Thursday, May 5, 2011

Mountaindale Odds and Ends

May 5th...first, today would have been my Mom's birthday, "So Happy Birthday Mom".

Being a busy week here in Mountaindale on several fronts. This evening, we have some Girl Scouts coming in to do some Community Service work on one of our gardens. Will have pictures of this later on. Speaking of Girl Scouts, today is pretty much YOUR LAST CHANCE to get Girl Scout cookies until they come back around again next year! So, if you haven't gotten them, or you want a few more boxes to put into the freezer, better make your move...I am thinking I need at least a couple more boxes myself...SO BAD I know!

Last night there was a Spring Workshop run by the folks over at Sullivan Renaissance, and a few great pointers were picked up. For instance, did you know that Apple Cider vinegar in a spray bottle makes a fabulous weed killer...and its ALL NATURAL. Another tip...92 percent rubbing alcohol (again in a spray bottle) is great to take out to the garden with you. Realize you grabbed some poison ivy...spray it with rubbing alcohol! So, great workshop, and of course I enjoyed the cookies.

This year's Renaissance project is taking shape...we have a commitment to get water to the new gardens, so a REALLY BIG THANKS to the town government over in Fallsburg. Plans are moving ahead to do some much needed Pre-Installation site clean up, and our Rails to Trails sign is going to get some repair work done to it. So, very excited to see that moving forward in a big way.

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