Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Why Give $1.5 Billion To A Nation That Attacks Our Embassy?

You Folks Insult YOURSELVES...GET A JOB!
It is 911, a day of both mourning and remembrance here in America...it is not the day where our embassy in Egypt should have been attacked by a bunch of asshole religious zealots.  If Egypt and their Muslim Brotherhood president want too allow these kinds of things to happen, then it is time that America stops giving them $1.5 BILLION (with a B) dollars in US military aid each and every year.

To those who attacked our embassy...get over it.  We here in America have FREEDOM OF SPEECH, we have the RIGHT to say whatever we want about anything and everything.  You today desecrated our flag, but take offense if we burn one of your Korans...what makes your book of scriptures more sacred than our flag, or a Christian's bible.   

Here is a clue...if your Allah tolerates and even approves of your heinous actions today, your terrorist activities such as bombing our Twin Towers, if your Allah approves of your senseless violence, then HE IS NO GOD BUT INSTEAD IS A FALSE PROPHET, by proxy and association is a murderer and thug, which makes him nothing more than a sleazeball scum, a demon-spawn born from Satan's loins.

If my words on this the eleventh anniversary of 911 offend you get over it.  These words, just like the movie you have taken offense to are not the words of the United States, BUT MY WORDS as a United States citizen practicing his FREEDOM OF SPEECH.  I take offense to your actions as a radical extremist, the actions of today, the actions that we hear about in the news on a far too frequent basis.  May the one and true god, whomever she or he may be, give you just what it is that you deserve on judgement day...my guess...there will be no virgins waiting in heaven for you, as you will spend your eternity feeding the flames of hell.

As to your nation, the nation of Libya...you have SHOWN YOUR TRUE COLORS, and it is time that our government stop giving you a bloody red cent, it is time for us to take that money and spend it in our own homeland.