Monday, March 28, 2011

Could New York Gas Shale Fracking Cause Melt Down At Indian Point Nuclear Reactor? Maybe...

Indian Point Next Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station? 
After the horrific nuclear accident in Japan, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has come finally admitted what most in the Anti Nuclear Camp have known for decades...that the reactor in the most danger should a earthquake hit is Entergy's trouble plagued Indian Point reactors, IP2 and the time of the plant's original licensing, Indian Point was able to be exempt from the new Earthquake criteria, as said rules had not yet been finalized by the commission...if they had been, these two reactors which are built DIRECTLY ATOP A EARTHQUAKE FAULT could have never been built.  Which makes the NRC's plans to re-license these two aged relics from nuclear energy's early days even more troublesome and confusing.

So, what does this have to do with Shale Gas and a word, everything.  Increased earthquake activity out in Arkansas has seen the state put a stop to fracking activities there until such time as scientists, and the companies involved can prove that said INCREASED earthquake activities are not being caused by the gas industry's unsafe and unsound drilling practices.

Looking at this fact, lets look at theTEPCO reactors, and the ever spreading crisis in Japan.  The earthquake and subsequent tsunami have caused damages into the hundreds of billions of dollars, and the financial, environmental and human life costs are rising with each passing day.  The Japanese government is now admitting that radiation 100,000 allowable limits is being found in the ground surrounding the failing, cracked and broken nuclear reactors...others are finally admitting the truth those in the know feared...radioactive materials in lethal amounts have made their way into the ocean, and world air currents have now carried radioactive contaminants not just to the west coast of America, but clear across our great land to the East Coast, all this in a matter of just weeks.

President Obama has just ordered a review of all 104 operating reactors...that is not enough.  Certain reactors such as Entergy's Indian Point (built atop a earthquake fault) need to be immediately shut down, the task of decommissioning begun.  Furthermore, we need a moratorium on all fracking activities in the United States of America until such time as scientists have had more time to adequately study the correlation between the gas industry's use of this dangerous technology, and increased earthquake activity in the areas it has been deployed too.  The world simply cannot afford another event like the one now unfolding at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station in Japan.

It is suggested here, that the NY DEP in light of the situation in Japan, in light of the situation out in Arkansas where fracking has brought on greatly increased seismic activity, that the Final GEIS be reopened so that this important issue of frackings relationship to increased seismic activity can be properly and thoroughly investigated by our brightest scientific scholars...simply stated, there is just too much riding on this rule promulgation not to take the time to investigate any and all new areas of concern before the DEP begins issuing permits that will include fracking activities.