Friday, August 31, 2012

Ryan & Romney Want To SPLIT Baby Boomer Vote...Divide Us Into Haves and Have Nots

Save Our Benefits...Benefits WE PAID FOR!
If you were born between the years of 1946 and 1964 you are a Baby Boomer.

If you are a Baby Boomer, you have PAID INTO Medicare & Social Security your entire working life. Sadly, the Federal Government over our working life has mismanaged our money, have borrowed greatly from the Social Security Fund, and now that it is time for us to collect what we have already saved for, our government wants to rewrite the rules in a way that will cheat us out of our benefits.

If you look at the Romney/Ryan plan to fix the problem, they want to divide the Baby Boomers into the haves and have not's as they protect the benefits for some, while taking the benefits away from others.  Listen to Ryan out on the campaign trail, and he says, "If you are over 55 nothing will change for you, you will receive your full benefits as you should.  I am 56, was born in 1956...what about the Baby Boomers who were born from 1957-1964?  If a line is going to be drawn in the sand, if you are going to change the way benefits are tallied, if you are going to change Medicare into a voucher system, shouldn't the line in the sand be January 1, 1965?

Taking a yearly average of 4 million births during the Baby Boomer time span of 1957-1964, Ryan and Romney would deny Medicare as we know it today to 32 million (about 40 percent of us) Baby Boomers, despite the fact that those born in 1964 have paid into the system for approximately 28 years as of the writing of this article, the Federal Government taking deductions out of our pay checks each and every pay period for a period of three decades or longer.  Imagine one brother or sister having Medicare Coverage that they have paid for, while a slightly younger sibling Baby Boomer is given a voucher (coupon) and told, "You are on your own."

If Romney and Ryan are going to strip away this paid for benefit, are they going to refund all the money (with interest) that the have nots have paid into the system they are now being denied access too?  What about Social Security...the age which we can collect has already been pushed back, and now both Romney and Ryan want to see that age pushed back again, even though we were promised by the government that if we paid into Social Security at a higher rate (percentage of our income that is paid into Social Security was GREATLY INCREASED), we could retire and collect full Social Security at the age of 64...they want to raise it to 67 and 70.

If someone is 55, if that someone has paid into Medicare for some 35 years, has planned on having Medicare in their old age, is it fair to suddenly pull the rug out from under them because government bureaucrats and elected politicians mismanaged the funds in such a way that there is not enough money to pay out the benefits as promised?  We bailed out banks, we bailed out Wall Street, we bailed out the auto industry, we bailed out AIG, but want to abandon our duty to 32 million Americans who played by the rules, who paid into the system their entire working careers?  Really?  We want to divide the largest group of American citizens we have in the name of winning an election, splitting the vote.

Wake up Seniors...Romney/Ryan wants your vote, so you are being told that your benefits are secure.  What about our benefits...those of us who are ALMOST IN YOUR SHOES who are being told that the Medicare we have counted on is going to be traded in for VOUCHERS!  What about one for all and all for one?  There are 79 Million Baby Boomers, and that is (bar none) the largest voting block in America, and if there ever was a time for us to all stand as one to protect Medicare, that time is now!

A vote for Romney as the next president is a vote to deny some 32 Million Baby Boomers the Medicare that we have EARNED...are you as a Baby Boomer born in or before 1957 going to stand with all Baby Boomers, or are you willing to turn your back on those born after you because YOU GET YOURS?

Romney Acceptance Speech a Snorefest

I am a news junkie, so even though I have no intentions of voting for a rabid right wing quarter billionaire by the name of Romney, did tune in tonight to watch his acceptance speech, see if he laid anything out that was real or different.  What a SNOREFEST!

The man has no clue, and still has not laid out anything to show America how he is going to fulfill his promise of creating 12 million jobs in four years...being straight forward honest, it cannot be done, and Romney and his handlers ARE LYING TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE, showing us they will do anything to get Romney elected.

Problem is, Romney is an out of touch, uber rich, boring man that if elected will rape America's middle class in the name of taking care of his rich friends.  Problem is, Romney will rape America's environment in efforts to give the oil, gas and nuclear industries everything they want, which is LESS REGULATION, and LESS PROTECTION OF THE AIR WE BREATH AND THE WATER WE DRINK.

Romney's speech tonight should make Americans stop and we share the vision of America that Romney and Ryan share?  An America where gays do not have equal rights, and America where women who have been raped cannot get an abortion.  Is our America the same one Romney wants, which is an America where the average Americans taxes are raised $2,000 a year so that he can give millionaires and billionaires a $250,000 a year tax break.  Romney's vision is an America where Exxon can drill anywhere they damn well want to, and Natural Gas companies like Chesapeake Energy can frack for gas even if in doing so we lose our clean drinking water supplies.  Romney and Ryan's America will deny over 25 million Baby Boomers the Medicare they have ALREADY PAID FOR, will take Medicare and turn it into a voucher system that sends our tax dollars into the private insurance industry while taking more money out of our pockets to pay for below par medical care.

Romney is a boring stuffed shirt with a dangerous vision for America if you are a lower or middle class American...hopefully, the undecided voters will wake up and see this scary reality and vote for Obama.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sullivan County To Outlaw Synthetic Marijuana? How About Legalizing Marijuana?

So, our county legislature is seriously considering outlawing synthetic marijuana...if you look upon the face of this idea there is some merit...any substance, real or synthetic when abused and misused is dangerous.  All one has to do is look at the number of people who abuse alcohol, get in a car and drive under the influence to realize this basic truth.  Problem is, prohibition does not work, while legalization of certain substances (alcohol and prescription drugs) and the regulation/taxation of them over a period of decades has proven to be a far more effective means than criminalization.

One has to ask, if marijuana were legalized, regulated and taxed, would there even be a need for synthetic marijuana? One also has to ask if law enforcement, the courts and a public/private prison system have a very vested interest in keeping marijuana an illegal substance, if they don't have a vested interest in passing a law to make synthetic marijuana illegal.  

Busting people, charging them, trying them in a court of law, incarcerating them is BIG BUSINESS which generates millions and billions of dollars a year on a local, state and federal level.  Would you rather have American Farmers growing marijuana and hemp as a cash crop that is taxed and regulated, or instead have billions of dollars (of our tax dollars) a year being spent to fight the drug war against Mexican and South American drug cartels?  65 percent of the profits earned by these cartels comes from selling marijuana to American citizens...eliminate their profit stream, you eliminate the cartels.  Does it make sense to arrest people for possessing/using a small amount of marijuana when many of those enforcing the laws against its use are users in their off time...isn't there a certain hypocrisy in that?  The last three presidents (Clinton, Bush and Obama) had their own brush with drugs...what would have happened if any of these three had been caught, arrested, charged and incarcerated as young adults?  Three lives ruined, three men who never would have become president, and a nation denied their minds and intellect.

