Tuesday, October 11, 2011

New Yorkers Living on the Shale say "No!" to Fracking

The facts are clear:

1. New Yorkers living in the area to be most widely fracked oppose any drilling for Natural Gas that includes the use of the highly dangerous industrial practice known as Hydraulic Fracturing.

2. Governor Cuomo and Delaware River Basin Commission are in cahoots with each other as they try to stack the deck in favor of the Natural Gas industry...the Delaware River Basin Commission as DELIBERATELY and EGREGIOUSLY (emphasis added) postponed a October 21st vote on Hydraulic Fracturing, moving the vote back to Novermber 21st, 2011 right at the start of the Thanksgiving Holiday week, and right in the middle of most of the public meetings on the Draft SGEIS here in New York...this deliberately moves the vote away from the day when all citizens opposing fracking had planned their protests, had taken off from work to be there.

Meanwhile, this poll from Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy shows conclusively that we here in Sullivan County ARE OPPOSED TO FRACKING...question is, are our local elected officials listening to the WILL OF THE PEOPLE, or the will of the Natural Gas industry? You can answer that question with one simple question to your elected officials, "What zoning restrictions have you put in place to keep Natural Gas drilling using hydraulic fracturing from coming to our community." If they have not passed these restrictions, serious consideration should be given to the idea of giving them a PINK SLIP.

New Yorkers Living on the Shale say "No!" to Fracking

In the first poll of its kind, New Yorkers who live in a region targeted for shale gas extraction told Pulse Opinion Research they don't want to be fracked. Seven out ten residents responded that they don't want "natural gas extraction by means of hydraulic fracturing" in their town; an even greater percent favor zoning ordinances to restrict the process.

7 out of 10 oppose fracking 3 out of 4 support zoning restrictions

The poll of 500 Sullivan County residents was commissioned by Catskill Citizens for Safe Energy and conducted between October 1st and October 3rd. It has a sampling error of plus or minus 4.5%, and a 95% level of confidence. Residents who said they didn't know enough about hydraulic fracturing to have an opinion were not included in the poll.

You can read more about the poll here.

Tell the Cuomo Administration to stop trying to push fracking down the throats of rural New Yorkers. It's time to withdraw the Draft SGEIS and prohibit high-volume hydraulic fracturing.

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