Monday, April 23, 2012

WOW....Winter's Back! Monday "News on The Run"

Spring on Hold as Snow Comes East
So far, temperatures are holding steady here in downtown Mountaindale NY, with rain falling steady for the second day in a row, but tonight that weather may drastically change with rain changing to SNOW in the forecast.  Some communities may get slammed, so lets keep our fingers crossed...though for the record, been telling every one I thought we were going to get hit with a big late April snowstorm since March.  It was an odd fall, a weird winter, and now snow in Spring time...but, some still refuse to believe that global climate change is a reality.
"This has been a crazy, crazy winter" in the region, he said.  Snowstorms of this magnitude are very rare for this late in April. Forecasters expect record snowfall for this time of year in some areas.
In Florida, Zimmerman is out on bail, and probably by this point is in hiding out of state.  I might be wrong, but look for him to be acquitted in the end.  The whole situation is sad, but I do believe that Trayvon did hit the man, perhaps even got him down onto the ground, and we all have a different stomach for risk, a different opinion of when our life is in danger, and under the "Stand Your Ground" law, I think Zimmerman in the end will walk away a free man...but does it matter?  With the coverage and over reaction on all sides, his life is ruined.

Seems our own West Point here in New York is just as guilty as the rest of the military when it comes to women being raped, then instead of arresting and prosecuting the perpetrators, the women find their careers ended, see themselves victimized a second time when the perps walk free, and they are processed out of the military, labeled for life as having mental issues.  This is not a man's world anymore, and even if it was, "No means no" and it is time that rape stops being an acceptable behavior of men in uniform.
Marquet and Kendzior are not alone. Reports of sexual assault at West Point, the Naval Academy and the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs, Colorado, are up nearly 60 percent, and according to the Department of Defense, of the 65 reports investigated, only one resulted in a court-martial.
Got MONEY, and no commonsense?  If so, Lamborghini's concept SUV might be right up your alley.  Give us a break...sad thing is, the company is serious...meanwhile, as I watch the rich get richer, read stories like this, find myself thinking it is time for a redistribution of America's wealth, and that I want no part of Mitt Romney's "Tinkle Down" economics.

Will Supreme Court uphold Arizona Immigration law?  It should!  Illegal Aliens working in America are criminals, are illegal aliens, not the politically correct term of undocumented immigrants.  It is time that we as a nation get tough on this crime, get tough on those who hire illegal aliens, even those who rent to illegal aliens.   If the Supreme Court upholds the Arizona Law, look for the flood gates to open as states take the steps necessary to do the job our Federal Government refuses to do, which is to DEPORT illegal aliens,, and prosecute those employers who are wrongfully hiring these criminals.  Even here in our own community it is an issue, and fact is, illegal aliens in our economy depresses lower and middle class American wages by over $217 billion dollars a year.

Does it even pay to go to college...half of our college graduates are either under or unemployed. Just a thought...what if we as a nation provided some incentives to get some of us 79 million baby boomers into retirement, and out of the work force.  How about for instance waving both penalties and taxes on our 401 K accounts....that were decimated by the robber barons of Wall Street.    How about rolling back to 62 (without penalty) the age we can collect full Social Security.  Fact is the destruction of the real estate market, and the crashing of the stock market has millions upon millions of Baby Boomers opting to stay in the work place far longer than they had planned on staying say four or five years ago, and that in turn means a lot of those job spaces that would have been empty, waiting for the younger generation to fill are simply not there and unless you find a way to see us Boomers start retiring, college graduation unemployment levels will remain quite high.