Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Would You Support an Organic Bread Bakery In Mountaindale?

We here at the Mountaindale News are doing some market research this afternoon on BREAD. Hot, warm, delicious homemade bread that could be made right here in our little hamlet of Moutaindale, NY. Obviously, we are very excited about this possibility and are hoping our readers will be as well.

Ken and Barb Schmitt of Diversified Realty have been contacted by a very talented professional chef who is interested in possibly establishing an artisan bakery in Mountaindale at the location of our former pizzeria. If everything comes together, and they are just in the very early talking stages, do you think you as a resident of our small hamlet see yourself frequenting a specialty bakeshop in town? Would you be a regular customer of such a shop, or do you see yourself, your family using it more for special occasion breads and baked goods? Would knowing the breads are made of both organic and locally grown ingredients make you more likely to support such a business endeavor for our community?

All of this chef's breads are naturally made with no chemicals or additives in them. She makes her own yeast and uses organic ingredients. Whenever possible, she also uses locally grown flour, honey and eggs. Pictured above is a sample of the type of bread she would be producing in our neighborhood. Do you think you might visit? Would you tell friends and how far do you think they might travel if it were fresh, delicious & fairly priced? Monticello, Ellenville, Liberty...please let us know your thoughts as we investigate this wonderful opportunity for our small hamlet here in the Catskills.

*Side Note-this resident would both love and support such a bakery, and I would be the first to spread the news of its opening to all the seasonal campers I know up at Skyway. I can see many of them more than willing to drive into Mountaindale from camp for some fabulous homemade breads and baked goods.