Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Town of Fallsburg Issues Limited State of Emergency Through Friday

Town of Fallsburg Supervisor Steven Vegliante has issued a limited State of Emergency, and all citizens are encouraged to be CAREFUL OUT THERE, and to watch for water on the roads in low lying areas. In related news, there seems to be some very serious concern about the dam in our Mountaindale Park failing...sources are saying said dam is on the verge of complete failure, so those down stream need to be VERY VIGILANT.

A walk down the park road showed a very large amount of water flowing over the roadway (see picture) making further investigation too risky.

August was a record setting month for total accumulated rain in our area, and the ground is saturated, making flash flooding a very real danger. Another danger area is the wood retaining wall that directs the water under Main Street...that wall really took a beating in Hurricane Irene, and it might not be a matter of if, but rather when the retaining wall blows out, the stream then overflowing its banks and heading straight down Main Street here in our small hamlet.

If you see flooding, or have questions/concerns about the limited State of Emergency for the Town of Fallsburg, you can contact the Town Clerk's office at (845) 434-8810.