Sunday, September 4, 2011

It Is America's Working Class Who Creates Wealth...On This Labor Day, Lets Remember That

Tomorrow is Labor Day, a day in which we as a nation celebrate and honor the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of the United States of America. It is a workers holiday that started over 100 years ago, here in New York, though the state of Oregon was the first state to pass legislation making it an official state holiday.

Contrary to what many political pundits would have us proletariat's believe, it is the working class, who through their sweat and labor, who built America's great wealth that made our nation strong, made us the best country in the entire world. Labor union efforts protected our working class, went on strike when necessary to improve both working conditions and the wages of America's working class, and these efforts saw ALL AMERICANS PROSPER. When you hear politicians saying we cannot raise taxes on the job creators, when you hear President Obama giving illegal aliens a back door amnesty that includes a work permit, it is a sure sign that we have lost our direction as a nation, have abandoned the very principles on which Labor Day was built, have turned our back on the America worker in the name of a Global Economy.

As our nation prepares to celebrate Labor Day, perhaps it is time for each of us to begin asking some very serious questions, perhaps it is time that we demand the changes we were promised when Obama was swept into office back in 2008. Let us start that questioning with Social Security and Medicare, the safety net that every Legal American with a job has already paid for. Fact is, the benefits in these two programs have already been paid for by American Workers, deductions having been taken out of their paychecks for decades if you look at say the 79 million Baby Boomers who either have, or are approaching retirement.

It is not the workers fault that our federal government mismanaged the funds in these two Entitlement programs. When the debt ceiling was lifted, both sides of the aisle in Congress argued that we had a moral, legal and ethical obligation to pay our bills, meet our loan obligations to foreign nations...what about our moral, legal and ethical obligations to our own citizens, the hard working Americans who played by the rules for four decades? Doesn't the United States government have the same moral, legal and ethical obligations to the 79 Million Baby Boomers who played by the rules, and as ordered to by law paid into both Medicare and the Social Security fund based on the promises given to them by our government? Is it fair at this late stage in the game to look at these workers and say, "Sorry, we are cutting your benefits, and pushing back the age when you can retire?

Tomorrow is Labor Day, the day we honor the American Worker...stripping American Workers of their collective bargaining rights is not honoring the American Worker. Reducing the Medicare and Social Security Benefits of those who have already paid for them in full, pushing back the age when they can retire and collect those benefits is not honoring the American Worker. Granting back door Amnesty and work permits to illegal aliens who have stolen American Workers jobs, and reduced wages is not honoring the American Worker. Perhaps on this Labor Day in 2011 we need to take stock of our values, and restore the honor back into this day by starting a new Workers Movement. We can no longer afford to sit huddled in our homes praying for change, but instead must take to the streets, march to preserve and protect America's middle-class, and the workers in it before it is too late, and America becomes a two tiered society destined to collapse.