Thursday, March 31, 2011

Studying The Propaganda...Chesapeake Energy Makes Such A Vile And Destructive Process Seem So CLEAN

Any one up to taking this digital photographer on a tour of an actual Natural Gas Drill site to make a record of reality to use as comparison against Chesapeake Energy's propaganda piece on YouTube wherein they present the fracking process as such a CLEAN and HARMLESS action, almost as if they love our lands? Not yet physically been to one of these sites, but having visited the Portsmouth Gaseous Diffusion plant years ago as a Anti Nuke activist, be willing to bet the proverbial farm that Chesapeake Energy's little YouTube video in no way shape or form resembles on the ground reality of their drilling sites.  Tell us there Chesapeake many VIOLATIONS have you had in the state of Pennsylvania so far?  How many times did you SIMPLY IGNORE THOSE VIOLATIONS, FAIL TO RESPOND TO THEM, as if your money allows you to be ABOVE THE LAW?