Monday, April 30, 2012

Aubrey McClendon and Chesapeake Energy On Verge of Bankruptcy

We here at Mountaindale After Dark tried to warn you that Chesapeake Energy was an ENRON in the making...well, CNN just confirmed it.  Seems that Aubrey is anything but honest, and it seems that Chesapeake is just about to go bankrupt with sinking Natural Gas prices.  Seems the two Republicans on Chesapeake Gas had their own greed ahead of both shareholder profits and their own integrity.  The good news....Chinese government CNOOC is about to get fucked out of billions.  The bad news...share holders are going to get screwed even worse.

Our advice to the general public DUMP YOUR CHESAPEAKE ENERGY SHARES...our advice to Governor Cuomo and all elected state officials...BAN FRACKING.

SELL SELL SELL...CNN news intimates that Chesapeake Energy may be bigger shell game than Enron ever thought about being.