Monday, September 5, 2011

Could Hurricane Katia Hit East Coast With A One Two Punch?

Hurricane Katia is supposed to be developing into a MAJOR Hurricane by Tuesday as it lumbers towards the United States East Coast at around 12 miles per hour. The good news is that most of the computer models show it skirting, then missing us...however, we all know it is too early to assume the best here, and our beleaguered communities need to keep a very close eye on this hurricane as it makes its way in closer to our area. Though it does not feel like it in some areas, we dodged a bullet with Hurricane Irene, and the worst thing that could happen to us right now as we try to dig out from under its aftermath, is to have another hurricane come in right behind it, hitting already damaged infrastructure, both public and private with the proverbial one two punch.

In other weather related news, look for some heavy rains as we deal with the Remnants of Lee as the now tropical depression makes its way up the East Coast over the next couple of days. No matter what happens, it is going to be a very wet week here in the Hudson River Valley.