8, 2012

    Friends of Pond Eddy To Announce MAJOR CAMPAIGN

    Yesterday I went for a drive out to see the historic Pond Eddy bridge, and though in need of some serious work, the bridge is a beautiful spectacular piece of workmanship, and the area around it makes for an incredible scenic drive along the rivers bring a camera (something I forgot to do yesterday, so will have to make the trip again.  Rather than repair the bridge, the government in its infinite wisdom (make sure to catch my sarcasm) wants to tear it down and put up an UGLY modern day bridge that A) is not needed, and B) in no way fits in with the scenic nature of the area...why you asked?  Because they FAILED MISERABLY in maintaining the historic Pond Eddy bridge that was ENTRUSTED (emphasis added) to them.  Well, a group of concerned citizens is looking to save that bridge, and they will announcing a MAJOR CAMPAIGN to try to save it.  WE do not need a new bridge to nowhere, we need the bridge that is there and it's historical significance preserved.

    The Short and Sweet Press Release:
    Friends of Pond Eddy Bridge – and many others – will announce a major campaign to save the historic Pond Eddy Bridge on Saturday, May 19th at 3:00 p.m. on the All Veterans Memorial Bridge in Pond Eddy.  

    Please mark your calendars and plan to attend as we bring attention to this important local cause.

    Project 332 Needs Your Slightly USED SHOES

    Project 332 is dedicated to making it possible for more children attend Frost Valley YMCA programming. Project 332's goal is to help more than 332 children who would otherwise not be able to experience all that Frost Valley has to offer....What could be a more worthwhile cause than helping send a kid to camp?

    This year Project 332 Needs your slightly used CAMP APPROPRIATE (no sandals flip flops or dress shoes) footwear.   So, no matter the size, if you have some slightly used, or almost new shoes that you are willing to donate, we have a drop off spot right here in Mountaindale NY!  

    Drop Your Shoes Off

    35 Main Street
    Mountaindale NY 12763

    When camp is over, all donated shoes to this project will donated to a local Homeless Shelter.

    Want to Help More?

    If you would like to help bring more kids to Frost Valley YMCA please go to Frost Valley Donate.

    Tuesday "News on The Run" and Other Musings

    Another dismal rainy day here in downtown Mountaindale New York as a bone chilling dampness fills the air, clinging to the skin when you walk outside.  Look for this weather pattern to continue through at least Thursday with Friday finally bringing us some partly cloudy skies for the weekend.  In short, cool temperatures and wet conditions will be continuing as we get our April showers in May.  Have to love the climate change that comes along with global warming.

    The Hummingbirds are back in Mountaindale, and the hummingbird feeders have started appearing all along Main Street as our small hamlet's summertime "Dance of The Hummingbirds" begins.  If you are a photographer and looking for a chance to photograph these magical creatures, a drive into Mountaindale for the day is a great way to get some fabulous shots.  As a bonus we also have a slew of bluebirds that call our community home.

    Mountaindale is losing one of our citizens this month...Toby, who is a GREAT portrait artist is in the process of moving to Rock Hill.

    "News On The Run"

    According to a leak, seems another terrorist threat has been averted.  Seems terrorists from Yemen had built a non-metallic explosive that would have gotten past screening that was intended for a US bound plane.  Glad they caught this one...what concerns me, is the leak to the press.  Do these convenient leaks from people in the know damage our nation's ability to stay one step ahead of those who intend us harm?

    Speaking of loose lips...New York's I like to see myself on TV, foaming of the mouth right wing radical Republican Congressman King was quick to rush onto the airwaves too toss in his two cents worth on the foiled terrorist attack, and this weekends drone attack.  People in Long Island really need to vote this dinosour out of office.

    In the "We both know you are an asshole" department, former presidential candidate Rick Santorum in the dark of night endorsed Mitt "The Flip" Romney...VIA EMAIL!   My thoughts on this year's presidential election...we have no business allowing another UBER RICH person to BUY POLITICAL OFFICE.  Sorry, but a man that earns (without a job) $36,000 a day is NEVER going to represent the average American.

    In a feel good story for the day, "Wilbur the pig wins court case!"

    In North Carolina voters today are voting on "Same Sex Marriage".  There is a lot at stake, as this wrong law if passed would eliminate all civil unions, and would define marriage as only between a man and a woman.   Let's be clear...this is a civil rights issue, and it is time that our Supreme Court stop ducking the issue and resolve it once and for all.  Fact is, a marriage license is a government issue document that legal binds one PERSON to another PERSON.  A church BLESSES a marriage, but people are married UNDER THE LAW, and it is time we allow all people who are in love to marry, be they two women, two men, or a man  and a woman.  As for North Carolina...IF THIS AMENDMENT PASSES, I WILL NOT EVEN DRIVE THROUGH THE STATE.

    Friday, May 4, 2012

    Saying Hello...Think of You Often

    I've stayed busy today (May 3rd) and will stay busy again on Saturday May 5th...

    My mother was born on May 5th, 1927 and died on May 3rd, 1993 just shy of her 66th birthday.  She would have been 85 this week.  Nineteen years later, still miss her. 

    Her favorite flower was the Chicago Peace Rose, followed by Lilacs.  She made the best pies in the world, and always had a cookie ready when I scraped my knee or was feeling blue.

    It's odd...she passed away long before the internet and instant communication were common place.  Sometimes wish that were not true, as it is odd to Google your Mom's name and find nothing there.

