Friday, April 27, 2012

Governor (Frack Me Now) Cuomo Trying To Fast Track Allowing Fracking in New York...Sign Petition to Ban Fracking

Make no bones about it...Governor Cuomo has fracked gas on his hands, frack money in his pockets, and rosy red lips from kissing to much gas ass...he is trying to force through fracking regulations that fall far short of protecting our communities, and we in the Anti-Fracking Camp are trying to stop him and the (un)Natural Gas industry that has spent tens of millions of dollars here in New York on FALSE ADVERTISING...propaganda that is.

Ban Fracking-Protect Our Water and Resources
You can help in the fight by reading the latest press release from "Food and Water Watch" clicking on the link and signing the petition, then taking the link to this article and emailing it to your friends...BETTER YET, put the link to this article up on your Facebook Page....we need to reach 150,000 signatures and have just 6 more days to reach our goal.


Sign the petition to Ban Fracking Now! We are just shy of our goal to deliver 150,000 signatures to our legislators on May 3rd.

After attending the Senate Fracking Forum in Albany yesterday, I thought it essential to reach out to you at this critical time. Despite the proliferation of questions regarding health and safety, Governor Cuomo's administration is poised to finalize regulations that would allow fracking in New York, and we must stop it! Will you add your name to the letters urging our elected officials to support a ban on fracking?

My colleague, Eric, sent the below email to you back in February asking for you to take action. Since then, many legislators have stepped forward in support of legislation to ban fracking; yet others are still under the impression that we would be able to regulate this mess. How can we regulate a process that still poses more questions than answers?

Regulations aren't free. They cost the public money and they tie up government personnel. Wouldn't it be better to invest in a clean energy future and Ban Fracking Now?

We are organizing several events around the state where we will be delivering petition signatures to our elected officials on May 3rd. Please take moment to sign the letters to our elected officials urging them to support a ban on fracking in New York:

Thanks for taking action,

Corinne Rosen
New York Organizer
Food & Water Watch