Perhaps our county legislators should spend their time finding ways to deal with far more egregious crimes going on in our county, rather than worrying about banning another substance (which is actually the job of the FDA).  How many employers in Sullivan County are paying workers OFF THE BOOKS, skipping out on paying unemployment insurance, workers comp, Social Security and Federal Taxes? How many summer businesses pop up in our county that are unlicensed?  How many times are zoning violations ignored, no citations ever being issued?  Perhaps it is time for our elected officials in Sullivan County to start finding ways to tackle our serious issues, rather than looking for low hanging fruit that will get them into the paper so they can pretend they are doing the peoples work.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Legitimate Rape compliments of Renegade Raging Grannies

Thanks to the person who shared this video with me via Email.  Hopefully many of you will pass it along too all of your friends as it really captures the spirit of the Republican Party and their official Pro Life spokespersons Congress Todd Akin and Vice Presidential Candidate Paul Ryan.

Rainy Day Monday Local "News On The Run"

Watching out my window as rain falls upon our small hamlet washing away some of the dust that seems to come along with the traffic which often times races through our small community.

This past weekend saw Ed's Mountaindale Inn play host to the "Talking Machine" two person was a great night of musical entertainment, and the food was incredible.  I had the prime rib with the French onion soup as an appetizer, and delicious does not do the prime rib justice.  The Mountaindale Inn is now offering a full service dinner menu every Friday night from 5-10...stop by and enjoy a great meal.  

Saturday night, a regular visitor to our hamlet, and an employee at Uccelli's restaurant was involved in a serious car accident.  Rachael Wiener luckily escaped serious injury when the car she was in flipped several times.  Luckily she escaped with what could be considered minor injury...a concussion, some scratches, scraps and bruises.  We hope to see her up and walking around soon, and wish her a speedy recovery.

Talks are underway to form a Mountaindale Tenants Association (MTA)...look for an announcement soon about attending an informational/formation meeting.  Tentative plans are to hold the meeting in mid September, and if interest warrants, elect officers at an October meeting.  Anyone renting residential or commercial property within the geographical area of the hamlet of Mountaindale is eligible to join.  The organization's primary focus will be to lend assistance to renters who find themselves in a dispute with their landlords, and to provide information on tenants rights to people renting, or thinking or renting in Mountaindale.

Robert Uccelli's Mountain Charm Deli and Cafe officially opened for business, and the place seems to be fairly busy.  There is a nice selection of necessities, and deli sandwiches made to order...been in a few times myself, and the only complaint I have is the place needs some air a brief discussion with Robert, been assured that the A/C issue is being addressed.  So, if you need a cup of coffee on your way to work in the morning, stop by and say hello...Mountain Charm opens at 6:30 AM each and every morning of the week.

Don't forget...this Wednesday is Open Mic Night at the Mountaindale Inn...see everyone there.

How Much Will Ann Romney's MS Cost American Taxpayers, and Should We Have To Pay It?

Ann Romney Is Seriously Ill
As the governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney's greatest accomplishment was signing into law a bill that gave health care to every citizen in the state.  The bill included a mandate that individual persons, not companies/corporations had a personal responsibility to secure/purchase health care...this from the same man who stated in Iowa that Corporations are people too.  Romney Care was and is the model that Obama Care was based upon.  However, trying to prove that Zebra's can change stripes, Romney never mentions his own greatest accomplishment as governor, and instead has promised, that if elected president of the United States, he will eliminate Obama Care...what he intends to replace it with no one is sure.

There is an unwritten rule that a Presidential candidate's wife and family are off limits in the heated election season, and as a general rule, would tend to agree with this rule.  Problem is, Romney in promising to do away with Obama Care, is going to deny millions of Americans health coverage...Romney's wife has MS, and if elected President, the costs of providing health care to his wife Ann Romney will fall upon us the American taxpayers.  We will be saddled with taking care of his wife's health needs, covering the costs of her medical coverage for the rest of her life while her husband as President of the United States is taking health care access away from millions of Americans in the middle and lower classes.

The question then becomes, "Is it fair for us as Americans to have to provide Ann Romney with the best medical care money can buy, and pay for it through our taxes while he is denying us the same care?  The answer should be no, but what an answer should be, and reality are two completely different things.

I'm sorry that Ann Romney has (Multiple sclerosis)MS, but find it unacceptable that a man worth over $250 Million dollars will expect the American taxpayers to pay for her health care while he works diligently to take our health care away.  Such actions on Mitt Romney's part are hypocritical, and emphasize just how out of touch he is with the average citizens of our nation.

One last thought...can Ann Romney handle the stress and work load of being First Lady, and if she should have a serious relapse, considering how close she and Mitt are, could a President Romney mentally and emotionally handle the job of being president while dealing with a suddenly very ill and declining wife?

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Hurricane Bearing Down on Republican Convention...Sign From God?

We are a divided nation, and Washington DC is in gridlock as Republicans in Congress do everything they can to thwart any ideas that would improve the economy before the November Elections...the Republicans have spent the last two years tossing America's middle and lower classes under the bus in the name of winning the White House, seeing us as nothing more than acceptable collateral damage in a WIN AT ALL COST race to put themselves back in power so that they can perpetrate their Radical Right Wing Tea Party Agenda on the nation.

This past Sunday Todd Akin exposed an ugly truth about the party, showed Americans the dark and sinister under belly of the party that wants to send women back to the day when they are bare foot, pregnant and in the kitchen.  Todd Akin has shown that the Republican Party is full of radical religious zealots with an agenda that runs contrary to the will of the people...which does make one wonder as a tropical storm/soon to be hurricane sets its sites on God  sending the Republicans a message?

I'm not an overly religious person, would not be one to jump to this conclusion, but we all know just how God Fearing some in the Republican Party really are, and if some of their thoughts on obeying the word of God are correct, it might stand too reason that God is sending them a sign that they have strayed to far off the path of righteousness in the name of politics, in the name of the Republican Party.  Perhaps God would support a woman's right to choose, especially in cases of Rape and Incest.  Perhaps God, like Nancy Reagan supports stem cell research and the lives it saves.  Perhaps a Hurricane taking a direct hit on Tampa, raining on Mitt Romney's parade is God's way of waking up the Republican Party, his way of telling them they have gone to far.

Or maybe this tropical storm is just a bit of bad luck that might put a damper on the Republican Party's National Convention.

Romney Cannot Control Rogue Congressman

So yesterdays deadline for Todd Akin to resign from the race to become Senator from the state of Missouri, and he has decided to STAY IN THE RACE.  Mr. Legitimate Rape (and his bill co-signer Paul Ryan) has decided to ignore party big wigs, has decided to snub his nose at the Republican Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney and continue his campaign...ignore Tod Akin's stupidity, and look at Mitt Romney...if he cannot control and convince one Rogue Republican to step down for the good of the party, then how can he rule a nation?

