Tuesday, May 3, 2011

April 30th Clean Up/Maintenance Day Great Success

This past Saturday, the Mountaindale Economic Development Project, our Sullivan Renaissance Project Committee and local volunteers got together for a day or work and play here in our beautiful little hamlet, and with the weather cooperating, a lot of work was accomplished, with those participating having a great time.

The Hummingbird Garden (a 2009 Renaissance Project) received some much needed pruning, grooming and weeding...still some work to do, but it is presenting nicely. Looks like we need to replace a few plants, but overall, the garden wintered well, and the daffodils that are now in bloom there should soon be replaced with other flowers of the season. Work was begun on the Main Street water statement (small water pond) which is located adjacent to the Mountaindale Community Art Center. The bedding was cleaned, dirt turned, and some annual seeds planted around the pond for some additional WOW factor.

Some serious time was spent tying construction ribbon around trees that need to be thinned out for this years Renaissance Project over in the Rails to Trails corridor...unfortunately, someone (perhaps not realizing their purpose) came along later in the day and took them all down, so we will have to go in and remark said trees slated for removal using spray paint.

There was a GREAT DEAL OF ACTIVITY behind the school, much of it centered around washing off the maze, and cleaning up around the nature bridge. Add too this list of accomplishments the first mowing of the season, and Mountaindale is really looking beautiful as we welcome the month of May, and the summer visitors who are beginning to make their appearance in our community.

A very special thanks to all the wonderful volunteers who helped us this past Saturday...our small town looks as beautiful as it does because of each and every one of you.