Friday, August 26, 2011

FREE One on One Home Beautification Tour

If you have been contemplating some fall beautification efforts around your house, this offer from Catskill Harvest is a must event...imagine a professional coming to your home for a one on one tour, this professional making suggestions, and as a thank you, getting a no strings attached $25 gift certificate to use any way you want at Catskill Harvest! Call and make your appointment today.

Catskill Harvest Home Beautification Tour

Book a no-obligation tour before September 9 for a



This isn't just a piece of property. This is a Home. And a Home deserves all of the care and attention that you'd provide for family members & close friends.

Our Home Beautification Tour is a brand new offering from the Landscaping & Construction team. The tour involves a 1:1 home-design walk-through & consultation with Catskill Harvest owner Will Foster. Together, you'll come up with fresh ideas to beautify & improve your Home this Fall.

You'll receive a free, detailed estimate. And the $25 Catskill Harvest Gift Certificate has no strings attached. Call 845-292-3833 before September 9.

What goes into Home Beautification?

Home Design & Construction


Services related to the Home and what's inside its walls:

** New home design & construction

** General property management & maintenance

** Guest homes & cottages

** Remodeling & restoration

** Kitchens & baths

** Carpentry & cabinetry

** Interior painting

** Electrical & plumbing

** Insulation & heating systems, including radiant floors

Home Design & Construction photo gallery

Landscape Design & Installation


Services related to what falls outside the walls of your Home:

** Landscape design & installation

** Garden & lawn maintenance

** Fencing, stone walls & patios

** Screened porches, decks, terraces & patios

** Pools, ponds, fountains & waterfalls

** Storm water drainage & routing

Landscape Design & Installation photo gallery

More Landscape Offerings


** Raised bed vegetable gardens

** Foundation veneers

** Driveway layout & engineering

** Exterior painting & roofing

** Woodland management

** Wind break tree lines

** Storm damage clean-up

We developed the Home Beautification Tour to help you focus on your Home's design, aesthetics and long-term value.

Schedule a Home Beautification Tour before September 9 for a free estimate and the $25 Catskill Harvest Gift Certificate. Call 845-292-3833.