Todd Akin Has the Inside Scoop: Women Can't Get Pregnant from 'Legitimate Rape' [UPDATE from Akin Campaign]

Mitt Romney is the leader of the Republican Party, and in some ways Todd Akin gave Romney the chance to seize on a teachable moment, gave Mitt Romney a chance to show his ability to be a leader, and Mitt Romney BLEW IT BIG TIME.  Mitt Romney's original response to Todd Akin's remarks was tepid, reserved and tentative.  It was only yesterday afternoon that Romney finally told Todd Akin to step down for the good of the party.  Instead, Mitt Romney should have been bold and forceful from the very start of this National Scandal.  

Mitt Romney could have forcefully condemned Todd Akin's words and views.  Furthermore, Mitt Romney could have stood up to the RADICAL RIGHT WING OF HIS PARTY and insisted that the Akin pro-life wording in the Republican Platform be changed to provide and exception for rape, incest and the life of the mother...instead, Mitt Romney stood SILENT on the issue, allowed the most rabid members of the far right craft a party position that runs (supposedly) contrary to his own views on the subject of abortion...he goes on TV and states that a Romney/Ryan White House will be one where victims of rape and incest have access to an abortion.  Problem is, Romney's running mate, the man that is one breath away from being president holds the same views on abortion that Mr. Legitimate Rape (Todd Akin) holds, Paul Ryan was a co-signer on Todd Akin's bill which would have outlawed abortion in all cases except for FORCIBLE RAPES....are not all rapes forcible?

Todd Akin has shown us that the King has no clothes, has shown America that on this important issue where over 67 percent Americans support victims of rape and incest having access to abortions that the entire Republican Party, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are out of touch with the will of the people...if they are out of touch on this important social issue, what other issues are they out of touch on?

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Todd Akin Seeks Forgiveness For " legitimate rape" Comments

VP Nominee Paul Ryan Connected to Todd Akin's Hip On Abortion Views...They Are Siamese Twins.
Unless you live under a rock on mars you know about Todd Akin's "legitimate rape" comments made a couple of days ago, and the Republican Fallout from those remarks.  The calls for his head from some of the biggest names in the party was almost immediate, even though both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan hold almost identical views to Congressman Akin's...the Republican Presidential Candidates  just smart enough to only make such callous remarks privately.  
“If it’s a legitimate rape, the female body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down. But let’s assume that maybe that didn’t work or something, I think there should be some punishment, but the punishment ought to be of the rapist, and not attacking the child.”

Every citizen of the United States should be outraged by Todd Akin's remarks.  Many Republicans have rebuked the man for his callous remarks, BUT NOT FOR HIS BELIEFS, as his beliefs are their beliefs as can be witnessed by vice presidential candidate Paul Ryans CO-SPONSORSHIP of a fetus rights bill that would have banned all abortions, even in the case of rape, incest or to save the life of the mother.  Even today the Republican Party Platform MIRRORS Todd Akin's beliefs and position on the matter, just in (apparently) more acceptable words.  

Instead of stepping down, instead of letting the Republican Party sweep his own dirty laundry under the table, Todd Akin has gone to the airwaves with a commercial seeking forgiveness.  In his commercial he says he, "used the wrong words in the wrong way" and asks for forgiveness.  If you put everything together, if you believe he used the wrong words in the wrong way, then his explanation makes his real words just as bad as his wrong words.  He said he was searching for the word forcible when he said there ever a rape that is not forcible?  Are you aware that forcible rape are words Paul Ryan has embraced, has used himself?

Perhaps the entire Republican Party needs to follow suit, perhaps the Republican Party, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan need to put a commercial out on the airwaves asking every American for forgiveness.  Rape is rape, and who are any of them to feel they have a right to pass laws that would force them to carry a child of rape to term...that is a decision that only the woman raped can make with the help and guidance of her friends, spiritual leaders and medical staff.  

There are on average almost 90,000 reported cases of rape in the United States yearly...key word being reported.  Each and every one of those rapes were BRUTAL, and every one of those rapes has the potential to end up in pregnancy.    Who is Paul Ryan or Todd Akin to tell these women that they have to carry that child of rape to term?  Some of those rapes were perpetrated on the victims by members of their own family...Paul Ryan believes that a woman impregnated by rape by a relative (incest) should be required by law to carry her father, uncle or grandfather's child to term.

Are these the kind of MEN we want representing us in Washington, DC?  Are these the kind of men we want in the White House?  Perhaps it is time for the entire Republican Party to take a step back and re-examine their own morals and values, perhaps it is time that they join Todd Akin in begging the American people for FORGIVENESS.

Friday, August 17, 2012

Dick Cheney/Karl Rove Through Operatives Working for/Controlling Mitt Romney?

LISTEN...We Know How To Fool The Masses
Watching the Navy Seals video (Swift Boat II) one cannot help but see Karl Rove and Dick Cheney's prints all over this piece of Republican Propaganda aimed at swift boating Barrack's Obama's Presidential Campaign.  Funny how Republicans were fine with George W. Bush taking credit for the capture of Saddam Hussein, yet have issues with President Obama getting/taking credit for the killing of Osama Bin Laden.  Obama is the Commander and Chief, and he gave the why shouldn't he get some of the credit?

There is a lot of truth in the statement "A Mitt Romney presidency will be four more years of George W. Bush", and lets remember just who it was that put America's economy into the ditch...George Bush, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and Donald Rumsfeld to name a few members of the cast who killed the American Dream in the name of personal riches and fame...are we ready to return to those days?  Do we want a president that wants to tax the middle class and give tax cuts to the uber rich?  Do we want a Romney presidency that will see over 20 million Baby Boomers lose their Medicare as Romney steals it away and gives them a handful of worthless vouchers instead?  Do we want a Romney puppet in the White House while Dick Chaney and Karl Rove pull the strings from behind the scenes?

Romney and company tip their hand with the Navy Seals attack video, have shown us who their mentors and their handlers are...unless you want another four years of the disaster that was the Bush Presidency, you need to begin supporting President Obama's bid for another four years in the White House.

Can I Have a 13 Percent Tax Rate?

If My Husband Is Elected YOU Will Pay For My Health Care For Rest Of My Life!
Mitt Romney and his taxes are back in the news again today...he is telling the world that he looked over his past ten years of taxes, and states he has paid an AVERAGE of about 13 percent over that period of time!  First, be willing to bet that almost everyone in the middle class paid a higher percentage of their income in taxes than that.  Now, lets factor in a few things we paid that he probably did not.

1.  Medicare/Medicaid taxes...those are paid on wages, not on the kinds of income that Romney has.
2.  Social Security Taxes...again, something Romney does not pay because of the kind of income that he receives.
3.  Workers Compensation.

