Friday, March 11, 2011

The Spring Melt Begins...

Like an old man going bald, winter is losing his grip, the snow line fast receding with spring rains washing away most of the white stuff, the smell and taste of rebirth palpable as it hangs in the air. A walk along our rural roads past burgeoning streams leaping and roaring by, the music of it's song music to our ears as rushing water escapes established beds and boundaries, the force and volume threatening to uproot normally safe majestic trees that in warmer months will provide shade from the midsummer sun.

Been sick with the crudes here for a few days, the antibiotics wrecking havoc on my system, but going outside for some fresh air this morning, could not resist the call of spring, the air warm, the smell tickling and teasing my senses, so I traipsed back inside, gather up my camera, put on a heavier coat and went out to capture this moment in time where winter falls and spring begins, even if not officially. Thought I would share a few of my pictures here. Hope that enjoy them as much as I enjoyed getting out of the for a bit, taking a hour to commune with the wonder just outside my door living here in Mountaindale.