Thursday, August 11, 2011

Mitt Romney...Everything Corporations Make Eventually Goes To People...BLINK!

At the Iowa State Fair, Mitt Romney, presidential wannabe Billionaire responds to higher taxes on Corporations with the quote, "Everything Corporations Make Eventually Goes Too People."

Curious here Mitt...what people? The riches three percent of America's population that control over ninety percent of America's private wealth? People like yourself? Looking at the fact your response came in response to a query on the government meeting its responsibility and promises as relates to the social programs of Social Security and Medicare, is it your position that cutting benefits that citizens have already earned, already paid for should be cut rather than taxing the uber rich?

Isn't it the lower and middle class who work day in and day out, who do the HEAVY LIFTING that create those profits for corporations, with those profits then being given to only a very small percentage of people at the top of the food chain? I would greatly enjoy providing you an opportunity to explain yourself, your statement, here in our small rural hamlet of Mountaindale NY.