Tuesday, June 14, 2011

BYOT...Bring Your Own Technology...To Class

There was a very interesting article on CNN early last week on a teacher out in Los Angeles (Enrique Legaspi) who has embraced the technology that is Social Media, instructing his students to BYOT (Bring Your Own Technology) and be ready to give your answers on TWITTER. As you can imagine, opinions were varied, people weighing in (via Twitter) on both ends of the spectrum. Some of the tweets:

@cwindon: "The concept is fine but Twitter shouldn't be taught in school. What about the parents who don't want kids using social media?"

@meanmindyjean: "I hope my own children's teachers will consider this. My son would benefit. Twitter finds a place in the classroom."

@BarneySTJ: "Not sure if i agree with how this teacher is using twitter in the classroom but I definitely agree with the attempt."

@mightyjackstar: "The changing face of the classroom, and I think it's great - Twitter helps shy kids speak up in class."

Personally, find myself far more willing to embrace the technology that is Social Media and Twitter, than I was in allowing Calculators in the class room. With one, you are still providing the answers, simply using technology to send them to the instructor, while with the other, it was the technology providing you with the answers. What is your opinion? Should we change the rules that have our children's Smart Phones and IPod's turned off during class, or instead should we embrace the technology, and find ways to use in in helping our kids learn? Let us hear from you.