Factor those three additional line items into the mix, and most middle class families see about 20 percent of their gross incomes going to taxes while Mitt Romney pays THIRTEEN PERCENT, and wants to lower that percentage more by giving himself and his other rich cronies earning over 2.5 million dollars a year an additional tax break of $250,000 a year!

The average of 13 percent...that does not answer a key question put to Romney...were there years when you PAID NO TAXES?  Offer up your returns, and stop hiding the UGLY TRUTH.

Sullivan County Property Taxes....Enough Is ENOUGH

Seems that our County Legislature wants to close a very large budget hole by voting to remove a property tax cap, to hit property owners with an additional increase in property taxes of somewhere between 5 and 10 percent.  Simply stated, the property taxes in Sullivan County are "TOO DAMN HIGH" as it is, and the citizens simply cannot afford another rise in already exorbitant county property taxes, and in the case of those who rent, they cannot afford rent increases in a time of economic despair that most landlords would want to levy to offset such a property tax increase.

As example, looked at a house for sale the other day which is on the market for $70,000 (asking price) and the yearly property taxes on this property are $3,300 per year...almost five percent of the total value of the property if you were to pay full asking price for it.  Do the math, and you realize every 20 years would see you paying the full value of your house in property taxes.  When the property owners of the county say they "just cannot afford any more taxes" they are very serious, and speaking from their hearts. There is something terribly wrong when the escrow amount to pay property taxes would be more money than the mortgage itself would be.

Perhaps it is time to wake up to a simple reality...Sullivan County needs more year around residents, and far fewer summer visitors...yes, our sales tax collections are slowly recovering to prerecession levels, but what hurts the budget is a simple fact...summer residents only pay sales taxes for three months of the year rather than 12 months of the year.  Couple that with the large number of properties that have been granted questionable tax exemptions for claimed religious reasons, and you have to few people being asked to carry to large of a burden.  Taking steps to discourage further summer residents, and to build our year round resident population would increase sales tax collections on a year round basis, and take the tax target off the foreheads of our county's home owners.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Illegal Aliens Seek Reprieve From Deportation

Today the flood gates to a back door AMNESTY for hundreds of thousands have opened as illegal aliens apply for a reprieve that gives them:

1.  A two year reprieve from any/all actions leading to their deportation.
2.  A Work Permit that would allow them to steal jobs from legal citizens during the two year reprieve that they would be granted.
3.  A drivers license...if granted a reprieve these illegal aliens would be allowed to get driver licenses regardless of state laws.

Every application, from my perspective, should be turned over to ICE/DHS and those who have come forward should be rounded up and deported...harsh?  Yes it is, but in these hard economic times our government has a responsibility to take care of our own, and illegal aliens regardless of their country of origin ARE NOT OUR OWN.  We are supposed to be a nation of laws, and what Obama's executive order does is by pass those laws for political reasons, appeases a group of people who are criminals.

Know the arguments on the other side...all we want is to live our lives, hold down jobs, and live the American Dream.  Problem is, nearly 12 million illegal aliens, 7.5 million of them working in the American work force are living their own dreams by STEALING THE DREAMS OF AMERICANS.
The work permits essentially allow holders to live in the daylight; they will be able to obtain Social Security numbers and driver’s licenses and apply for financial aid for college. They will be able to open bank accounts and seek certifications to work as nurses and electricians.
Is it fair that illegal aliens in many states get "In State Tuition" while American Citizens who in many cases live just over a state line have to pay a much higher out of state tuition rate?  Is it fair that the law that makes it illegal  for a illegal alien to be employed is ignored, that our own children cannot find jobs because so many illegal aliens are in our work force?  Is it fair that smokers (I know everyone likes to beat up on them) saw an additional dollar in taxes added to the price of a pack of cigarettes so that the 4.5 million anchor babies of illegal aliens could have health insurance?  Is it fair that hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens under 30 who have used stolen/fake ID's are going to be allowed a two year reprieve from deportation, a reprieve that will more than likely lead them down the path to becoming legalized American Citizens, allow them to jump to the front of the line in front of hopeful immigrants who have played by the rules, obeyed the immigration laws of the United States of America?  If an America were to steal an ID, or purchase one they would find themselves arrested and charged with a felony...why are illegal aliens not held to this same standard?

In almost any other situation where a person violates the laws of America, the family ends up paying a price...why should it be different for illegal aliens?  If someone commits murder, is sent to prison, the family, the children do pay a price, we do not sit here and say, "for the sake of the family we'll let the father stay out of prison, allow the father to continue working and supporting his family."  What makes the crime of illegal immigration different?  If we are a nation of laws, isn't it time that those laws are enforced, rather than set aside, thus encouraging these law breakers to find a way across the border into the United States with the knowledge that if they make it here, politicians in Washington DC will allow them to stay?

Statewide Burn Ban Ignored in Mountaindale

Can We Say State Wide BURN BAN?
Sitting outside my apartment earlier this evening could not help but notice a merry band of young men with one senior adult walking past on the other side of the street.  Especially when they were all carrying plastic bags, one of the young men carrying two Tiki torches, another a sword...though it is noted that the sword looked as if it might have been made of plastic, though none the less it was a sword.  To say the least, this was ODD in our small hamlet, so I decided to have a look see.

Cutting down around the Upsate Karate Studio, and barely down the path leading to our small scenic bridge the gentleman carrying the two tiki torches lit them, and flashlights NOT what one usually sees in Mountaindale, so decided to stand my distance and see what transpired.

From what one could tell, these eight or so gentlemen were having a late night picnic down by the stream behind the old abandoned high school on the edge of town...nothing persay wrong with that, but the campfire that they comminced to build, its sparks leaping into the air, and into the near by woods seemed to run contrary to Governor Cuomo's state wide burn ban.  

A call to the local Fallsburg Police saw them arrive well over one hour later (great response time)...long after the fire had been extinquished and the group had left, to look into the banned fire that was but feet from the woodland area.  Still outside, I watched as those who had built the fire left the area, so I asked a question of them..."Are you aware there is a statewide band on fires?"

The leader of the group replied, "No, but it is OK, we got permission from Ken."

Now there are several Ken's in the area that I know of, one of which is a judge, so not sure who this Ken is that said they could go back to our beloved bridge and start a fire.  What I do know, is that someone thinks they are above the law, or perhaps they believe the law does not apply to them.  A fire ban is in place for a protect ALL OF US who live in the Mountaindale Community.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Rock Hill Comes Up Short In Quest To Win Gold

Last night Sullivan Renaissance held their annual awards ceremony giving out over $100,000 in grants and scholarships.  Having draw up the plans for Rock Hill's Category C project, I was watching the results closely, hoping the community would walk away with the Golden Feather award, and the $25,000 grant that comes along with it.  Sadly, that hope was not enough, and congratulations to Narrowsburg Beautification Group who walked away with the big prize of the night, with Liberty Community Development coming in second,  walking away with a $10,000 grant for future projects.

