Sunday, June 12, 2011

Thanks To Small Army of Volunteers, Flower Boxes Are Out on Main Street in Mountaindale

Despite the weekends iffy weather here in Mountaindale, our volunteers were out in full force on Saturday as we turned the soil, started planting our Main Street flower boxes.

We had volunteers from every age group, with our youngest volunteer supervising from her stroller...TALK ABOUT CUTE. Want to give all our volunteers from yesterday a VERY LOUD Shout Out for your hard work, and great conversation. Without all of you, your generous donation of your time, your efforts, so many of the special touches like our flower boxes that make Mountaindale the beautiful little hamlet that it is just would not happen.

Ken & Barb Schmitt
Aaron & Rachel Schmitt
Sherwood Martinelli
Tyler Buholz
Jenny Foster
Gina & Arianna Columbo (& Gianna)
Antonia Columbo
Adrian Alcala
Toni Burke

Everyone had a wonderful time getting their hands in the dirt, and one of our big maintenance projects can now be checked off our list as the flower boxes are both planted, and out on Main Street for everyone to enjoy. So glad the Schmitt's have a fork lift adapter for their backhoe, as I would not have wanted to carry all those boxes out and place them by hand. Everything looks beautiful, and cannot wait for the plants to fill out and get some size on them. Again, a hearty THANK YOU to everyone who showed up to lend a hand with some of the heavy lifting as Mountaindale rolls out our Summer Welcome Mat.

Just as a FYI, please mark your calendars for Saturday July 16th, as the Mountaindale Community Development Project (MCDP) is planning a gala fund raising event to benefit our 2011 Sullivan Renaissance Project...details coming soon.