Monday, May 23, 2011

Girl Scouts Raising Funds For Quake Damaged Japan

In March of this year, an 8.9 on the Richter Scale Earthquake struck Japan, devastating the Island Community, the resulting Tsunami sweeping thousands out to sea, and crippling the TEPCO Nuclear facility, creating a nuclear accident that we now know is worse than Chernobyl. The tragic events have for the most part faded from our evening news here in America, but our friends in Japan are not out of mind, and we know they still need our help as they go about the long arduous task of rebuilding from not one, but three disasters of almost biblical proportions.

Some of the Girl Scouts here in Sullivan County, New York recently held a fund raising event to help their sisters in Japan. The night of fund raising involved girls from Community 532, which includes the Towns of Fallsburg, Mamakating & Thompson. Troops 401, 580, 604, 676 and 738 participated in the evening's events which included using paper in the fine art or Origami, as Origami Guru, Aaron Schmitt, lent help and instruction as the Girl Scouts created Cranes (which are perceived as a symbol of Peace and Good Fortune in Japan) and other creations with their new found skills.

As a national organization, the Girl Scouts were/are devastated by the catastrophe Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan - their collective hearts deeply concerned about their sisters there, the Girl Scouts of Japan who have been touched by these tragic events.

For decades, the USA Girl Scouts Overseas has served American military and civilian families in Japan for many years, and has close ties with Girl Scouts of Japan. In fact, many Girl Scouts in Japan are sister troops of troops here in America. After receiving many calls from Girl Scouts around the country asking how to help Japan, the National Girl Scout leadership was/is happy to report that the policy prohibiting Girl Scouts from raising money for other organizations has been temporarily suspended. This allowed our Sullivan County New York troops to make this evening of fund raising for Japan possible.
From Girl Scout Memo: Girl Scouts of Japan relief efforts

To contribute to earthquake and tsunami relief efforts, you can make an online donation to the Girl Scouts of Japan Relief Efforts until May 31, 2011. At times like these, Girl Scouts throughout the world come together in sisterhood to help those in need. We have seen our Movement rally in support of the victims of Hurricane Katrina and other natural disasters over the years, and will continue to do everything we can to help our sister Girls Scouts of Japan in the weeks and months ahead.

Where will the funds go?

We can assure you that 100 percent of all relief funds will go to the national organization, Girl Scouts of Japan to be used for families affected by the earthquake and tsunami. If you have any questions, please feel free to email us at

Make checks payable to Girl Scouts of the USA:
Girl Scouts of the USA-Fund Development
P.O. Box 5046
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