Not all is bleak for the hard working group over in Rock Hill.  As the person who drew up the designs for Rock Hill's project this year, was very pleased to see they did not walk away empty handed, winning the award for Best Planning and the $5,000 grant that goes along with it.  If you get a chance, head over to Rock Hill's new Farmers Market location, and appreciate the efforts put into this award winning project.

Congratulations to all of last nights award recipients...any one who participated in Sullivan Renaissance Projects was already a winner.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Ryan Romney Plan For America...TInkle Down Economics

Ryan may be on the bottom of the Republican Party Presidential Ticket, but when it comes to the Republican Plan to save America and restore prosperity, leave no doubt about it, Paul Ryan is steering Romney's ship as the two of them try to win the White House, and that reality means Americans from every walk of life need to wake up to the reality of a Ryan/Romney short, it is a yellow version of Reagan's Trickle Down Economics where we were falsely led to believe that what was good for the rich was good for the middle and lower class, that their prosperity would trickle down to the rest of us...under the Paul Ryan & Mitt Romney plan, the middle class will find themselves pissed on by the uber rich...thus Tinkle Down Economics.

So, if you find yourself in the 99 percent instead of in the one percent, ask yourselves....are you willing to be pissed on by the likes of Mitt Romney, the man who earns $36,000 a day?  Are you willing to be pissed on by the likes of Paul Ryan, the man who wants to raise your taxes while those earning over $2.5 million a year (Mitt Romney) receive a $250,000 additional tax reduction as the so called JOB CREATORS...can any one say Bain Capital?

Sure here in Sullivan County we have a few folks (Gerry) who are UBER RICH, and there are probably a bit larger number of folks who could be considered seriously wealthy, but for most of us, we fall into the categories of either middle or lower class, and like it or not, Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney's plan for America has painted a target squarely on our foreheads.  When you go into that voting booth in November to choose are next presidents, ask yourselves, "Can I afford to be pissed on by these two men for the next four years?" 

Paul Ryan Being HECKLED At Iowa State Fair

Just in on CNN, though they are not directly reporting it...Bubble Boy was speaking at the Iowa State Fair, and the entire time he was trying to speak he was being HECKLED, average America Citizens frustrated with the obstructionist Republican Party shouting out, "Stop the war on the middle class."  

Look for this campaign to get VERY UGLY, and it is possible we could see riots at the Republican Convention this year.

Open Question To Mitt Romney About Bubble Boy Paul Ryan

Dear Mitt Romney:

I too am a BUBBLE BOY
I just watched you on CNN saying that one of your intimate cronies in the business community would like to see the Constitution of the United States amended in a way that candidates for the office of President should be required to have a minimum of three years corporate business experience.  You went on further to say that you agree with this position.

Since you agree with this line of reasoning, my question to you is as follows.

Paul Ryan's only job was working BRIEFLY as a consultant in his family's business.  The rest of his entire working career has been spent as a Washington insider, first working for Jack Kemp's Think Tank, and since the age of 29 serving in short, if you agree that a candidate for President should have at least three years of actual  corporate business experience, what in God's name made you choose a Vice Presidential candidate (who is one step away from being President) that has ZERO BUSINESS EXPERIENCE?

Inquiring average middle class Americans want to know...OH...silly me, you and Ryan don't care about America's middle class, so guessing you will not show up here on my blog and answer this question.

Temple Of The Little Green Men-August 18th HAPPENING!

It is August, and time for another fun night of excitement, fun and comradery at the WORLD FAMOUS Temple Of The Little Green Men!  If you look in the dictionary under Alternative Interpretive Theater there is a good chance you will you'll find a picture of this wonderful place and space.

Event Theme...Doggin Daze Puppy Love
BYOD- Dogs in costume welcome. Best in show. Obedience school. Loads of ass sniffing.

Dogs in costume are WELCOME
(Muzzles where appropriate)

  When:  Saturday August 18th, 2012

                    143 Old Glen Wild Road
                    Glen Wild, New York 12738

Come prepared for a great night of worshipping some fantastic off beat humor, musical talent, and perhaps hear another great irreverant sermon on a politically hot button issue of the day.  The Temple Band will as always be performing.

Monday...News On The Run

Clock Pole Vandalized
First, seems that vandalism struck our small hamlet this past Saturday night.  Though the town clock has been down for repairs for some time now, the solitary pole it hung from has proudly stood watch for some time, waiting for its majestic time piece...that is until Saturday night when it got pulled down, apparently by a couple of intoxicated young men.  

One can ponder on how it might have happened...perhaps they wanted to leap up an do a pull up, or perhaps they took a running jump hoping to swing on the cross bar.  However it happened, it is unfortunate, and taking a look at the pole cannot help but wonder if it would still be intact had it been properly cemented in.  In either case it is very unfortnate, and its demise over the weekend probably means the hamlet's dearly loved clock is not going to be making a reappearance any time soon.

In other news of import for our small town...According to the sign in the window we will have a brand new Cafe/Deli opening here in town this Thursday!  A quick peek in the window of the shop shows some grocery items are already in stock, there is an ice cream cooler, pastry display case, and a deli counter.  So, starting Thursday we will have a place for a good cup of coffee and a pastry, a place to order up a deli sandwich or pick up a pound of deli meats, and starting in September the store will also be carrying cigarettes for those not wanting to jump in their car for a pack of smokes.  Not sure when it will occur, but rumor has it that the convenience store will also be carrying a selection of good beers!
New Coffee Shop/Deli Opens Thursday

As always, Wednesday night is Open Mic Night at Ed's Mountaindale Inn...bring your instruments, your ears and join everyone for a great night of music and conversation.  Not sure what is on tap this week, but the Mountaindale Inn always has two great Craft Beers each and every week.  You can also get a really good burger at the Mountaindale Inn or perhaps a fabulous pizza pie...general consensus is that Ed makes the best pies in town.

For those so inclined, this Saturday night is going to be a lot of fun as the "Church of The Little Green Men" once again opens it doors for a must attend fun night of surprises.   

Mark your calendars for August 24th...the Mountaindale Inn will be having a LIVE BAND!  As always, there is NO COVER CHARGE, and the doors open at 4:00 PM with live music from 8:00 PM till Midnight.  Should be a great night for music lovers.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

What Would You Consider This?...Harassment? Stalking?

Imagine sitting in your apartment on a Sunday enjoying some coffee, watching the latest news on CNN, taking a look out your window to the street below to see someone not just looking at your car which is legally parked on the street, but looking inside your legally parked car.  Take it a step further, and imagine seeing those same people taking pictures of the interior of your car, close up and personal.  Imagine these people being so obvious about it that your neighbor comes over from across the street too tell you about it, confirming just what it is that you yourself had just witnessed, verifying that the actions of the people guilty of this invasion into my space was seen as more than odd by someone else living here on Main Street.

