Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Walk Like an American

This morning, I was introduced to an inspiring man via CNN. His name is Constantino Diaz-Duran. After becoming a naturalized American citizen 3 months ago, he decided to celebrate by treating himself to a walk across the United States. That's right, he went Forest Gump! He began in New York and was interviewed today on a stop in Atlanta, Georgia. Rather than taking highways, he has been taking backroads and a seemingly meandering route. The purpose is to be around people so he can get to know the real folks in this great land of ours. He also mentioned that his routing is going to include a stroll through New Orleans, which Constantino has always wanted to see.

So far, he has walked about 1,000 miles and wore out his 1st pair of running shoes. There are camping supplies in his backpack, but they are still quite new because so many of our neighbors across the states have been so willing to bring him into their homes for food and lodging. Constanino is getting to know a lot of people. He is also getting to know a lot about himself on this journey. An interesting quote on his blog is "Necessity, I suppose, is the mother of self-reinvention."

You can follow his wondrous journey by clicking here or follow him on Facebook and even make a PayPal secure donation if you wish. Here is the Changing of the Shoes as his beloved first pair were retired due to the holes in the bottom and Constantino continues walking in a new pair.