Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Opening in Mid October...Uccelli Restaurant at 4 Post Road

Mountaindale is a small hamlet, and like the rest of America, we are struggling through what the experts call a "Down Economy"...yet, if you have been watching our small community with a discerning eye, you see us growing, new citizens coming in, taking up residence as our population base moves in a forward direction. We welcome all of our new families, but are especially excited about one new neighbor in particular, and that neighbor is Robert Uccelli who immigrated to America from Northern Italy (Florance) back in the mid eighties.

Robert Uccelli is a chef, and sure all of us will soon be smiling as we savor the treats he will be preparing for us at his new restaurant here in Mountaindale, "Uccelli Retaurant". Chef Robert specializes in fine cuisine from his native Italy.

As a part of the work he is doing in preparing for his Grand Opening, his online presence is being created, and a big part of that is his menu. Now, a lot of folks here in Mountaindale and the surrounding area have been begging to know what is on that menu, what kind of food he will be serving...well, we here at Mountaindale NY News are pleased to announce a scoop...even though the website is not ready for PRIME TIME, and even though Chef Robert's full menu is not fully up on his website and officially launched, we were able to get the link to his UNDER CONSTRUCTION SITE where everyone can peak in on his menu, get a fairly good idea of the wonderful foods about to come our way.

Don't tell anyone, but here is the link! Uccelli Restaurant in Mountaindale

Stay tuned for BIG NEWS about a special GRAND OPENING!

Note-Special thanks to Suzannah Gold for the photography in this post.