Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hurricane Irene...Cleaning Up In The Aftermath

Sit on a bench on Main Street here in Mountaindale this week, and what you will see is truck after truck passing through our hamlet, carrying stone, rock and crusher run to road repair projects. The damage from Hurricane Irene is everywhere, and it is going to take a long while to repair it all. I took just a short drive yesterday, looking at Park Hill Road where one whole side of the road gave way. Spoke to town of Fallsburg workers who have spent so far two full days rebuilding and stabilizing this hillside piece of road.

From there, I drove along Spring Glen Road where Sullivan County workers have been struggling to stabilize numerous areas on both sides of the road where Hurricane Irene just ate up huge chunks of land, washing way banks until sections of the road collapsed.

This road trip ended up at 209 where State road crews were out in force repairing just one small section of this state road that was washed away, traffic backed up for miles as vehicles. took turns navigating what for now is a one lane roadway heading into and out of Ellenville over in Ulster County.

Seeing all this damage up closer in personal, it's scary to think that FEMA finds itself broke, out of funds during our citizens time of need.