Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Friendly Reminder...Don't Forget To Use Our Community Bulletin Board

The clouds of early morning have burned off, the sun is shining bright on the streets of Mountaindale, and this afternoon is a beautiful one as the early signs of spring take further hold, and thoughts of our long hard winter fade. Looking around our community, noticed that our Community Bulletin Board across from the Post Office was in need of a spring, Windex and paper towels in hand, it was off to the board for some community spring cleaning, and proud to announce that our board is up and ready for spring, so PLEASE USE IT! If we do not let our guests know about the businesses, services and events here in our small hamlet, we cannot be surprised when they do not come knocking on our doors to say hello.

  • Having a garage sale...put up a nice flier announcing it.

  • Have a business card for your company or business...thumb tack up a few of your cards so people can find you.

  • Have an upcoming community event...put up a nice flier announcing it.

This is a wonderful community resource that is under utilized, so I would encourage everyone to avail themselves of the opportunity it presents to get out the word as Mountaindale again prepares to host all of our friends, neighbors and seasonal visitors.

Lastly, noticed a lot of litter (used Q-Tips, cigarette butts, paper, plastic, even a beer bottle) in and around the park area surrounding the sign, and would ask all of you to take the time to pick up one or two pieces of trash and put it in the litter can each time you are this way, we can keep our community both clean, and green as we present ourselves to our guests.