Thursday, June 16, 2011

Last Minute News...Susan Honig Reflexology Workshop Tomorrow Night At Radiant Yoga

Just in...Janet is hosting another wonderful workshop tomorrow night in the Radiant Yoga Studio with Reflexologist Susan Honig called, "Soothe your Sole." The workshops at My Radiant Yoga are always great for the mind, body and soul, so if you have Friday night open, drive on over to Mountaindale, as this is just another in a great series of Healthy Living workshops offered in our small hamlet.

Foot Reflexology-technique of applying gentle even pressure to “reflex” points in the feet, resulting in beneficial effect on other parts of the body.

Event Details:

Soothe your Sole: a Treat for the Feet

Friday, June 17
8-10 pm
in Mountaindale

Reflexology Workshop at Radiant Yoga in Mountaindale

Singles and Couples Welcome.


Begin your evening with:

Partner Stretching/ Restorative Yoga
5:30-7 pm
All Welcome!

Workshop with Yoga Class

Call (845) 866-7822 to register or email

Reflexologist Susan Honig

Specialties include prenatal reflexology and reflexology for cancer patients.

Susan Honig has a vibrant private practice in NYC and serves as a Hospice volunteer. She is available for private sessions Upstate on weekends. To Schedule: (212) 570-5120.