Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Mountaindale Renaissance Project Moving Foward

Our 2011 Renaissance Project is slowly moving forward, our plans to build a sculptural interpretation of a train just inside the "Rails to Trails" corridor entrance taking shape.

News about the Renaissance Project.

1. We are hoping to have water access to our site area by the end of this week (June 10th). Good thing with this heat wave we are experiencing.

2. Thanks to the generous donation of a local citizens (who chooses to remain nameless), last Saturday saw us bring in a great deal of rehab lumber...we are currently cleaning the nails out of this in preparation for building. This fits in with our overall GREEN THEME for the project, which includes creative re-use of materials whenever possible. This also saves our budget for use in other areas of the project. For those wondering, we could REALLY USE A) some treated 2x12's, B) Some four inch decking screws (guessing about ten pounds), and another sheet or two of plywood at the moment. Also, anyone have some rebar we could cut into three foot pieces?

3. Thanks to the generous support of our Renaissance Project, we have had another member of our community, Marty Weiner step up big time...he is in the process of lining up ten 55 gallon drums that we need for the project. Wondering if anyone out there has some 8, 10 and 12 inch diameter pipe (three foot sections) laying around we could requisition for our steam stacks on the Locomotive? We would also LOVE LOVE LOVE finding an old bell.

4. We are trying to tracking down FOUR old wagon wheels of identical size that we can use as the back wheels of this project...anyone have leads on this item?

5. We have gotten much of the site area clean up done, and our intern for this year Aaron Schmitt seems very enthusiastic about the project...speaking of interns, as Committee Chair, I have to get more adept at the paperwork end of this project.

6. The first steps of the installation project are slated to begin later this week, so if you see us in the Rails to Trails area working, stop by and say hello.

Look for a MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT about our July Fund Raiser soon...It will be a really fun evening of wine, food and music!