Sunday, May 1, 2011

Great Anti Frack Organization Meeting Today in North Branch

On my way home today, made a significant detour over to North Branch, NY for a Volunteer Organizational meeting hosted by Catskill Citizens.  First, please visit their website.  Secondly, consider donating to their cause, as these folks are working VERY HARD to reach out to the community, educate the public to just what FRACKING is, and to persuade our politicians in Albany to do the right thing.  

My biggest regret today is that I did not have my camera along with me, so have to plan a second trip to the area in and around North Branch...if you want to see just what is at risk as the (un)Natural Gas industry plans a FRACKING ASSAULT on our lands, you could not ask for a better example than the drive along 17B out of Monticello toward North Branch.  Beautiful lush farm land, steams and rivers shaded by majestic trees, fly fishermen knee deep in rushing waters, a trout on the line.  Saw one American Bald Eagle, and so many hawks that I lost count of them.  It is truly God's Country, and the Natural Gas industry wants to despoil it extracting Natural Gas to sell to China...YES, IT IS example, Chesapeake Energy has been selling LARGE SHARES of it's own holdings in the Marcellus Shale to overseas investors interesting in shipping it overseas, the largest deals being made with Chinese State Owned CNOOC.

Just here in lower New York State, we need to awaken and educate some EIGHT MILLION CITIZENS to the risks of Fracking, educate them on just what it is they stand to lose...both in natural beauty, and more importantly in clean fresh SAFE DRINKING do that, organizations like that need your support, and your donations...just the yard signs that THEY HAND OUT FOR FREE are four dollars each, and trust me, the Natural Gas industry is giving away their own signs that read, "Friend of Natural Gas" it is imperative that organizations like Catskill Citizens have the ability to get their own signs out in peoples yards, imperiative that they have the resources to put a No Fracking button into the hands of every citizen they can find willing to wear one.  Hopefully, those reading this blog will get involved in whatever way each of you can.

Which brings me to ONE LAST REQUEST in this article.  I have been charged with a task...start compiling a list of Wolves in Sheep's clothing Environmental Groups, or Pro Natural Gas organizations that are a FRONT for the Natural Gas Industry, are wholly, or mostly FUNDED BY THE INDUSTRY...if we are to fight their PROPAGANDA CAMPAIGN, we have to identify their FALSE FRONT ORGANIZATIONS.  So, if any of you know of organizations being FUNDED BY THE NATURAL GAS INDUSTRY, please email me their Organizational Name, and if you have it a link to their website.  You can send the information to: All email will be kept confidential, but every organization identified and verified as being funded by the Natural Gas Industry will be A) put on a widely distributed list, and B) featured in our newest blog project, "FRACKTURDS".