Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"News On The Run"...Things Here in Mountaindale

Woke up to rain...which is fine, as we desperately need some of the wet stuff....especially since it has just been announced that this has been the hottest summer America has ever recorded since record keeping began.  Of course, there are still some (Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan) who will insist Global Warming is a hoax.

We are losing a very talented clothing designer at the end of this month who will be vacating 47 Main Street as she heads back to her home state of Minnesota.  

Many of us suffer from allergies...ragweed, golden rod and other weeds contributing to our suffering.  A walk around our hamlet, and other villages shows us there are several yards/lots that have not been mowed all summer, some of the weeds over four feet in height.  A perfect example of this is the vacant/abandoned lot right next door to the Post Office.  Not sure who owns this lot that so many of us walk by every day, but do know it has not been mowed even once this entire summer. 

Town of Fallsburg ordinances state that grass is not supposed to be taller (on average) than six inches.  Now I can understand an open field out in the country not being mowed, and appreciate the beauty it represents.  But do wonder why it is that vacant/abandoned lots within the limits of a town, village or hamlet are allowed to grow out of control when we have an ordinance requiring that these lots within town limits be maintained...in fact, the ordinance goes so far as to state the town will mow the lots themselves and bill the property owners if these lots are not maintained.  These in town/village/hamlet lots covered in weeds present a serious inconvenience and health hazard to those suffering from allergies, so if Steve Veglianti and the town board are reading this, it would be nice if someone would address this issue here in Mountaindale, and in some of our other small hamlets and villages within their governmental jurisdiction.  Those suffering from allergies would thank you for it.

Don't forget...every Wednesday is OPEN MIC night at Ed's Mountaindale Inn which is located at 69 Main Street in downtown Mountaindale.  Bring your voice, instrument and self and enjoy some great local musical talent from 8 PM till around midnight.

We end on a funny note...apparently there is nothing newsworthy going on in the Town of Fallsburg...vist the town of Fallsburg's reworked webpage for news, and the page is literally BLANK.