Monday, October 3, 2011

Local Girl Scouts Hold Bridging Ceremony

Local Girl Scouts were here in Mountaindale Sunday morning to hold their Bridging Ceremony as these local Scouts move up, graduating from one level of Girl Scouting to another. Bridging is one of the most important transitions that takes place in a Girl Scout's life. It is a defining moment, where a girl becomes aware of all her achievements, is ready for new adventures and responsibilities as she moves up into a more advanced group.

According to the Scouting website, "Celebrating this change should be fun, personalized, and memorable for everyone involved" and yesterday's event was this and so much more, with the girls excited, parents sitting proudly, cameras at the ready as their daughters crossed the bridge, leaving behind their past, while carrying their memories of personal accomplishment with them as they crossed the bridge to their new adventures and responsibilities.

As an outsider, one of the touching moments witnessed was younger and older girls escorting one another over the bridge the first time important part of the Girl Scout experience is being a sister Scout to all your other sister Scouts who are in Girl Scouts. Taking personal responsibility to be there for them, to help them progress in their own journeys as they explore and experience all that Girl Scouting is. Seeing them hand in hand escorting one another over the bridge was a very symbolic moment, and it was a pleasure to have witnessed it, though I did not fully understand the symbolism of it until after the ceremony when I asked one of the Scout Leaders about it.

The girls and leaders involved were from Troop 738 with the leaders being Antonia Colombo & Maria Avelllino. The Troop was a blended troop of Brownies & Juniors, so the Brownies bridged to Junior and the Juniors bridged to Cadette with the help of their Sister Scouts. A number of young Daisy Scouts and new Brownie Scouts also participated enjoyed the wonderful experience of the ceremony that they will have one day.