Thursday, March 10, 2011

Make Mountaindale NY News Your Blog...Send Us Your News

Mountaindale NY News is about the people who live, work, play and visit our little hamlet...without all of you as readers, as contributors, we are JUST ANOTHER BLOG. With that thought in mind, want to encourage all of you to send us your own little pieces of your child graduating from pre-school, grade school, high school or college? Drop us a email (pictures to go with article are always nice) and let us put up a small article honoring that achievement. Perhaps your son or daughter is serving in our armed forces, is perhaps deployed and in harms way? Please let us know, and if they need pen pals, perhaps we can help in matching them up with some of our readers...and of course, if they are wanting a taste of home, send them the link to our blog(s).

Does not matter what your news or event, we would like to share it with our readers...perhaps you are having a garage or yard sale, even have a couple of unique items you want to feature in your announcement about your event. Again, all is takes is sending us an email. Is your firehouse perhaps planning a pancake breakfast or other event open to the public?

You get the gist of this...we want our little news blog to reflect ALL THE GOINGS ON in and around our Mountaindale Community, want people visiting here often, contributing with comments, suggestions, and their own little news stories. We are also open to granting author access to any local residents who would like to contribute articles about Mountaindale, the surrounding area and its events and history.

Sherwood Martinelli
(845) 693-4513