Friday, August 26, 2011

Mayor Bloomberg Orders Mandatory Evacuation Ahead of Hurricane Irene

The good news...right now, Hurricane Irene is only a Category Two Hurricane...the bad news is we ALL NEED TO TAKE THIS SERIOUS. Mayor Bloomberg has ordered a mandatory evacuation of all citizens living in a low lying area in all five boroughs of New York...this has never been done before, which hopefully gives everyone an idea of just how serious this situation is, just how dangerous this storm/hurricane heading our way can be.

If you live in any of these areas, or have friends/relatives living in these low lying areas, please encourage them to heed the warnings, to heed the evacuation orders. Our state's first responders are going to have their hands full as it is, and we as citizens have a responsibility to be our own first responders.

Also just in...all public transportation in New York City is shut down effective noon tomorrow. Also, many public roads are being shut down as well, including East bound traffic into Atlantic City.

Current storm track sees New York getting hit Sunday morning with a Cat 1 Hurricane hitting Long Island, with a lesser chance down of New York City taking a direct hit...expect storm surges of 3-6 foot...the worst of the weather should have passed all of us by Sunday evening.