Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday "News on The Run"

Hurleyville Vaudeville Show Was ROARING SUCCESS!
It's Sunday here in Mountaindale, the sky overcast and threatening rain at some point in the day, though the temperatures seem comfortable.  Weather forecast calls for rain today and tomorrow with the sun finally peeking through on Tuesday.  Meanwhile, Google has changed how they display things when you do a search for weather, putting their own weather report at the top of the page, and the change is not for the better. They need to stop trying to be all things to all people, need to stop putting themselves on the top of the search pages.  It was much better when you did your search and got the top three weather links right at the top and could choose the one you wanted.

Having been raised most of my youth in the midwest, specifically in Ohio and Indiana, am a big Ohio State fan, so am very disappointed that they gave the game to Kansas last night, and will not be playing for a National Championship...barring some strange miracle in consecutive games for Kansas, look for Kentucky to be crowned National Champions.

The Trayvon Martin case is no reason to eliminate "Stand Your Ground Law"....Jesse Jackson and others are saying the Trayvon Martin case is the perfect example of why the stand your ground law should be done away with, and I disagree.  Not saying the shooting was right, not saying it was wrong...that is for the police, and maybe a jury to decide.  However, one tragic case is not reason to do away with a law that is fair and just.  IF someone is attacking someone, they should have a right to defend themselves, including if necessary the use of deadly force.  

Expecting a victim to turn and run is absurd...if a person is attacked by a person bent on committing a crime, then the criminal if shot is getting what they deserve.  A few years ago I as attacked, had my right wrist severely broken...if I had a gun that day, I would have used it, and would have felt no remorse at killing my assailant.   I spent over 14 weeks in a cast, spent months after that in physical therapy, and there are still certain emotional issues regarding that attack.  Some might disagree, but think victims, think would be victims should be allowed to use whatever force is necessary to stopped an attacker, and as one who has been attacked, it is very tempting to get a license to carry a concealed weapon, and if I lived in a "Stand Your Ground" state, not only would I carry a weapon, I would use it if I again found myself being physically attacked by a criminally minded person.

Secret early morning meetings between Newt and Romney, Mitch McConnell all but endorsing Romney on the Sunday morning talk shows, and everyone it seems suggesting it is time for both Newt and Santorum to stand is my question.  Just how much MONEY are Newt and Santorum going to make after they stand down, and just what kind of BACK ROOM DEALS OF BEING WORKED OUT?  Don't kid yourselves folks...these last two remaining candidates are MAKING DEALS that will be very lucrative for both themselves and their relatives, and maybe it is time to pull the curtain aside and expose the wizard of Oz for what he is.