Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tickets to Elton John Concert at Bethel Woods Still Available...If You Know Where To Look

How many of us would love the opportunity, in our own backyard, to witness Rock Legend and bonafide SUPER STAR Elton John?...a lot, that is for sure, as witnessed by the number of people who lined up to get tickets for the September 3rd show at Bethel Woods. Problem is, most people, including those supposedly lucky 250 who were given stubs/vouchers to purchase tickets were sadly dissappointed, sent home empty handed by staff at the Bethel Woods ticket window.

From the newspaper article in the Sullivan County Democrat, as well as other stories from people who were there, or knew someone who was there, or claimed they knew someone who was there, the basic story is went on sale on May 23rd at Bethel Woods. Before they went on sale staff at Bethel Woods went out and gave the first 250 people standing online was assumed, that those with said vouchers would get the opportunity to purchase tickets, and the rest of those who had driven over were SENT HOME, were just not going to get to see Elton John in concert.

Then the story gets more complicated...the time arrived for the tickets to be OFFICIALLY available, and in short haste (well less than one hour) the same staff who had handed out the numbers to 250 lucky souls went out and told most of those people, SORRY, THE SHOW IS SOLD OUT, you need to go home...EXCUSE ME? Some pointed out they had vouchers, coupons, were one of the 250 chosen ones.

It was explained, that the number in their hand did NOTHING MORE than allow them to stand in line, did not guarantee they would actually get the opportunity to purchase tickets. As tempers were flaring, cops (unnecessarily) being called in, the scalpers showed up offering to sell these LOCAL CITIZENS tickets at GREATLY INFLATED PRICES. If the scalpers just got there first, were one of the first in line, and bought blocks of tickets, not much can be done...BUT, if they somehow are using a back door into the system, it is unfair, and something needs to be done to level the playing field. That is a subject for a different day, a different story.

What this writer does suggest is that Bethel Woods and other major concert venues owe something to the local community who tolerates the traffic and other issues that come with being host of such a major facility. It is therefore suggested that Bethel Woods find a way forward that gives the LOCAL CITIZENS an opportunity for EARLY BUY IN, say a 24 hour window of opportunity to secure tickets before they are made publically available on the internet via ticketing sites and other points of sale.

The good news for those that can afford a premium for their tickets...if you know where to shop, there are still tickets available for Elton John's September 3rd Bethel Woods Concert. Lawn seats are going for $125-$200, and other more desirable seats are going for as much as $1000 each. If you really want to go, you can visit Tix Movers, an online ticket seller to find what you are looking for.