Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Electrical Service...Does It Make Sense To Change From NYSEG to AMVIT?

One has to love the concept of free energy, and that is just what AMVIT is offering you a chance does it work you ask?  

A)  Switch your own utilities over to AMVIT.
B)  Become a AMVIT consultant.
C)  Get 15 of your friends, neighbors, family members, business associates, co-workers or renters to sign up under you.
D)  As long as you have 20 customers paying their bill to AMVIT, they will average out those 20 accounts every month and credit your account the average in FREE ENERGY.  (*note...some of AMVIT's online info says you need 15 in your downline, others say 20.)

So imagine 20 people signing up, each of them paying 75 dollars a month in electric usage...that means you are going to get $75 in free energy.  There is can actually get paid to sign up new customers, and earn residual income every time someone under you pays their utility bill.  So, if you have been hearing about AMVIT, if you have been approached and encouraged to switch over, maybe what you should do is go visit the AMVIT site, and become a consultant yourself, and start building your own down line, rather than building someone else's.Like most good deals, there is a CATCH...think AMWAY for utility users.

You can explore the opportunity further here.  The Basics of being an affiliate or a need MONEY!
Ambit Marketing Consultant - $429 (includes $30 start-up kit)-As a Marketing Consultant (MC), you'll be enrolled as an Independent Consultant for Ambit Energy, with the ability to sign-up customers and recruit Independent Consultants. You'll have access to a range of consultant support services. 

Ambit Affiliate Partner - $99- As an Affiliate Partner, you'll be an Independent Consultant in the Ambit Affiliate Program. This program provides ongoing commissions to the Affiliate based on the number of customers that sign up and pay their energy bill on a monthly basis. Ambit Affiliate Partners cannot recruit Independent Consultants or other Affiliates.

The question, "Is switching from NYSEG to AMVIT or some other retail provider a good idea?"  If you are able to get 15 customers in your down line that pay their bills in a timely fashion, if you are a consultant, then switching probably makes sense.  However, if you are not intending on using AMVIT as a business opportunity, not sure that it would be a wise decision to switch over.  Furthermore, even if you want to switch, choose who you sign up with are going to be putting commissions in their pocket for as long as your account is with AMVIT.

As it was explained to me, AMVIT guarantees you a savings of 7 percent a month for the first two months, and then guarantees you a one percent savings after that...on say a $75 a month bill, in the course of one year you save $16.50 which is not a lot of savings.  Where my own concerns would lay...AMVIT owns no infrastructure, is merely packaging and reselling, if there is a power outage, you do not contact your electricity provider, you contact NYSEG.  Lets say a AMVIT customer and a NYSEG customer both call in to report power would seem to me, that NYSEG should or even would take care of their own residential customers first.  IF that is the case, even if no one in either company will admit it, is it worth $16.50 in savings over the course of one year if you find yourself out of power for a day, a week waiting on NYSEG to get to those AMVIT customers left without power after a storm?

That is a question each of us has to answer for ourselves.  If you do decide to switch, my advice...go directly to the site and start your own down line, rather than joining in and giving profit to someone else.  Free Energy is a good thing, and if you, your family and friends can together form a 15 person down line, then go for it.