Would you consider such actions on the part of someone you knew harassment?

Would you consider such actions on the part of someone you knew as stalking?

Would such an invasion into your personal space be upsetting to you?

Wish that this were a hypothetical scenario, or perhaps the storyline for a short story, but this actually occurred today here in our small hamlet of Mountaindale.  What were these people doing snooping around my car, why were they taking a close intimate look inside my vehicle, spying/snooping into the contents contained therein?   Why were they photographing the interior of my car?  It may sound funny, but finding myself looking at what has occurred cannot help but feel violated, the perpetrators invading my personal space and my property.

Inquiring minds want to know...what kind of people think they have the right to just snoop/spy on the citizens of our town, what kind of people think they have the right to peer into the interior of peoples cars, to take photographs of the contents therein as if they are casing the vehicle for some far more sinister reason or purpose?  Do I have to worry that my car is going to be broken into?  Do the people guilty of this invasion have some desire to wish me bodily harm, or perhaps intend on sabotaging my vehicle in the hopes of causing me to have an accident?

Yes, I know...a bit melodramatic, but done so to make a point.  Unless someone is involved in criminal activities, unless someone is under surveillance by a member of law enforcement, they should be able to park their car/truck on the public street here in Mountaindale without fearing that some social deviant is going to be out there taking close up photographs of the interior personal effects in said vehicle. Such an act is far more than just an invasion of privacy, it is a violation of my personal space and property that leaves me feeling both vulnerable and unsafe.

To those guilty of this invasion into my personal space, if you want an inventory of the contents of my car, just ask and I will be more than happy to provide it to you.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paul Ryan, Republican Bubble Boy

It's official, Paul Ryan is Mitt Romney's running mate...which means it is time to give the man some much needed closer scrutiny, and what soon becomes apparent, is the man has spent almost his entire adult life in a bubble, a bubble that sees himself, his wife and children living off the largesse of the American taxpayer, while talking about taking away the various social programs that we have earned over the course of our own life times.

As example, Paul has been a Congressman since before he reached the age of 30...his twelve plus years in the House of Representatives will see him collecting a pension in excess of $80,000 a year on the day he would become the Vice President of the United States (this would be in addition to his salary as the VP) should Romney get elected in November.  Additionally, his kids would be insured at the expense of the American taxpayer until they reached the age of 26, while he and his wife are guaranteed PREMIUM HEALTHCARE compliments of the United States taxpayers for the rest of their lives.

Paul Ryan is a bubble boy because he has never really held a job in the private sector.  Sure some might argue that his mentor-ship at the feet of Jack Kemp while working for his Washington DC think tank should count as a real job, but fact is he was at that think tank being groomed to be a politician, was at that think tank to develop his close intimate ties with the lobbyist on K Street.  Which should cause every American to ask a few questions.

Is Paul Ryan really ready to step in and be President of the United States if God forbid something were to happen to Mitt Romney...the answer to this question is a resounding NO in bold capital letters.  He has no real world experience, has never been anything but a politician ready, willing and able to sell himself out to the highest bidders on K Street...proof of this can be found by comparing his campaign donations to his voting record will a Congressman.  As example his Economic Plan for America calls for cutting social service programs to the nation's lower and middle class citizens while at the same time rewarding his handlers (Wall Street and K Street deep pockets) who earn over 2 million dollars a year with a $250,000 a year reduction in their taxes.

His complete lack of understanding of, and compassion for average Americans can be seen in his readiness he exhibits to basically do away with Medicare, and scale back Social Security payments to average Americans...benefits mind you that we have paid for with deductions every week out of our paychecks...he seems to care less that he and Congress should be prosecuted for malfeasance for so mismanaging the funds over a period of decades, routinely stealing money from the Social Security Fund to use in other areas.   

Perhaps if he wants to scale back these programs, he should start with his and his fellow representatives perks...IE, once elected into the House of Representatives, these politicians qualify for a guaranteed retirement pension of at least $42,000 beginning the day after they leave office after only FIVE YEARS ON THE JOB! Ryans case, with his time in the House of Representatives, his pension will be in excess of $80,000 and will be paid to him for the rest of his life starting at around the age of 43!  After only 12 years in Washington DC he is guaranteed top of the line health insurance for the rest of his life regardless of what does or does not happen with Obamacare after the first of the year.

You wonder why Mitt Romney chose Ryan...they are two peas in a pod, two bubble boys living in a world that has nothing to do with living the live of an average American, two bubble boys incapable of understanding the plight of the common man.    One has to ask, "Are these really the kinds of men we want leading America, being the two most powerful men in the world?

Ryan Romney Ticket Set In Stone...Republicans Out To Destroy Middle Class To Save Rich and Elite

Woke up to the news that Romney had made his VP middle and lower class hating Paul Ryan.  Went out to the kitchen to watch this supposed BOLD MOVE unfold, and had to laugh when Mitt Romney himself announced Paul Ryan as THE NEXT PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES...the big moment muffed by the man with the plan himself.  Romney cannot stop tripping over his own tongue, and being honest, Paul Ryan and his Ryan Plan for America is flat out scary if you find yourself in the lower or middle class, are a senior citizen or soon to be senior citizen counting on Medicare, if you are a woman, or if you are a minority.  What these two men both hold in common?  Tax cuts for the uber rich, and balancing the budget by punishing every one else, cutting social programs for the less fortunate.

So, the Republicans have officially laid out their plan for America, set it in stone this morning...if we send Ryan and Romney to the White House, allow Republicans to continue having control of the Congress, all of us in the lower in middle class can look to a future where we, where are children are slaves to the man, we can look forward to an America that has returned to the days of the Company Store.

I would encourage EVERY AMERICAN to carefully read the Paul Ryan Budget Plan.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Dream Act SHOULD NOT Be Part Of Democratic Platform At Convention

Watching CNN this morning saw where there is a push amoung those in the Democratic Party who support AMNESTY for Illegal Aliens to see the Dream Act and its passage put into the Democratic Convention Platform...I disagree strongly with this position, and find it more than unsettling that either party panders to a group (any group) that represents the agenda of criminals, and like it or not, illegal aliens (especially those who are employed in America) are criminals, repeat offenders who deserve what the law calls for, which is deportation back to their home countries.

Sadly, the Latino community and the tens of millions of illegal aliens in this country have so far successfully made the issue of illegal immigration one of race and human rights when it is actually a matter of law, a matter of seeing that America for all Americans and citizens of the world is a "Nation of Laws", rather than a nation that enforces laws only when it is convenient to enforce them.  Federal laws as written should require strict enforcement of our immigration laws, with both border and interior enforcement.  Further, our laws dictate that ANYONE hiring illegal aliens is also breaking the law, and enforcing those laws against employers, be they individuals or companies would see the job magnet that attracts illegal aliens shut off, and if there are no jobs for those in America illegally, then they for the most part will SELF DEPORT.

