Monday, August 22, 2011

Girl Scout Leader CPR Training

It is well known that Girl Scout Leaders are selfless volunteers. However, did you also know that Scout Leaders are required to maintain their First Aid & CPR (cardiopulmonary resuscitation)Certification and keep it constantly updated in order to have a Troop? The Adult Volunteers are responsible for the well being of the young women in their Troop and always need to be prepared for the unexpected during either a meeting, program or special activity.

Girl Scouts Heart of the Hudson Leaders from Community 532, representing the Towns of Fallsburg, Monticello and Mamakating, meet each month at a leader's meeting in Mountaindale. One of the recent topics was whether the First Aid/CPR class could be presented right here in Mountaindale for the 5 hour course, rather than have each leader drive to Orange County for certification. Volunteer Community Chair Barb Schmitt was able to contact Council Staff who were all too eager to help. Adult Volunteer Development Manager, Kathie Cayton, devoted all day Sunday, August 21st. to teaching area leaders all the latest techniques in how to provide emergency care until EMS or paramedic staff can take over.

The leaders enjoyed interesting educational videos of various emergency situations, coupled with plenty of hands on experience in delivering CPR compressions; mouth to mouth resuscitation; and bandaging each other. An update in the course included a lot more emphasis on emergency use of an AED, or Automated External Defibrillator.

The Leaders always hope they will never be called upon to use these skills but stand ready 'just in case.' Girl Scouts also offers a Babysitting Certification Course for its young women, and this too, offers preparedness training for emergency situations as the Scouts begin to take on neighborhood babysitting jobs.