Saturday, April 14, 2012

Taxes Filed and Other "News on The Run"

First, do apologize for the lack of articles this week, but unfortunately more pressing life issues have held sway here...A) TAXES...uggggg...good news is they are officially filed, though have to contest what I feel was a wrongfully given 1099 MISC form I received, and B)  been getting prepared for a presentation to the "Town of Fallsburg" Board this upcoming Monday night at 6:00 PM...see below.  Please try to attend.
On Monday, April 16th, 2012 at 6:00 I will be officially asking the "Town of Fallsburg" to pass a zoning ordinance that would BAN FRACKING.  It is my understanding that Steve Vegliante and the board are more than willing to issue a proclamation against FRACKING, but that is inadequate.  If you oppose fracking, PLEASE ATTEND this important board work session meeting and SHOW YOUR SUPPORT for a zoning ordinance that would ban fracking in our community.  Also, please pass this message along to ALL YOUR FRIENDS. If you need more information or directions please call me on my cell at (845) 346-6523
The weather...Tomorrow beautiful, Sunday crappy and raining all day, and MONDAY...FABULOUS!  Can someone bring me over a chaise lounge so I can sit in front of my building and TAN TOMORROW...we are talking bright, sunny and almost 70 degrees.  By the way, great time to get tomatoes in the ground if you want to be one of the first in downtown Mountaindale to be slicing vine ripened maters!

Main Street observations...Time Warner was out and about today, their crew putting in what appears to be brand new internet service over at Janet's Radiant Yoga studio.  Sure her clients will be happy to visit a Yoga studio with WIFI capability.

Rumor has it...and at this point, it is just RUMOR that we here in downtown Mountaindale might be getting a convenience store...more on this HUSH HUSH story as it becomes available.

For those who are wondering...the Mountaindale Inn is officially opened for the season, and the first "Open Mic" night this past Wednesday was a HUGE SUCCESS!  If you want to stay current on events at our FIRST RESTAURANT BAR in Mountaindale, join the new Facebook Group!  Tell Kelsey that Sherwood sent you!  Hope too see everyone out again this upcoming Wednesday night, and the Mountaindale Inn, there is NEVER A COVER CHARGE on Open Mic Night!

Rumor has it that we have new banners coming...find myself wondering, what happened to the Banner Design Contest?  Seeing as the winnings from the "Train Garden" project from last year that Sullivan Renaissance awarded second place to are paying for these new banners, just wondering how it is that I missed the CONTEST? Who WON? Is the new town slogan suggested by our own talented local artist, Raymon Elozua  being incorporated? excited to see these banners appearing around town, and of course anxiously awaiting the newly rebuilt/designed flower boxes as well.  Mountaindale in late spring when the flower boxes are out really looks quaint, and of course the hanging baskets incorporated as a part of last summers winning Renaissance Project really made Main Street POP.

New Historical Signage For Rails to Trails Corridor
With all the new businesses in town, with all the talk of more coming, find myself wondering if any other local business owners and business people would be interested in forming a "Downtown Mountaindale Business Association"?  Thinking if we could get it up and running before next February that it would be nice to apply for a Sullivan Renaissance Beautification Grant since there seems not to be a project going on this year.  Love to see Anderman Oil, Robinhood Realty , Hospitality Green and some of our other major hamlet businesses such as the Mountaindale Inn run with such a project/business group.    With the newly finished "Historical Signs" and the almost completed brochure for our "Rails to Trails" corridor, this seems like and opportune time for such a group to come into existence.

One last local news reminder!....GIRL SCOUT COOKIES are coming in supposedly this COMING WEEK!  I already have my own case ordered, but maybe I should get a second one!