Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Passing Of A Legend...Steve Jobs You Will Be Missed

Issac Newton, Albert Einstein, and Thomas Edison...perhaps some of the most innovative and brilliant minds of all time, individuals who changed the world, reshaped how we viewed and saw the world. It is not a stretch to state we have lost a legend of similar stature with the passing of Steve Jobs who was/is far more than Apple...he, simply stated, reshaped our world and how we interact with it.

We all knew some time ago that his time with us was short...we just had no idea just how short it was to be. As a geek from back in the days of pocket protectors who grew up as computers grew up, as a person who has watched the Personal Computer become a part of our every day lives, watched as Steve Jobs took that concept into the next dimension, I am saddened by his loss, grieve his passing.

Gods Speed Steve, we all wish you success as you take the talents you shared with us in this world, and share them with the greater Cosmos above...we all look forward to the day when you bring the star pod to the heavens above.

Farewell and goodbye did well.