“…Federal immigration law determines whether a person is an alien, the rights, duties, and obligations associated with being an alien in the United States, and how aliens gain residence or citizenship within the United States. It also provides the means by which certain aliens can become legally naturalized citizens with full rights of citizenship. Immigration law serves as a gatekeeper for the nation’s border, determining who may enter, how long they may stay, and when they must leave.

Making the Dream Act a part of the Democratic National Convention Platform might appease and placate the supposed Latino voting block, but how many non Latino voters sitting on the fence will see such inclusion of the Dream Act as cause to reconsider their vote in what will be a close race for the White House.  7.5 Million illegal aliens hold down jobs in the American economy, while some 16 million legal American citizens are out of work or under employed...many of those unemployed Americans would be working now if our government (local, state and federal) were doing their jobs, were enforcing our laws on the books.  So far, special interest groups representing illegal aliens and corporate interest who want cheaper wages have been able to convince politicians to cater to the agenda of those who support AMNESTY for illegal aliens...including the Dream Act in the Democratic Convention Platform could change that as Main Street Americans standing on unemployment lines say, "ENOUGH ALREADY".

Lets make America a nation of laws for everyone by ENFORCING OUR LAWS, and lets stop kowtowing to a criminal element (illegal aliens) by including in the Democratic National Convention Platform endorsement of the Deam Act which is AMNESTY by any other name.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Stalking In Mountaindale...?

Imagine a nondescript black car parked at the end of your block late at night, imagine realizing there are two people sitting in the car WATCHING YOU, perhaps even recording your movements, sounds and conversations.  

That was an experience the patrons of Ed's Mountaindale Inn found themselves in last night at just before midnight.  A car pulled up across and down the street from the bar, the people inside turning off the vehicle's lights and engine as they began what could only be considered surveillance of a CREEPY NATURE.  The car eventually pulling out,  driving very slowly down the street past the bar, turning around, sitting for awhile again watching everyone outside of Ed's, and then  the two people in the car departed.

One thing was apparent...all those at the bar who were aware of what was going on (which was all of us) felt as if we were being stalked. 

Stalkers use a variety of methods to harass their targets, and yes those who are victims of stalkers are being harassed, are TARGETS. The single minded inventiveness, persistence, and obsessive nature of stalkers is almost unimaginable, until you find yourself  the target. Last night, several patrons, citizens of the downtown Mountaindale Community found themselves just that...unwilling participants in some strange stake out (targets), as the Mountaindale Inn and its patrons were put under unwanted and undeserved SURVEILLANCE.

What were we doing to find ourselves under the microscope?  Having fun, enjoying some great music, quaffing down a beer or two, sitting outside (around the side of the building) at picnic tables enjoying some quiet chat with friends, smoking cigarettes.   Do we really need, desire self appointed noise vigilante's in our small hamlet?  Do we as citizens of this community want to find ourselves under constant scrutiny, cars pulling up in the middle of the night, the people inside watching even recording our every move?

Saturday, August 4, 2012

August Goings On At Mountaindale Inn! Come Join The Fun

Looking for some great fun in the Month of August...try Ed's Mountaindale Inn located at 69 Main Street in the hamlet of Mountaindale.  There are some great special events!

August 10th, 2012...Prime Rib Dinner Night...Ed can cook up a serious prime rib, and the last Prime Rib night saw the prime rib dinners sold out, so you might want to RSVP!  (845) 434-1023 

BIG MUSIC NIGHT...Friday, August 24, 2012 from 8:00 PM-Midnight the Mountaindale Inn is pleased to announce a special performance featuring the band Talking Machine!

Dianne Holzhammer and Chris Holub are Talking Machine, the culmination of years of combined musical expertise. Separately the two are accomplished musicians in their own right, yet together the duo utilize their experience, technical prowess, and style to create a pleasing, cathartic assault on the senses.
I've heard these two high energy performers live on numerous occassions, and it is ALWAYS A TREAT, so mark your calendars.  Plan on a great evening, come early, order a great pizza, sandwich or other delightful menu items and stay late.  NO COVER CHARGE, so bring a friend.

As always, every Wednesday in August will be OPEN MIC NIGHT with your hostesss Kelsey!  There is some great talent that shows up for this event, so come enjoy some of Sullivan County's musical talent.

Sullivan Renaissance Judging Starts on August 9th!

It is that time of year again....Sullivan Renaissance Judging!  Who will this year's winners be, will Rock Hill win the Golden Feather Award with the design drawn out by Sherwood Martinelli...stayed tuned as there will be more information to follow.

Sullivan Renaissance Press Release:


Awards Ceremony on Monday, August 13at SUNY Sullivan

Rock Hill Farmers Market Project
[BETHEL] – Teams of experts from outside Sullivan County will spend August 9 to 12 visiting 25 Sullivan Renaissance projects before selecting winners in three beautification categories and honoring one project for the best overall showing of flowers.  For the first year, judges will also recognize one of 11 long-time maintenance participants for the abundance of flowers in their community.
Judges will also acknowledge projects with stewardship awards for excellence in historical preservation and best design.  All participants will receive completion grants.
The eleven experts – all with past Sullivan Renaissance experience – include individuals with horticultural, planning, community and international knowledge.  This year’s panel includes: 
·         Ted Blowes – Communities in Bloom, Stratford, Ontario, Canada; Immediate Past Chair of the Communities in Bloom Program in Canada; has been a Renaissance judge since the program began in 2001.

·         Nicole Franzese – Director of Delaware County Planning Department since 2000 (with department since 1990); provides technical assistance on comprehensive plans, main street revitalization, zoning review, grant writing, SEQRA compliance, watershed management issues.

·         Donna Harrison – Has judged over fifty communities with Communities in Bloom in Canada, six years provincially and nationally starting in 2000; has also been involved in the judging of The Winter Lights initiative for several years.

·         Michael Newhard – Life-long resident and four-term Mayor of Warwick; artist and partner in Main Street retail store; is an advocate of community re-vitalization, historic preservation, farmland and environmental protection; Warwick was 2003 national winner of America in Bloom and is the 2010 international winner of Communities in Bloom.

·         Linda Onofry – Retired Montessori school teacher at the Homestead School in Glen Spey; grew up and resides in Port Jervis; a 21 year member and past president of the Garden Club of Orange & Dutchess Counties.  

·         Peter PatelHorticulturist/arborist for the Orange County Arboretum in Montgomery; Certified Arborist – International Society of Arboriculture, Cert. Nursery/Landscape Professional, and member of the Tri-County Nursery Association; owns ArborHeights Designs, LLC.

