Friday, July 13, 2012

Crank Call wastes Precious Public Resources.

The Fallsburg Police have their hands full in the summer time with the greatly increased population that comes into our area, and they do a fine job handling this extra work load. What they do not need is someone wasting their precious time. Imagine my surprise yesterday when a uniformed officer drove out to Mountaindale to check on a complaint that my car was “abandoned.” it seems that one of Mountaindale's citizens decided to bear false witness and made a decision to call the Fallsburg Police Department claiming my car had not moved, and was abandoned for a period of over 48 hours.  
The officer, who coincidentally lives in Mountaindale, immediately knew my car when he saw it. He sees me regularly driving it all over the area...into Woodridge, Fallsburg, Thompson and other local communities.  He immediately informed dispatch that my car was LEGALLY PARKED in a public parking space on our Main Street. 
I've spoken with higher ups in the Police Department, and I am going to speak with the officer who had to make a run out to our hamlet to see if charges for filing a false police report can be filed against whomever lodged the false report. Obviously this is a case of harassment, but more importantly, it is a huge waste of Fallsburg Police Department resources and manpower in this, their busiest time of the year.  The prankster who made the call should be ashamed of themselves, and should be aware of the fact that filing a false police report is a crime.