    Love you Mom

    Our Volunteeers

    It's a wet, dark desolate evening.  Rain, thunder and lightening flashing across the steely gray sky, stopping, a mist hanging in the air in an almost suffocating manner.  At just before midnight the wail of our siren, and just scant minutes later you see one, two and then three vehicles pulling up in front of the firehouse, and moments later the ambulance making a right onto Main Street and heading off into the night to provide aid and comfort to one of our citizens in need.  

    We are lucky to have such noble citizens in our community, lucky to have such a great volunteer fire and ambulance service in our small hamlet.  So, on this stormy night, a special shout out to our VOLUNTEERS.

    Thursday, May 3, 2012

    More BAD NEWS For Chesapeake Energy and Fracking Industry

    Golly Gee...just how bad can it get for Aubrey McClendon and Chesapeake Energy?  I mean Chesapeake Energy is struggling to avoid bankruptcy, Aubrey McClendon is under investigation, and has had to give up total control of the company, and the price of natural gas is in the toilet.  Could it get worse?  YES!  Seems a new peer reviewed study is once again proving the (un)Natural Gas industry has been lying to us in a BIG WAY...drum roll please...seems contrary to the (un)Natural Gas industry lies being spoon fed to the masses by the likes of Exxon Mobil and Cheseapeake Energy about how safe fracking is, contrary to their lies that our water is safe, that FRACKING can and will CONTAMINATE our underground water aquifers.

    Are you reading this Governor Cuomo?  Maybe it is time we BAN FRACKING?  


    New Study Predicts Frack Fluids Can Migrate to Aquifers WIthin Years

    Major news outlets such as Bloomberg News, Business Week and Propublica are reporting on a game-changing peer reviewed study commissioned by Catskill Mountainkeeper that predicts frack fluids can migrate into aquifers, directly contradicting the claims by the gas industry that these toxic chemicals will stay underground forever.

    The new peer-reviewed study by hydrogeologist and researcher Tom Myers, “Potential Contaminant Pathways from Hydraulically Fractured Shale to Aquifers” published in the current issue of Ground Water, demonstrates that fluids from highly-pressurized gas drilling activities can migrate from deep subsurface layers of shale to shallow aquifers and surface waters, bringing along polluting gases, chemicals, and radioactivity. The study, based on computer modeling of pressure waves, rock characteristics, and fluid mobilization in natural and induced fissures, offers an explanatory mechanism for previous reports of contamination of wells by deep shale methane in multiple areas around Pennsylvania.

    The study accords with detailed fracture maps produced by structural geologist Robert Jacobi, showing extensive fracturing of deep bedrock, including shale layers in the Catskills and across New York State.
 Hydrofracking and other high-pressurized drilling activities seek to exploit natural and induced fractures in order to release methane gas, but migration of contaminated gas and fluids through rock fissures cannot be managed or controlled, making slow contamination of aquifers and water resources – over time frames as short as one year – extremely likely in areas of intensive drilling activity. This threat from deep level contamination therefore points to risks inherent in high pressure drilling activities above and beyond the already existing threats to human and animal health posed by poorly drilled wells and dissolving cement sheaths and casings, which are already well-accepted as mechanisms by which drilling activities can ruin water sources.

    Read the report abstract here.
    Read the Probublica story
    Read the Bloomberg/Business Week Story

    Wednesday, May 2, 2012

    Wednesday "News on The Run"

    Looking out my window at the weather watching as rain lazily falls from the is the perfect kind of day to stay in bed, read a good book,  have tea and a snack in the middle of the afternoon.  The forecast is rain, rain and more rain through at least Saturday of this week.  The water is much needed, but seems this kind of rain for days on end always brings worry of flooding, so we will see just what the week has in store.

    News of a local kind....

    1.  We have new neighbors in town.  Watched them move into 47 Main Street last night. and briefly met them over at the Mountaindale Inn.  Seem like really nice folks, and always nice to see young progressive people moving into our little hamlet...wondering if they will be opening up a shop in the downstairs storefront so that we see a neighbors, and a new business (which Mountaindale desperately needs).  Still holding my breath hoping that the rumored convenience store at the corner of Main and Post Hill is going to come into reality.

    2.  Speaking about the Mountaindale Inn, don't forget that tonight is Open Mic night!  The first three have been a roaring success, with an incredible array of local talent showing up to play.  Rumor has it that Josh and Levi are going to be back again this week, as well as Richard whose energy and talent is loved by all.  Hope everyone comes out to say hello, and to enjoy some great musical talent.

    Wednesday "News on The run"

    Big news was Obama flying into Afghanistan.  Fact is, most of us do not care that his trip was a certain amount of political theater that has Republicans crying foul...GET OVER IT.  What I care about more is an agreement that is going to keep our American Troops in this God Forsaken hell hole through at least 2024..amazing how little that fact is being covered in the news loop.  The media also seemed to jump on the re-polish the tarnished Secret Service Bandwagon, making sure they pointed out the FINE JOB the Secret Sluts did in keeping the president safe on his trip into Afghanistan.  Of course they did...who wants a prostitute in a Burka.

    The Bully on the world stage (that would be China) wants an apology from America for harboring the blind activist in our Chinese Embassy in Beijing.  If Hillary Clinton will not do it, this blog will.  FUCK YOU CHINA!  Maybe you should start respecting the basic human rights of your citizens, then there would be no need to provide aid and comfort to those seeking asylum from your harsh and neanderthal behaviors and rules.

    Seems teh media is deliberately avoiding coverage of the Occupy Movements return as they start what is being called the American Spring.  Sadly, too many folks in the 99 percent seem to be asleep, or apathetic to their own plight.  There should be millions, not tens of thousands marching in the street demanding change, and that change could start by stopping Billionaires like Mitt Romney from getting elected.