Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Tuesday "News on The Run"

To Sullivan County...This Bridge Needs Repaired
OK, tired of brisk, lets get on with Spring time.  The sun is out, the sky is blue, but with the wind it is still a bit nippy out, the weather seeming more like a day in mid March than a spring day in April.  For the week, word of the day seems to be cloudy, so look for rain in our forecast here in downtown Mountaindale New York.

Seems that our little hamlet is about to become the travel to place for food if the scuttlebutt in town is all for real.  Mountaindale's first restaurant, Ed's Mountaindale Inn is just about to open for the season...they have been serving lunch this week as they do a shake down of the place.  For the coming summer season Ed is boasting a brand new lunch menu, and the bar restaurant is looking pretty good with a complete new coat of paint inside.  If you are looking for a really good burger and a cold beer after a round of golf, stop by and say hello.  For all our local musicians, look for the Wednesday Night Open Mic to be back up and running around the 18th of April!

Around the corner, seems that Chef Robert over at Uccelli's Restaurant also has some big plans afoot.  First up, a new 16x16 deck is going to be built so that patrons can dine outside.  His establishment will now be open six days a week, and serving brunch on Sundays, as well as a lunch menu Tuesday through Saturdays.  I've seen the menu, and there are some tasty treats waiting to be tried.  Wish he would get a beer and wine license, but if you are looking for some really good food with a Northern Italian flair, dinner at his place is worth the trip over.

In other news of a local nature...Fracking is on the "Town of Fallsburg" agenda for their April 16th work session.  I would encourage everyone OPPOSED to Fracking to show up and encourage our board to amend our zoning rules/regulations to ban fracking within the geographical footprint of our town including or small hamlet of Mountaindale.  

Drove by Skyway on my way to Ellenville, and it seems they have started the task of getting the campground up and ready for the season which opens on May 1, 2012.  There is also camping available here in our hamlet at our own Mountaindale Park, and then there is also Morningside.

Also, please join the petition drive asking Walmart to stop purchasing Monsanto's genetically altered sweet corn.  The petition can be found here.   It is also suggested that you not buy sweet corn (corn on the cob) from Walmart until such time as they assure the buying public that the corn being brought in is not grown with Monsanto's genetically altered seed.