Friday, March 4, 2011

Spring is Almost Upon Us

Today the weather was just warm enough to see me tromping about town with my 35 MM digital camera in shorts, and much of the winter's snow is fast melting away as Mountaindale senses with great anticipation the fact approaching spring...I for one can hardly wait. Earlier this week, saw the owner (Charlie) of our local bike shop , the Cinder Track, in town making a list of things to do in preparation for opening his doors for the spring/summer season, and more people seem to be out and about on the streets walking their dogs and enjoying some fresh air even if it is still a bit crisp.

For a small sleepy hamlet, there is a lot of hustle and bustle in our small town. On days and early evenings see Radiant Yoga classes in session, students learning at our Dojang (Upstate Karate...please visit their new blog), and 15-20 people taking a Zumba class, our Main Street has 20 or so cars lining the street, our citizens and those visiting our community exposing a surprising strong life pulse as efforts at revitalize and renewal take hold.

As the winter wanes, keep in mind these volunteer opportunities:

  • Help needed to take down the Christmas/Holiday decorations in all Main Street storefronts, and give the windows a spring washing.
  • Spring Clean up of our Mountaindale Community...scheduled for early May.
  • Sullivan Renaissance Project...We have big plans involving the Rails to Trails entrance, so hope you all will become a part of this project.

For more information on these opportunities to volunteer, please contact Barb at 434-4747, or Sherwood at 693-4513.