Saturday, October 1, 2011

Looking For Fall Photographs For Our Blog

For our regular readers, you know that we have changed our sidebar pictures, starting out last winter with some shots taken in the cold of that season. Our current pictures were put up for the late spring summer season, and now with fall upon us, it is time to replace our photographs once again. If you have a favorite FALL PICTURE, and would like to see it on our side bar, send it to Sherwood at and it just might end up getting used for the season.

I am going out in the next couple of days with my camera here and taking some shots as well. If you submit a picture, make sure to include your name so we can give you a photographers credits in an article that shares submissions with our readers. Your photographs can we something from this year, or even a favorite picture from some other time. Please make sure it is email in a jpeg or gif format for ease of posting to the blog.