·         Karen Schneller-McDonald – Ecologist and wetland specialist; Hickory Creek Consulting LLC, Red Hook, NY; provides natural resources planning, wetlands identification, and environmental impact assessment services to municipalities and specific projects.
·         Ann Smith An avid gardener for over 35 years; member of New York Botanical Garden, Friends of Boscobel and the Colonial Williamsburg Foundation; past board member of Cornwall Garden Club; garden associate specialist for Devitt's Garden & Supply, New Windsor.

·         Deborah Sweeton – President and co-owner of Techni-Growers Greenhouses Inc.; published books in Common Sense Gardener series; past OFA board member; chairs Cornell Floriculture Advisory Committee; chaired Warwick in Bloom in 2004; won 1st and 2nd prize in Kathy Puhfal container competition at Cornell University in 2007 and the international challenge in 2010.

·         Michael Sweeton – General manager/marketing director for Techni-Growers (clients include Brooklyn Botanic Gardens); NYS Certified Nursery Professional; Town of Warwick Supervisor; President of the Orange County Association of Towns, Villages and Cities; serves on Orange County Citizens Foundation Board and Orange County Planning Board.

·         Tim Stoddard – Has a design degree and lived in Western Europe for years where he pursued an interest in architecture and landscape design; works on projects for the federal government, corporations, community and private homes; lives on Jersey Shore and heads his community Beautification and Landscape Committee. 

Projects are judged for aesthetic improvement, collaboration, youth involvement, permanence and an ability to be maintained. 
Winning communities will be announced at the Sullivan Renaissance Awards Ceremony on Monday, August 13 in the Seelig Theater at SUNY Sullivan in Loch Sheldrake.  Doors open at 6:00 p.m. with light refreshments; the program begins at 6:45 p.m. 
Communities selected as the most successful in completing their Category A and B projects will receive additional grants between $1000 and $10,000.  The Golden Feather Grant of $25,000 will go to one of four Category C projects.  Judges will also award separate grants for “Showing of Flowers” including a special prize to communities that received maintenance support.
Participants in all Sullivan Renaissance programs will be recognized, including: mini-grants, seasonal communities, and environmental initiatives.  Young people will be acknowledged for participating in the intern leadership program.  Scholarships will be announced by SUNY Sullivan Foundation and the Community Foundation of Orange and Sullivan Counties.
Sullivan Renaissance is a beautification and community development program principally funded by the Gerry Foundation.  Sponsors include Bold Gold Media Group/Thunder 102, FisherMears Associates, Kristt Company, Robert Green Dealerships, Sullivan County Democrat, The River Reporter, Thompson Sanitation and WSUL/WVOS. 
For information, contact 845-295-2445 or

The 411 On Calling 911...Free Informational Meeting at Mountaindale Fire House

The Mountaindale FD First Aid Squad is hosting and information meeting on the when and how of using/calling 911 for medical emergencies.

  When:  Sunday, August 12, 2012
Where:   Mountaindale Fire House
              Main Street in Mountaindale

   Time:  1:00 PM

You can learn:

How to avoid having to call an ambulance.
How to know when you absolutely MUST call 911.
What to do while you're waiting for EMS.
Who we are and what we do once we arrive.

Free Refreshments, Free Sugar and Blood Pressure Screening


For More Information:
(845) 434-3425

Too Noisy In Mountaindale? Give Us a Break

Kelsey Performing Live At Open Mic
Upon arriving home today I found a note on my door inviting me to a meeting on Sunday if I was concerned about noise on the Main Street here in Mountaindale...if it were not for the fact that I was already aware that some woeful citizen has been beating drums at city hall, filing numerous complaints about the loud noise in front of our local restaurant bar, "The Mountaindale Inn" it would hve come as a great surprise to me.  My first response to the noise complaints is, "someone needs to get a real life" and let people here in our community make a living...quite a feat in these hard economic times we live in.  My second thought is, "Who is complaining when MOST OF THE CITIZENS in the bustling downtown area of Mountaindale actually frequent Ed's bar, and a couple of our citizens (not including the owner) are dependent upon "The Mountaindale Inn" and its customer base to earn a living.

Ed's establishment first and foremost is a licensed bar in a commercial area.  Secondly, as a general rule, it is not a loud nor rambuctious place...people come in, order a pie or a great burger (Ed does make some great burgers) have a couple of beers, say hello to friends and head home.  For a lot of us, home is a walk of less than three hundred feet in one direction or the other. 

The loudest night of the week is Wednesday nights when the "Mountaindale Inn's Open Mic Night" plays host to a lot of our local musical talent...this quiet bar on some Wednesday nights gets a real crowd, and those in attendance hear some really great music. If you go from the school house on Main Street down to Old Post Hill Road on Main Street, almost all the citizens who live (not work) downtown in our small hamlet where in Ed's restaurant bar having a good time, listening to music, talking (both inside and have to smoke outside) and eating some really good food.  

Life and business is not conducted in a vacuum...people are going to make noise.  Every time a loud car or a motorcycle goes by the alarm on my own car is set off.  I live above a community space in the hamlet, and when events are held there, I hear them.  There are some nights when kids are playing basketball up on the court by the train station, or just hanging out in the alley way beside my bedroom window and I hear them.  You cannot own a restaurant/bar, cannot hold and open mic night, cannot stand outside any place in this small hamlet without someone hearing is part of life, and a part of the fabric of the community.

In the entire time I have lived in this community. there have not been any fights outside of Ed's place, there have not been any loud screaming matches going on.  There have been people talking, telling jokes, laughing, but nothing out of the fact, when I found out about the first noise complaint, downloaded a decimal meter app to my phone to check the noise levels the next week at Open Mic.  The loudest readings were when various cars and trucks drove by (not stopping, driving by).  For the most part, the readings were all under 60 decibals, with an occassion momentary upswing if the door openned and a small group were exiting the place to enjoy a smoke, or to say their goodbyes before heading home.

For this, the one place in our hamlet where there are serious signs of life is being harrassed?  Sure if the police came by and got their meters out they would find the noise in and around the "Mountaindale Inn" is within allowable limits.  Sure they would find patrons who were behaving themselves, and also sure they would on a busy Wednesday night find most of the residents of downtown Mountaindale in the bar...working, playing music, or having a good time.  Maybe those making the complaints should try letting their hair down a bit and coming in and having a good time.

For those insisting on being whiners, Ed has graciously schedule a meeting this Sunday, August 5th from 12:00-1PM to hear complaints in the hopes of finding ways to appease those few unhappy campers who seem intent on A) ruining a fun time that many here in the community enjoy, and B) creating an untenable situation for Ed Zukowitz that could potentially see him having to close down after being here for over 23 years.  You can also call Ed directly at (845)434-1023 if Sunday's meeting time is inconvenient to you.

One last thought...I would think that those making these noise complaints would realize that the fine officers of the Fallsburg Police Department, various employees of the town of Fallsburg have better things to do than investigate complaints meant to do nothing more than harrass one of Mountaindale's few businesses, a business that has been here now for some 23.