Monday, April 16, 2012

Monday "News on The Run"

Spring Color
The weather today is going to be BEAUTIFUL with highs near 85...a great day to work on your base tan if you ask me.   Rest of the week is going to be a bit cooler with the key words being partly cloudy.

Carol Costello just got her facts wrong on her morning show...mention this as she was reporting about the fire at the Grandview Palace this many, she wrongfully thought that Dirty Dancing was filmed at this once historic site.  Maybe the CNN fact checkers should give her story a going over?

For those waiting until the last minute to file your taxes...tomorrow is TAX DAY here in America.   In other tax news, the Buffett Law is being a winner for President Obama, but it is not going to go anywhere.  As a middle-class tax payer, here is a away with the pay day holiday on our Social Security, and raise EVERYONE'S taxes until the deficit is GONE.  Furthermore, lets rein in federal retirement benefits and salaries so they are more in line with similar jobs and benefits in the private sector.  Fact is, taxing millionaires and billionaires will not solve our deficit problems, and it is time we all realize personal sacrifices are going to have to be made.

Leave you today with a FEEL GOOD story...people pitch in as six year old raises $10,000 selling lemonade to help with his father's cancer care.