Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mitt Romney and His Cronies Self Absorbed Arrogance Allowed Secret Recordings Too Happen

If Those Seniors Really Knew What I Think of Them!  LOL
If you watch the full video of the Mitt Romney Tapes (Romney Tape Gate), it appears conservative to state there were at least 20 well heeled (uber wealthy) rich Republicans who paid $50,000 each (minimum) to sit down and break bread with Mitt Romney.  If you look at the video, you can pretty well pinpoint where the camera was placed...

So, lets think about a few things.  20 people is a conservative number for this fund raising event, but we will stick with that, and state that the dinner bill was one million dollars.  It is also obvious that the patrons received very good service from those who waited on them...you know, hard working lower and middle class wait staff and kitchen help.  Good service should get a 20 percent tip...we all know that did not happen, the staff did not split a $200,000 tip.  In fact, would be surprised if the entire wait staff shared a tip of $1500-$2000 for their work.  Fact is, if they had been properly tipped, there is a chance that video shot at the event might not have seen the light of day.

The person hosting the event, Mitt Romney and his staff never gave a thought to those working the event, saw and see them as nothing more than a part of the great uncleaned masses, saw them as WAIT STAFF and nothing more...perhaps if they had seen them as people, perhaps if they had not taken them for granted, perhaps if they had given any thought at all to this staff, a camera would not have been positioned in the staff area recording Mitt's talk.  Perhaps if these self absorbed, self serving arrogant folks had really thought about it all, they would have had tighter security in the kitchen serving area, would have swept the place just before the event started, would have put the kitchen/wait staff through security screening...but the fact is, these UBER RICH folks don't see these people, do not see average people who they have deemed are beneath them at all.  

Mitt Romney's words are damaging enough...the fact that someone so easily video taped this private fund raising event from start to finish speaks volumes about the stupidity of himself and his staff.  Sorry, but a presidential candidate should have people around him that make sure such things don't happen.

Mitt Romney got secretly taped because he does live in a bubble, Mitt Romney got taped because he is out of touch with average every day Americans.  Mitt Romney was taped because he and his staff were and are too stupid to realize that those people waiting on him and his friends are more than likely a part of that 47 percent he so disdains.  Mitt Romney got taped because he does not see most people at all because we are not in his social class, are in his mind not worth being noticed, let alone acknowledged.